Montana Haunted Places: The State’s 13 Spookiest Attractions

Your interest in discovering Montana’s spookier side is commendable. Who knew the vast landscapes and stunning skylines of Montana could harbor such chilling histories? From the Copper Village Museum and Arts Center to the eerily beautiful Garnet Ghost Town, Montana shelters dozens of locations rich with ghostly lore.

Each of these Montana haunted places tells a tale that is as much a part of the state’s heritage as its stunning mountains and rolling plains. Join me as we unravel these ghost stories, delving into their history, and discover for yourself if the dead truly do walk amongst the living in the Treasure State. 

The surreal and haunting stories of the paranormal could be as close as the next Montana sunset. What ghostly encounters await you under the Big Sky? Buckle up and get ready for an adventure that’s sure to stay with you long after your trip concludes.

7 Key Takeaways on Montana’s Haunted Places

  1. Virginia City, Garnet Ghost Town, and the Old Montana State Prison are just a few spots to visit for a chance encounter with spirits and eerie tales.
  2. The Copper Village Museum & Arts Center offers a unique, spine-tingling experience for history buffs and those curious about the paranormal.
  3. Gunslinger Gulch, a guest ranch town, is a village of spooky folklore where you can encounter Old West ghosts.
  4. The Harp Pub & Celtic House Inn, with a history ranging from a brothel to a pool hall, is now a haunted spot with tales of Oscar Carlson still lingering.
  5. At Bannack State Park Ghost Town, you can experience real Montana history and possibly encounter Dorothy Dunne at Hotel Meade.
  6. The Fort Peck Theatre, a historic gem, is rumored to have a vintage supernatural presence, adding an extra layer of intrigue to its modern shows.
  7. Montana’s Myra Brothel and Hotel is a chilling narrative; spirits of former owners Ned and Mary, and the “Mad Greek” Lucian Pippen, are said to still wander its corridors.

Most Haunted Places in Montana

A dilapidated brick building in Montana rumored to be one of the state's most haunted locations

I’ve always been drawn to the eerie allure of ghost stories and haunted buildings, so when I stumbled across the most haunted places in Montana, I knew I had to delve into the chilling history and ghostly encounters.

From abandoned mines to historic hotels, Montana is a haven for the paranormal enthusiast and ghost hunter alike. If this gives you the creeps, you might want to experience family attractions in Montana instead. In the meantime, join me as I uncover the spine-tingling tales of the most haunted places in the Treasure State.

1. Copper Village Museum & Arts Center

The historic Copper Village Museum and Arts Center in Montana on a sunny day belies its status as one of the state's haunted places

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Anaconda, Montana1978Showcases Anaconda’s copper mining history, Historical artifacts and exhibits, Arts and cultural events, Community engagement and education programs

Copper Village Museum & Arts Center houses more than just art; it’s also home to a few unsettled spirits. Located in Anaconda, this museum boasts a rich history, having once played roles as the city hall and fire station. Now, it’s known for more than just its art exhibits and vintage photography.

Visitors and staff at the museum have reported a myriad of eerie occurrences – from inexplicable cold spots to disembodied footsteps echoing through the halls. There’s even been talk of objects moving without being touched. It’s as if the history embedded in this historic building is alive and well, in a very paranormal way.

The specific ghostly figures believed to roam the premises are even more intriguing. One is rumored to be a former prisoner, still doing time in the afterlife, while the other is a valiant fireman who perhaps couldn’t bear to leave the place he protected. But don’t worry, their appearances are more about replaying history than any current troubles they might have.

If you’re game for a potentially hair-raising encounter, the Copper Village Museum & Arts Center certainly won’t disappoint. Because the museum occupies such a significant space in Anaconda’s history, the possibility of encounters with apparitions is something people both fear and seek out.

Explore the Arts and the Apparitions:

  • Take a Guided Tour – Museum staff are well-acquainted with the historical and haunting elements of the space, providing stories that give context to the whispers in old hallways.
  • Capture the Paranormal – Photography and recordings have reportedly captured strange phenomena, so bring your camera and recording devices, and who knows what you might take home.
  • Attend Special Events – The museum hosts occasional ghost tours and paranormal investigations, perfect for those who like their history with a side of the mysterious.
  • Respect the Spirits – If you do encounter ghostly activity, remember these are not just Halloween props but potential remnants of real people. Due to the diverse history and the museum’s respectful preservation of it, encounters with the spirits make for a unique, reflective experience.

Are you brave enough to step into Montana’s past and perhaps cross paths with its spectral residents? Then Copper Village Museum & Arts Center is calling your name. But tread carefully; you never know what might be waiting in the shadows.

2. Gunslinger Gulch

Gunslinger Gulch, a ghost-town-turned-guest-ranch, in Deer Lodge County, Montana, as seen during wintertime

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Deer Lodge County, MontanaThe 1800s (Ghost town turned guest ranch)19 structures, including a decrepit old church, and rich spooky folklore, ideal for thrill-seekers

Gunslinger Gulch, an 1800s-era ghost town turned guest ranch, is the real deal for thrill-seekers. This scene-stealer doesn’t just boast a single haunted building; it’s practically a village of spooky folklore. Housing 19 structures, including a decrepit old church, the burdens of its past have continued to resonate into the present.

  • As Immersive as It Is Eerie – Gunslinger Gulch isn’t a staged petting zoo of spooky vibes; it’s an authentic throwback to simpler (and sometimes scarier) times. Among the 19 original buildings, an old church stands as a silent witness to the town’s past.
  • The Human Element – It’s not just ghostly stories and creaky floorboards here, there’s also a vibrant family that has made their home in the old church.
  • The Travel Channel’s Got a Ticket to This Ghostly Thrill Ride – The paranormal activity in Gunslinger Gulch isn’t just hearsay. Reports of ghostly encounters and unexplained occurrences are so frequent that the Travel Channel decided to delve deeper with their series Ghost Town Terror, putting the town under the ghost-hunting microscope.
  • Get in on the Scare – Eager to spend a night (or several) in this chillingly historic locale? Lodging reservations are a must-do, and you’ll be living out your own Wild West fantasy – with a spirited twist, I assure you.

Gunslinger Gulch is not just a haunted hotspot, it’s a genuine slice of Montana’s riveting past that you can experience today. It’s like watching your favorite old western film but with the added thrill of knowing that those shadows? They might not be just figments of your imagination.

If you’re one of the brave souls who’s targeted Gunslinger Gulch as a must-visit while you’re out and about in Montana, fasten your seatbelt; you’re in for a wild, otherworldly ride.

3. Harp Pub & Celtic House Inn

The Harp Pub & Celtic House Inn in Montana, said to be haunted by its former owner, Oscar Carlson, pictured during a sunny day

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Anaconda, Montana1888Haunted establishment, time-honored brick facade, rich storied past, ghostly reputation

One of Anaconda’s most intriguing spots is the Harp Pub & Celtic House Inn. This haunted establishment, constructed in 1888, has a storied past that rivals its ghostly reputation. With its time-honored brick facade, the building has seen more action than a blockbuster movie location.

The real kicker, though, is the story of Oscar Carlson. This unsung character met a tragic end that sent ripples surging through the afterlife. As the tale goes, old Oscar had a doozy of a day in 1949; the frustrated owner set the building aflame before reportedly offing himself in the basement. 

According to reports, as the sun sets over Anaconda, patrons and employees aren’t just knocking back pints and sampling the local cuisine. No, they’re also mingling with what can only be described as Oscar’s lingering presence. 

So why does this scorned soul-of-the-night seem to be so attached to the pub and inn? If we were to hazard a guess, it might have something to do with the building’s current function. It’s been serving its customers in its latest incarnation as a quirky, beloved spot for a tantalizingly cold pint or a cozy night’s stay.

There’s an air of mystery and tension, as occurrences attributed to Oscar’s ghost linger, leaving everyone on edge. It’s a haunting reminder of the tumultuous past that still resonates in the present, drawing in curious souls seeking a taste of history with a side of the supernatural.

4. Bannack State Park

The preserved ghost town of Bannack State Park in Beaverhead Country

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Beaverhead County, Montana1862Preserved ghost town, historic buildings, guided tours, gold rush history, scenic surroundings

If you’ve ever loafed through a modern old town, you can think of Bannack as the ghost version. This ain’t no faded Hollywood movie set — this is living history.

The best part? We’re not talking about some glorified theme park, we’re diving deep into a slice of real Montana history, expertly preserved for the adventurers of today.

A Snapshot of Bannack State Park Ghost Town:

  • Unique Preservation – Unlike some commercialized haunts, Bannack is cherished for its authenticity and historical value.
  • Notable Site – The renowned Hotel Meade holds its ghostly tales.
  • The Legend – Meet Dorothy Dunne, whose spirit is said to still linger in the hotel’s corridors.
  • Post-Closure Phantoms – Hotel Meade closed in the 1940s, but that hasn’t deflected its spirit-seeking guests.

Hotel Meade, as notorious as it is roofless, is the floating focal point within this corporeal contrast of past and present. Now, Montana’s charms are rarely subtle, and the story of Dorothy Dunne is no exception. Legend has it that after Dorothy’s tragic drowning in a nearby pond in 1916, her spirit sought refuge within Hotel Meade’s wooden walls.

Hotel Meade shuttered in the 1940s, allegedly because ghostly guests racked up hefty bills. But if you’re brave enough to seek a spectral drinking buddy, don’t be put off by the closed doors—many adventurous souls still visit in hopes of encountering a ghostly presence over a drink.

But hey, don’t let spirits steal all the limelight here. When you’re done feeling all the storybook intent of your visit, you might want to go panning for gold in the nearby creek. So get ready, grab a friend, and hit the jangling, feedback-fraught old west trail in the heart of Montana.

5. Fort Peck Theatre

Fort Peck Theatre in Fort Peck, Montana, a haunted attraction made infamous by its phantom noises and ghostly sightings

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Fort Peck, Montana1973Live theatre performances, cultural events, educational programs, historical significance

The Fort Peck Theatre, a fascinating pocket of Montana’s history, is said to tint modern theatrical productions with a vintage supernatural presence. This imposing structure was completed in 1934, born from a need to keep workers on Fort Peck Dam entertained.

The tales of haunted happenings in the Fort Peck Theatre don’t stop with phantom construction noises. Ghostly sightings have also been reported in the dressing rooms — which would make for a chilling prelude to any actor’s big entrance.

Here’s What You Can Do:

  • Catch a Show – Fort Peck Theatre not only offers a diverse program authentically echoing 1930s entertainment, but if you’re lucky, you might also catch the ghost in action.
  • Keep an Ear Out – Many claim to hear faint echoes of construction activity. Is the ghost trying to get the theatre back to its construction-era roots?
  • Take a Backstage Tour – As they say, every ghost has a story. Exploring the dressing rooms where apparitions have been cited might provide some insight (and tingles).

So whether you’re inclined towards the artistic or the spectral, the Fort Peck Theatre offers a little bit of both. Just listen closely, and you might catch a ghostly encore this time around.

6. Clark Chateau

The eerie red brick building of Clark Chateau, famous for its paranormal occurrences

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Butte, Montana1898Historic mansion, museum, cultural events, educational programs, guided tours

With a history as rich and varied as the state its residents call home, the Clark Chateau in Butte, Montana is a tale just waiting to unfold.  Built by W.A. Clark for his oldest son, Charles, this chateau isn’t just a house; it’s a statement, a love letter cast in brick to a favored child.

This slice of history housed Butte’s most notable residents, and even the Shriners too. Yes, you heard right. The very same Shriners famous for their fez hats and philanthropy called the Clark Chateau home at one point.

But here’s where it gets exciting. While Butte’s historical and wealthy residents may have long since passed on, some locals swear that they’ve stuck around — as ghosts. The Clark Chateau is no stranger to rumors of the paranormal.

The ambiance of old money, elusive societies, and perfectly preserved 1800s furniture within the chateau provides an entrancing backdrop for the stories of haunting to weave their way into your tour. Don’t be surprised if you feel the touch of a bygone era or the whisper of a lively spirit as you saunter through its halls.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the Clark Chateau? Gather your friends, and on your next visit to Butte, take a tour or even consider booking an event. The ghosts of Butte’s past are waiting to once again captivate a willing audience.

7. Myra Brothel and Hotel

An old furnished room with a piano in the famously haunted Myra Brothel and Hotel in Butte, Montana

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Uptown Butte, Montana1926Top floor of Tony’s Tin Shop leased by Ned and Mary Owen, operated as a brothel and hotel, chilling narratives from the Prohibition era, associated with the tragic death of Ned Owen in 1927 due to alcohol poisoning.

Between the winding roads and serene landscapes, Montana has its share of chilling narratives, and Myra Brothel and Hotel is a spine-tingling tale to behold. Ned and Mary Owen, a couple who leased the top floor of Tony’s Tin Shop from the Canonica family, had a sneaky side hustle between 1926 and 1929. 

Cheerful as it may sound, Ned’s life took a tragic turn in 1927. His untimely demise due to Prohibition-era alcohol poisoning was just the beginning of the chilling legends surrounding this establishment.

Many swear that Ned and Mary’s spirits, accompanied by the “Mad Greek” Lucian Pippen, still wander the corridors of Myra, trapped in a time long gone.

It’s not just old tales; contemporary visitors like yourself have reported some hair-raising experiences. Here, the thin line that separates history from spookiness blurs effortlessly.

Whether you’re a believer in the supernatural or just a history buff, Myra Brothel, and Hotel promises an experience that will stay with you long after you’ve left its doors.

8. Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse

The Butte Silver Bow Courthouse belies it's haunted history in the light of day

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Butte, Montana1920Historic courthouse, neoclassical architecture, legal proceedings, government functions, cultural events

The Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse is a focal point of Montana’s supernatural tales. This storied structure, buzzing with historical intrigue, is where Miner Miles Fuller met his haunting end on the gallows in 1904.

Believed to be the fastest execution by hanging in Montana’s history, Miner Fuller’s specter has been reportedly wandering the building’s surroundings ever since. I know, right? You just can’t make up tales this eerie.

The courthouse itself is an architectural marvel, designed in the grand Beaux Arts style and boasting a breathtaking stained glass dome. If you’re inquisitive, as I’m apt to be, experiencing this building’s rich narratives is as easy as a visit.

Quick Facts:

  • Historic Context – Built in the early 20th century, the courthouse has borne witness to cornerstone legal events in Butte’s history.
  • Haunting History – Fuller’s spirit sightings have been a consistent feature, with visitors and staff sharing chilling encounters.
  • Design Details – The building’s Beaux Arts style and stunning stained glass dome make it a visual treat, haunting or not.

If you’re the curious type, like me, consider taking a guided tour or even passing by near dusk. You might just uncover your very own ghostly anecdote to share around the campfire.

9. Elks Lodge

The view of Elks Lodge from across the street, where ghostly apparitions are said to occur

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Butte, Montana (and others)Not SpecifiedLive events, meeting rooms, rental spaces, community gatherings, social events

The Elks Lodge in Butte, Montana, is a slice of local history that’s caught between its opulent past and its haunting present.

It was once the buzzing hub of a fraternal organization famous for its lavish balls and grand events, a place where the who’s who gathered to see and be seen. The lodge was so much more than just a social club; it was a living, breathing part of Butte’s golden days.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find yourself navigating through tales of expensive parties and lodging quarters that once cradled both local elites and traveling dignitaries, dipping their toes in the same glitz and glamour that families did at the time.

Tales of ghostly apparitions and paranormal experiences have weaved their way into the lodge’s history. Verified through EVPs – those are electronic voice phenomena, essentially recordings said to capture otherworldly whispers – reports speak of disembodied voices, spirited conversations, and even, get this, fleeting apparitions dancing across the rooms.

Eerie isn’t it? The Elks Lodge is just one of the many haunted places that promise a spine-tingling detour into Montana’s rich history. While some visit these sites to catch a glimpse of the unexplained, others prefer to keep these tales alive by sharing their experiences with tour-goers and local legends.

10. Dumas Brothel

The Dumas Brothel building in Montana lives up to its eerie reputation, pictured with a car parked beside it at night.

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Butte, Montana1890Historic brothel, museum, guided tours, exhibits on local history, cultural landmark

The Dumas Brothel, nestled in the former red-light district, was once famed for its opulent decor and entertainment that catered to all echelons of society.

During my exploration of its corridors, I couldn’t shake the stories of Eleanor Knott, the heartbroken madam who purportedly took her own life on the top floor, and whose spirit is said to linger within the walls. But she’s not alone in haunting the place—rumor has it that other restless souls also call the Dumas home, cementing its status as one of the most haunted spots under the Big Sky.

This storied establishment has not only captivated the imagination of locals but has also attracted the attention of filmmakers, featuring in over a dozen paranormal and documentary films, including the spine-chilling “Ghosts of the Devil’s Perch.”

If you’re considering a visit, be sure to call ahead for operating hours, as the Dumas operates seasonally. An encounter with the supernatural awaits in this historic and ethereal location.

11. The New Lobby Bar (Now, The Wild Hare)

The Wild Hare, formerly The New Lobby Bar, in Great Falls, Montana, conceals its eerie history behind its renovated facade

LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Great Falls, Montana1914Bar and lounge, housed in a historic 1914 building, served as a speak-easy brothel during Prohibition, transformed into a jazz club in the 1940s, rumored to be haunted by ghosts from its past iterations

Have you ever been to the New Lobby Bar in Great Falls, Montana? Despite the closure of the lobby bar for the 2020-2021 winter season, the new establishment, the Wild Hare, remains a place of intrigue and interest for those curious about its haunted past.

The New Lobby Bar was located in the building that was originally the old Davenport Hotel. The bar has a rich history and is known for its haunted reputation, with reports of unexplainable happenings and encounters by staff and visitors.

It was a speak-easy brothel during Prohibition and a jazz club in the 1940s. They say the bar was haunted by ghosts from each of its previous iterations. Sightings of a lean cowboy looking out from the second-floor window in the afternoon and the sound of footsteps without any visible prints on the upper floors have been reported.

There are even recordings capturing the screams of prostitutes who likely perished in a building fire in 1925. Paranormal investigators have also reported smelling charred wood on the upper floors.

But the most chilling encounters were with the ghost of an elderly woman wearing a beaded 1930s dress and hat, frequently seen in the bathroom, with her perfume and the sound of running water announcing her presence.

If you’re a fan of thrills, the New Lobby Bar location is still worth a visit. While you’re there, make sure to keep an eye out for the unexpected and unexplainable.

12. Boulder Hot Springs

Boulder Hot Springs in Montana, viewed at sunset, is renowned both as a tranquil retreat and a haunted location.

LocationYear Founded/Established/StartedFeatures
Boulder, Montana1881Historic hot springs, known for hauntings, ghostly apparitions, a melting pot of spooky tales, echoes of its past encounters still present today

Among Montana’s treasure trove of hauntings, Boulder Hot Springs stands out as a melting pot of spooky tales and ghostly apparitions. With roots stretching back to 1881, the whispers of its past encounters are still alive today.

This is no tall tale, my friends. Imagine stepping into this historical hot spring resort that, in its early days, even played host to a brothel accessed by a secretive back staircase. Can this get any more intriguing? Oh, but it does.

Meet Simone, the ghost that’s said to grace these halls cloaked in a white dress, a victim of a murky past supposedly involving a mining executive. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, this yarn will make your hair stand on end.

During their time here, the staff routinely found the stove flickering on mysteriously until they made Simone – for whom the tea never runs cold — a comforting cup. Visitors have reported smelling her perfume in the hallways, leaving remnants of her presence in the air.

But Simone’s not the only one making herself known. Picture strange temperature dips, unexplained energies, and even the distant pitter-patter of children’s feet.

Here comes the twist in our spook tale — a strange male voice has been heard time and again when not a soul was present. Eerie, isn’t it? Or should I say curious?

13. Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet Ghost Town, nestled among century-old trees, is renowned for its eerie ambiance.
LocationYear Founded/EstablishedFeatures
Garnet, MontanaLate 19th centuryWell-preserved ghost town, mining history, historic buildings, interpretive tours, cultural landmark

Nestled within the Garnet Mountain Range are not one, but two standout ghost towns that’ll send a chill down your spine. The first is Coloma, aptly referred to as the “Mystery Camp,” which remains shrouded in secrets.

The second town is Garnet Ghost Town which is situated close to Coloma, it paints a terrifyingly vivid picture of Montana’s mining legacy. As you wander through its almost impossibly well-preserved 19th-century structures, you’ll be struck by the whispers of a time long past.

Every creak, every gust of wind, could lead to a potential encounter with the paranormal or simply make your hair stand on end. To give you an easy overview here are the key features of Garnet Ghost Town:

  • Well-preserved 19th-century structures
  • A portal into Montana’s mining history
  • The distinct eerie ambiance of a town steeped in solitude

To add to a visit, there are also scenic hiking trails that weave past abandoned cabins, long-lost gold mines, and the silent footprints of Garnet Ghost Town. Trust me, hiking through time doesn’t get more literal than this.

Whether you’re a history buff or just someone with a penchant for the unsettling, the ghost towns of Montana’s Garnet Mountain Range will leave you astounded. Remember, respect the silence, and who knows, the silence might respect you back!

Montana Haunted Places Final Thoughts

A solitary abandoned cabin in an elevated area of a grassy field in Montana perfectly embodies the state's haunted sites.

Exploring the haunted places of Montana offers a glimpse into the mysteries of the past intertwined with the supernatural. Each location, such as the Copper Village Museum and the Dumas Brothel, harbors its own tales of ghostly encounters.

These sites, including the eerie Garnet Ghost Town and the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse, serve as portals to a world beyond our own. The enduring allure of Montana’s haunted places continues to captivate both believers and skeptics, drawing in curious souls seeking to unravel the mysteries shrouded in the mists of time.

Beyond the thrill of ghostly encounters lies a deeper appreciation for the history and heritage preserved within these haunted walls. The past is never truly laid to rest, living on in the whispers of the wind and the shadows that dance in the moonlight.

Montana’s hauntingly beautiful landscape beckons both seasoned ghost hunters and curious travelers to uncover the secrets of the past. The allure of these haunted places lies not just in the paranormal, but in the opportunity to connect with the rich tapestry of history woven within their walls.

Montana Haunted Places FAQs

1. What Part of Montana Is Haunted?

Montana’s haunting tales are scattered across the state, encompassing various regions from Anaconda to Butte and beyond. From the eerie ghost towns nestled in the mountains to the historic buildings in bustling cities, paranormal activity is reported in diverse locales throughout Montana.

2. How Many Ghost Towns Are in Montana?

Montana is home to numerous ghost towns, with estimates ranging from over 100 to upwards of 300 abandoned settlements scattered across the state. These ghost towns offer a glimpse into Montana’s rich mining history, with remnants of old structures and abandoned mines dotting the landscape.

3. What Ghost Towns Are in Helena?

Helena, Montana, is not typically associated with ghost towns, as it’s a thriving city and the state capital. However, there are some nearby ghost towns worth exploring. One notable example is Marysville, located about 20 miles northwest of Helena, which was once a bustling mining town but is now largely abandoned, with remnants of its past still visible.

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