9 Montana Waterparks for the Ultimate Splash Adventure

Have you experienced the unparalleled joy of sliding down serpentine water chutes, soaking up the sun, and making splashes in vast pools? If not, Montana’s waterparks should be your next stop! Get ready to dive into a family-friendly adventure that will surely cool off your summer and warm your heart.

Whether you’re a waterpark enthusiast, a thrill-seeking teen, or a vacationing family, I’m about to take you on a delightfully wet ride. I’ve experienced firsthand the pure joy of zipping down Big Sky Country’s towering water slides, surfing simulated waves, and drifting along lazy rivers under the expansive Montana sky.

Whatever your aquatic adventure preference, Montana waterparks offer an exciting medley of adrenaline-pumping rides, interactive play areas, and relaxing pools for you to explore.

In the upcoming sections, you’ll find a comprehensive rundown of the top 9 waterparks Montana has to offer. Hang on to your floaties and get set for a splashing good time in the Montana sun! 

7 Key Takeaways on Montana’s Top Waterparks

  1. Montana’s waterparks offer a wide array of fun-filled water attractions, including swimming pools, lazy rivers, thrilling waterslides, and even WaveSurfers.
  2. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or prefer a more laid-back experience, Montana’s waterparks cater to all age groups and preferences, making them perfect for family outings or solo adventures.
  3. Waterparks in Montana are designed to incorporate the state’s stunning natural beauty, often providing breathtaking views and outdoor settings.
  4. Many waterparks offer amenities for both adults and children, including party packages, shaded areas for relaxation, and even special events in the children’s water playground at Currents, a lively aquatic wonderland designed as one expansive playground for endless fun. 
  5. Proper safety measures like life jackets, supervision, and operational hours are in place to ensure a worry-free experience for visitors.
  6.  The majority of Montana’s waterparks operate during the summer months, showcasing the seasonal appeal of these destinations.
  7. Waterpark entry fees vary based on factors such as age and residency, with many parks offering discounted pricing for locals, season passes, and special offers for different groups.

Top Waterparks in Montana

Different types of water slides as seen in one of Montana's premier waterparks

When it comes to cooling off in the summer, Montana may not be the first place that comes to mind. But let me tell you, the waterparks in this state are a hidden gem.

From thrilling slides to lazy rivers, there’s something for everyone. So don’t underestimate Montana when it comes to waterparks – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

1. Splash Montana

Exhilarating orange and yellow water slides that lead directly to a large pool, as seen at Splash Montana.

Splash Montana, located in Playfair Park at 3001 Bancroft Street in Missoula, is your classic sun-soaked summertime adventure. You can almost hear the echoes of delighted screams and the swoosh of water cascading down its three water slides.

Here’s what you need to know for planning your splashy day at Splash Montana:

  • Operational Season – June to August
  • Operation Hours – Monday to Friday: 11:30 a.m to 7:30 p.m., and Saturdays, Sundays, and the 4th of July: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

These hours are a godsend; my kids were plenty tuckered out each time we left, a sign of a successful day out if you ask me.

Admission fees vary based on residency and age. But who doesn’t love a good discount? If you’re a Missoula resident and have a CityCard, you’re in luck! And if you’re planning on making multiple visits, the season pass might be your best bet.

Visitors will find a little bit of everything in terms of amenities including a food court, lockers, dressing rooms, and a lap pool for when water play gets too wild.

Before you pack your bags, note that the park maintains a strict no-outside-food policy to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the facilities. So best to leave those picnic plans for after the splash session.

Safety and regulations:

  • Children aged 6 and under require adult supervision.
  • Park encourages “touch supervision” to keep everyone safe.

Forgoing outside food doesn’t have to be a downer though. Their food court has plenty to offer, from kid-friendly options to satisfying choices for the grown-ups. And while it might seem incidental, don’t forget to carry your beach towels and slather on a good layer of sunscreen before arriving.

Remember, whether you’re a child reveling in your first aquatic adventures or an adult rediscovering your inner kid, Splash Montana will ensure you have a day soaked in fun.

2. Woodland Water Park

A view of guests enjoying the large pool at Woodland Waterpark in Montana.

Woodland Water Park lets you get your Vitamin D and splash on at the same time. Located in Kalispell, it’s the only outdoor water park in the city, and it’s open from mid-June to mid-August.

What to expect at Woodland Water Park:

  • Activity Pool for all your high-energy escapades
  • Waterslides for a solid dose of adrenaline
  • Lazy River for when you’re feeling a bit more chilled
  • Lap Pool for the serious swimmers
  • Concession Stands for all your snack and drink needs

Admission prices vary by age, but it’s a free swim for the under-ones. Season passes are also available, catering to different age groups and families.

Open swim times are from noon to 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., seven days a week. Since they have to work around capacity restrictions, it’s first-come, first-served.

This park goes beyond your regular swims with events like Family Nights, Father’s Day Swim, and a Pool Party for the Dogs. You can even sign up for swim lessons in group or private sessions, with registration opening in early June.

Woodland Water Park isn’t your typical city pool. It’s a summer hot spot filled with fun and safety, designed to give Kalispell locals and visitors memorable aquatic experiences. So pack some sunscreen and get ready to put the cool in Kalispell.

3. Big Sky Water Park

The different types of blue water slides at Big Sky Waterpark in Montana.

Big Sky Water Park stands as Montana’s grandest water adventure, offering fun for toddlers and teens alike. Just off Highway 2 in Columbia Falls, it’s easy to drop in for a day of joyous, splashing bliss.

Big Sky Water Park features:

  • 10 Waterslides – Dial up the adrenaline or ease into a leisurely descent.
  • Whirlpool – Sink into relaxation – parent must-haves!
  • Kid’s Activity Pool – Where the little ones rule the waves.
  • Off-Water Attractions – Mini Golf, Arcade, Bumper Cars
  • Facilities – Picnic Areas, Beach Volleyball, Gift Shops, Concession Stands

Admission prices:

  • Day Pass – Adult (Ages 13-59) – $24.95, Child (Ages 3-12) – $19.95
  • Season Pass – Available for Individual and Family
  • Operating Hours – Every Day is a Splash Day
  • Daily – Open 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Safety and regulations:

  • Dress Code – Please, no denim swimwear or buckaroo boots.
  • Personal Floatation Devices – This may be allowed, but best to check the rules.
  • Fun Tip – Bring sunblock and an appetite for roasted marshmallows at the picnic areas!

A unique draw of Big Sky Water Park is its proximity to the west entrance of Glacier National Park, making it the perfect mid-day oasis for families exploring the natural beauty of the region.

Thinking about hitting the slides, and then trekking to Glacier National Park is the perfect to-do for an all-encompassing Montana adventure.

Drop by Big Sky Water Park’s website.

4. Reef Indoor Water Park

A colossal indoor water park bursting with an abundance of thrilling water slides as seen in Reef Indoor Waterpark.

I recently had the opportunity to visit The Reef Indoor Water Park, situated within The Big Horn Resort in Billings, and let me tell you, it’s the largest indoor water park in Montana.

With six waterslides, a wave pool, and a play structure, it’s a water paradise for both kids and adults. The 55,000-gallon wave pool is a major highlight, and the interactive playhouse for young children is a hit with families.

But that’s not all. The park also offers amenities like the Shark Shack, indoor and enclosed patio tables, locker rooms, a first aid station, arcade games, a gift shop, and three private party rooms.

The park is also great for hosting events, with custom templates available for promoting gatherings and group rates for 20 people or more. If you’re wondering about hours and rates, admission pricing for hotel guests and non-hotel guests is available, and different rates apply for various times of the day.

Just remember to abide by the safety rules and regulations. Kids under 4’6” who can’t swim independently must wear a life jacket, pets aren’t allowed, and outside food and drinks need approval from the water park manager. With so much fun and excitement at The Reef, it’s worth a visit.

For more information, you can visit The Reef Indoor Water Park’s website.

5. Oasis Waterpark

Dual water slides that lead to a pool as seen in Oasis Waterpark.

I bet you thought Montana was all about cowboys and cattle, huh? Well, grab your sunblock, because we’re heading to one of the hottest spots in Billings – the Oasis Water Park. This isn’t just another paddling pool – it’s a full-scale aquatic wonderland designed for thrill-seekers and easy loungers alike.

What to expect at Oasis Waterpark:

  • America’s First WaveSurfer – Calling all surfers or wannabes, this place is your jam. The WaveSurfer is no backyard baby pool wave. It’s legit the first of its kind in the U.S., making it a must-try for every adrenaline enthusiast.
  • Tower Slides & Family Fun – If shooting down a slide from the rafters isn’t your cup of soda, the park’s got more traditional slides that are family favorites. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, there’s something for everyone.
  • Operating Season – Normally, the park opens its gates from June 1 to September 2, 2024. 

Ticket information to note for Oasis Waterpark:

  • Individual Season Passes – Priced at an inviting $49
  • Individual VIP Season Pass – For an extra splurge at $69
  • Family Season Pass – A cool $259 for up to 5 members
  • Group Discounts – You could get lucky with additional perks based on your group size
  • Special Twilight Rates – If night swims are your vibe, there’s good news. The park offers discounted twilight rates after 5 pm.

From tower slides and family-friendly pools to lounge-worthy wave pools and beyond, Oasis Water Park is your family’s answer to a cool, fun day out in Billings – all under the warm Montana sun.

Next time you’re organizing your schedule in the region, be sure to allocate some time for enjoying an Oasis experience. Remember, you’re not just on a holiday; you’re embarking on a thrilling aquatic adventure.

For additional information, you can check Oasis Waterpark’s official website.

6. Electric City Waterpark

A boy slides into a crystal-clear pool from a water slide at Electric City Waterpark

Imagine plunging down a 160-foot tower slide one moment and lazily floating around a Lazy River the next – welcome to the Electric City Water Park in Great Falls, Montana.

This family-favorite water park packs a punch with a variety of attractions:

  • Thrills seekers will love the 160′ Power Tower Plunge and the exhilarating RipTide Slide.
  • If you’re looking for a relaxing place, the Lazy River is your sunny sanctuary.
  • Designed for young visitors, the Squirt Zone is a charming children’s water play area.
  • And of course, traditionalists will appreciate the 50-meter pool for some classic swimming

Worried about where to chill or mingle with friends and family? Don’t be. The park has large grassy areas, plenty of shade trees, and even a party deck, ensuring that every moment of your visit, whether it’s splashing in the pool or lounging with a book, is picture-perfect.

Electric City Water Park’s operating season usually runs from June to September, and its gates are open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m. The entrance fee is $6 for youth aged 3-17, $9 for adults, and kids aged 2 and under are free with a paying adult.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to spend most of your summer enjoying the park’s refreshing waters, the 10-time and 30-time passes offer significant discounts, saving both time and money.

In a place where the water is cool and the fun is hot, Montana’s Electric City Water Park is your all-in-one solution for cooling off, soaking up the sun, and making lifelong memories with those you love. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, don’t miss out on this summer haven in the heart of Big Sky Country.

7. Ridge Waters Waterpark

Ridge Waters Waterpark in Montana featuring multiple thrilling water slides and a large pool.

Located at 3103 S Utah Ave, Ridge Waters is a veritable oasis for families and those looking for a fun day out that’s light on the pocket.

I remember when I first visited Ridge Waters Water Park in Butte, Montana, I was a little skeptical. I mean, could a water park in a less touristy area provide the same thrills as those in more prominent locations? Spoiler alert: it did!

Nestled against the picturesque landscape, Ridge Waters offers an array of entertainment – from a winding lazy river that had me feeling like I was part of Huckleberry Finn, to the adrenaline-pumping water slides and an inviting pool.

What I found particularly impressive about Ridge Waters is the attention paid to visitor comfort. The concession stands here are not just your run-of-the-mill places offering hot dogs and soda. They have a surprisingly diverse, and equally healthy, range of food and drink options that pleased my inner food critic.

It’s still often a pleasant surprise to many first-timers that Ridge Waters carries with it an affordable price tag. More bang for your buck, as they say. The park has been lauded for offering a memorable experience without the hefty entrance fees that typically come with tourist-frequented spots.

Ridge Waters is intertwined with the heartstrings of the Butte community. Grown from the foundations of the old Corette Pool, it was constructed about five years ago, a testament to the city’s commitment to leisure and family recreation.

Being an active source of relaxation and joy for both locals and visitors, Ridge Waters is more than just a water park – it’s a testament to the welcoming spirit of Montana communities.

8. Currents Indoor Waterpark

A giant indoor tubular water slide that leads to a large pool at Currents Indoor Waterpark.

Currents Indoor Waterpark, or as some locals call it, Currents Aquatic Center, is a delightful find in Missoula, Montana. Tucked within the serene McCormick Park, this waterpark is a year-round oasis that offers a mix of family fun and fitness opportunities.

Picture this: you’ve got little ones bursting at the seams with energy, and you’re looking for a safe and exciting water adventure. Enter the children’s water playground at Currents, a vibrant space that’s one big, aquatic playground.

But it’s not all about kiddie entertainment. There’s a fitness pool here that’s perfect for those lap swimming sessions or even some invigorating water aerobics. And if that wasn’t enough to charm you, how about two exciting water slides and a sparkling spa to unwind in after all the fun?

Currents Indoor Waterpark’s schedule is pretty accommodating for most people’s weekly routines. Here is their schedule:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – Open from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – Open from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Weekends – Open from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Extended Hours – Extended hours during school breaks and holidays; check the website or call ahead for details.

Admission rates vary by age group, but it’s generally pocket-friendly, especially for city cardholders. For example, adults aged 18-59 pay $4.25 with a city card.

Children aged 6 and under enter for free but must be accompanied by an adult in the water. Loaner life jackets are available for children still learning to swim, prioritizing safety while ensuring a fun experience.

Currents Indoor Waterpark, with its perfect mix of leisure and exercise facilities, is a surefire hit for families and fitness enthusiasts on the hunt for some water-based excitement, all thanks to it being nestled right in the heart of Missoula.

If you’ve got some downtime during your Montana expedition, put this under-the-radar gem on your must-visit list. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

9. Last Chance Splash

Different types of water slides that lead to separate pools as seen in Montana's Last Chance Splash Water Park

If you’re looking for a place offering fun for the whole family, Last Chance Splash in Helena is your go-to destination. This waterpark earns sky-high reviews for its impressive assortment of attractions, from a 50-meter in-ground pool heated to a balmy 82 degrees to two thrilling water slides and even a lazy river for those relaxing vibes.

Must-know details about Last Chance Splash:

  • Location – Helena, Montana
  • Features – a 50-meter heated pool, bathhouse, two water slides, splash pad, lazy river, concession stand
  • Operating Season – June 20th to August 18th (verify daily hours at Helena’s official website or by contacting the park directly)

In line with the Montana Health Code, Last Chance Splash takes safety seriously. They close during lightning or thunder to ensure everyone’s experience remains sunny. Plus, they issue safety coupons and same-day re-entry stamps to keep your fun uninterrupted and secure.

Just think about it – a serene float down the lazy river, your kids giggling away at the splash pad, maybe grabbing a bite at the concession stand. And don’t forget, it’s open till August 18th, so there’s still time to plan your visit before summer ends.

Montana Waterparks Final Thoughts

A blue and yellow standard water slide at a top waterpark resort in Montana.

Montana offers diverse waterpark experiences, each with its unique charm and broad appeal for varying preferences and age groups.

Splash Montana in Missoula stands out with its vibrant outdoor setting, thrilling slides, family-friendly amenities, and strict safety protocols. Meanwhile, Woodland Water Park in Kalispell promises unforgettable summer experiences with its seasonal allure, diverse attractions, and special events.

For those seeking indoor waterpark fun, Currents in Missoula offers year-round allure and a combination of water-based play areas and fitness options, while The Reef in Billings boasts a grand-scale indoor experience and diverse aquatic landscape.

At Big Sky Water Park near Glacier National Park, visitors can enjoy the expansive adventure with a wide array of attractions. Oasis Waterpark in Billings is home to America’s first WaveSurfer attraction, merging innovation with aquatic excitement.

Electric City Water Park in Great Falls caters to a range of preferences with its diverse features, and Ridge Waters Water Park in Butte, with its recent addition status, offers an affordable aquatic escape for the community.

Collectively, these waterparks form a mosaic of experiences, inviting both locals and travelers to immerse themselves in a world of aquatic delights, family fun, and refreshing adventures in the heart of Montana.

Montana Waterparks FAQs

1. What Is the Biggest Waterpark in Montana?

The biggest waterpark in Montana is Big Sky Water Park, located near Glacier National Park. Boasting the title of Montana’s largest waterpark, Big Sky Water Park offers an expansive adventure with a diverse array of attractions, making it a prominent destination for water-based entertainment in the state.

2. Are There Indoor Waterparks in Montana?

Yes, Montana is home to indoor waterparks. Notable among them is Currents Indoor Waterpark, also known as Currents Aquatic Center, situated in Missoula. This indoor waterpark offers year-round allure with a blend of water-based play areas and fitness options, providing a unique and enjoyable experience regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.

3. How Much Does a Ticket Cost in Montana’s Waterparks?

Ticket costs in Montana’s waterparks vary based on age, residency, and the time of day. For instance, Splash Montana in Missoula offers varying rates for infants, children, teens, seniors, and adults, with discounts for city residents.

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