Oasis Waterpark Guide: Features, Admission Details, and More

Are you planning to take a refreshing plunge into one of the nation’s treasured attractions, the Oasis Waterpark? If so, there are a few crucial details you should be aware of before making a splash in this aquatic paradise.

Whether you’re a seasoned Oasis Waterpark enthusiast or about to explore its wonders for the first time, my practical experience and tips will help you make the most of your visit.

From thrilling water slides that will have you screaming with delight to tranquil lazy rivers that will gently lull you to relaxation, the waterpark offers something for everyone, and I’m excited to be your guide through it.

So, if you’re geared up to steer clear of the lines and dive into fun headfirst, read on — you’re in for a treat at the Oasis Waterpark!

7 Key Takeaways on Oasis Waterpark

  1. Operated by the Better Billings Foundation and the Harvest Church, Oasis Waterpark is more than just a place for water-based excitement. It’s a community hub focused on family fun and engagement.
  2. From America’s first simulated surfing experience, the WaveSurfer, to the thrilling Rocket Ride body slide and the relaxed Rattlesnake River, Oasis offers a diverse range of attractions for visitors of all ages.
  3. The park’s offerings include an interactive play area, a family-friendly zero-depth entry pool, and designated spaces for birthday parties and events, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  4. Open from June 1 to September 2, 2024, the park generally welcomes visitors from noon to 7 pm. Admission rates, including discounts and season passes, cater to a variety of visitor profiles and needs.
  5. While Oasis Waterpark stands as Billings’ crown jewel, Montana offers various other water park options for those in search of new aquatic adventures, from indoor facilities to large outdoor parks.
  6. As the premiere waterpark in Billings, Oasis sets the standard for community-centric fun, offering a little something for everyone — from the young to the young at heart.
  7. From exhilarating water slides to serene lazy rivers, and even indulgent concession areas, Oasis Waterpark invites locals and visitors to create lasting memories and unforgettable summer experiences under Montana’s Big Sky.

All About Oasis Waterpark

Oasis Waterpark, featuring kids' play area and a large pool

If we’re talking “fun water park,” then the Oasis in Billings, Montana sure knows how to make a splash – quite literally. Recognized as the area’s most extensive aquatic facility, the park lives up to its name as a refreshing oasis for locals and visitors alike.

Operated by the Better Billings Foundation in collaboration with the Harvest Church, Oasis Waterpark isn’t just a place for adrenaline-pumping joyrides; its primary goal is family fun and fostering community engagement.

Whether you’re new to Billings or have called it home for years, Oasis Waterpark isn’t just a spot for water-based fun. It’s a community hub that beckons families and friends to create memories while staying cool under the Big Sky.

Features and Attractions

A tall platform with various spiral water slides at Oasis Waterpark

Features and Attractions Welcome to the playground of aquatic adventurers! The Oasis Waterpark boasts an array of features that guarantee a splashing good time for the whole family. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • WaveSurfer – Ever dreamt of catching a wave but found yourself miles from the ocean? America’s first simulated surfing experience, the WaveSurfer, brings the thrill of surfing right to you.
  • Rocket Ride Body Slide – A must-try for adventure seekers, this thrilling water slide promises an adrenaline rush every time.
  • Interactive Play Area – Think water cannons, body slides, climbing areas, and a SplashDome, all designed to keep the kids (and kids at heart) entertained.
  • Heated Swimming Pool – Perfect for the youngest members of the family, this zero-depth entry pool is gentle and welcoming.
  • Current Channel with Vortex – This lazy river has a twist, literally. The vortex adds an unexpected, fun element to your leisurely drift.
  • Concession Area & Green Space – Whether you’re craving a snack or a sunbath, the park has you covered. The concession area serves up summer delights, and there are designated green areas for relaxing.
  • Birthday Parties and Events – Looking to add a splash to your celebrations? Oasis offers areas within the park for birthdays and other special events.

Admission and Hours

  • Season Dates – Mark your calendar from June 1 to September 2, 2024. This is when the water park swings its gates open, weather permitting.
  • Daily Operating Hours – We’re looking at noon to 7 pm. But remember, Mother Nature’s moods affect these times.
  • Admission Rates – Age and height, not to mention the time of day, will determine your entry fee. Save on your childhood fantasies with special rates for seniors, military personnel, and twilight entry after 5 pm.
  • Season Passes – For those who just can’t get enough, consider a season pass. It’s available for both individuals and families and offers unlimited access to all the fun. And trust me, there’s a lot of it.

When I first visited, I felt like I’d been let loose in a giant, watery playground. There are so many features here that you’ll want to plan your approach; unless you’re aiming for the ‘exhausted, but thoroughly content’ vibe. For more details, visit the Oasis Waterpark website.

Other Waterparks in Montana

Montana isn’t just about breathtaking vistas and mountain air, it shows its fun side with a selection of awesome water parks. Here are some great ones to consider when you’re in the mood for watery adventures:

  1. The Reef Indoor Water Park, Billings – The biggest indoor park in Montana, and the holiday delight of Billings’ families. It boasts a 55,000-gallon wave pool, six exhilarating waterslides, and a unique play structure that you won’t find elsewhere in the state.
  2. Big Sky Water Park, Columbia Falls – Montana’s largest outdoor water park – Columbia Falls, your applause, please! This park has not one, not two, but 10 different slides, a whirlpool, a mini-golf course, an arcade to keep things exciting, and bumper cars to add that extra thrill.
  3. Splash Montana, Missoula – The name alone sounds refreshing, and trust me, it doesn’t disappoint. It offers attractions like the Zero-depth Entry swim area (perfect for the young ones), three jaw-dropping three-story slides, and a variety of spray features and splash zones to keep the fun levels off the charts.
  4. Woodland Water Park, Kalispell – A more serene waterpark that’s perfect if you’re after a calming aquatic experience mixed with fun. This park offers a lazy river, perfect for unwinding, along with a 6-lane lap pool, water slides, and a zero-depth entry pool ideal for the littlest members of your family.
  5. Ridge Waters Water Park, Butte – Located in Stodden Park, this park holds the proud title of Montana’s longest lazy river. But there’s so much more to it: from the thrill of the Power Tower Plunge to a kids’ Squirt Zone, it’s a great day out.
  6. Electric City Water Park, Great Falls – Last but not least, for a more urban splash, head to Great Falls. Here, the Electric City Water Park promises the coolness of the RipTide Slide, a leisurely Lazy River, and even an adventurous Kersplash Climbing Wall now that’s a unique addition.

So there you have it, the bigger, better, and even indoor aquatic wonders of Montana. Just pick one, pack your swim gear, and get ready to make a splash the Montana way.

Oasis Waterpark Final Thoughts

A close up of the kids' play area in Oasis Waterpark's large outdoor pool

Oasis Waterpark in Billings stands as the crown jewel of watery fun, featuring the first U.S. simulated surfing experience, WaveSurfer, and the serene Rattlesnake River.

More than a park, it embodies the Better Billings Foundation and Harvest Church’s vision for a community-centric space where families create lasting memories. Conveniently located in the heart of Billings, Oasis offers diverse attractions for everyone.

The Water Wonderland Area caters to all ages, featuring the thrilling Rocket Ride slide for thrill-seekers and a relaxing Lazy River for those seeking tranquility.

Oasis is dedicated to all-around family fun, evident in the family-friendly zero-depth entry pool and interactive play area. With stimulating attractions like the SplashDome and water cannons, Oasis ensures giggles and bonding for visitors of all ages.

It stands as a vibrant testament to Montana’s commitment to providing engaging spaces for both locals and visitors. For immersive and heartwarming water fun, Oasis Waterpark is the go-to destination.

Oasis Waterpark FAQs

1. What Is the Largest Waterpark in Montana?

Big Sky Water Park, holds the distinction of being Montana’s largest water park. Renowned for its expansive offerings, this water park stands out as a premier destination for aquatic entertainment in the state, providing a wide range of attractions.

2. Is There an Indoor Pool in Montana?

Yes, there are indoor pools in Montana. One notable example is the Reef Indoor Water Park, which is the largest indoor water park in the state, located in Billings. It features attractions such as waterslides, a wave pool, and an interactive playhouse for children

3. What Waterpark Is the Closest to Glacier National Park?

The water park closest to Glacier National Park is likely the Woodland Water Park, located in Kalispell, Montana. Kalispell is the largest city in the Flathead Valley, which is the gateway to Glacier National Park.

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