17 Must-Visit Montana Hot Springs for Complete Relaxation

Are you looking to discover a serene hot spring to relax and unwind in Montana? This guide you’re about to dive into should have all the answers. The Big Sky State’s wide-open spaces encompass a trove of natural hot springs with striking accommodations and amenities.

Whether you’re a local seeking new relaxation ventures or an out-of-towner looking to dive into Montana’s thermal waters, this guide showcases the top 17 hot springs you should earmark for your itinerary. Each stop boasts unique features — like rustic Montana charm, family-friendly vibes, or luxury resort experiences.

Your adventure awaits — are you ready to explore the best of Montana’s hot springs? So let’s get started with this smoldering aquatic journey and pick the best hot spring to soak in.

7 Key Takeaways on Top Hot Springs in Montana to Visit

  1. Diverse Experiences – Montana offers a variety of hot spring experiences, from family-friendly resorts to secluded, more rugged pools.
  2. Unique Features – Each hot spring in Montana has its highlights, such as mineral-rich waters, mountain views, and live entertainment.
  3. Accommodations and Amenities – Many hot springs are located near small towns and offer a range of accommodations and amenities, from vintage charm to modern facilities.
  4. Wellness-Focused – Some hot springs like Boulder Hot Springs are focused on healthy living, offering organic meals, wellness events, and banning alcohol and tobacco.
  5. Historic and Community Atmosphere – Hot springs like Symes Hot Springs offer a charming, community-infused experience, often in historic and architecturally rich settings.
  6. Hot Springs in Natural Context – Several hot springs, like Renova Hot Springs, are uniquely integrated with their natural surroundings, offering a more immersive experience.
  7. Location and Accessibility – The hot springs are conveniently located near popular towns and attractions, making them accessible for visitors looking to pair their hot spring experience with other activities in Montana.

Top 17 Hot Springs in Montana You Should Visit

Two women enjoy a soak in one of Montana's popular hot springs destinations.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate in relaxation. From resort-style hot springs to more rugged ones located deep in the wilderness, Montana has an array of options that cater to every type of hot spring seeker. Each one offers not just the soothing warmth but also an intimate connection to the state’s breathtaking natural beauty.

1. Boulder Hot Springs

Boulder Hot Springs in Helena under a blue sky with mountains in the background
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Boulder, MT30 miles (approx. 48 km) from HelenaGeothermal pools, historic accommodations, spa services

When it comes to soaking your stress away in Montana, Boulder Hot Springs is a top pick. Tucked off I-15 between the historical towns of Butte and Helena, this gem is much more than just geothermal water.

Each time I’ve visited Boulder Hot Springs, I’ve marveled at its setting — a sprawling 300-acre property encompassing both idyllic meadows and dense forests. It’s not unusual to catch a glimpse of local wildlife here, adding an authentic Montana touch to your relaxation.

Even if you’re not a naturalist, the amenities alone are reason enough to pay a visit. From the inviting main pool to the intimate steam room and rejuvenating plunge pool, therapeutic tranquility is guaranteed. There’s also a range of spa services on offer, from classic massages to mineral wraps — something for everyone.

In winter, Boulder transforms into a snow-covered wonderland, perfect for romantic getaways or unique family vacations. The stunning landscape offers opportunities for snowshoeing, skiing, and more, making it an ideal destination for winter adventures.

Beyond mere relaxation, Boulder Hot Springs is focused on holistic wellness. Organic, home-cooked meals feature on the menu, and the facility often hosts wellness events like yoga and meditation. This emphasis on healthy living, in addition to restful soaking, sets Boulder apart in the hot springs circuit.

While enjoying Boulder Hot Springs, remember the no-alcohol and no-tobacco policy on its grounds. This dedication to wholesome, restorative practices ensures a tranquil environment for all guests.

2. Symes Hot Springs

A small hot spring pool that empties into a larger pool in Symes Hot Springs in Montana
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Hot Springs, MT60 miles (approx. 96 km) from Glacier NPIndoor/outdoor mineral pools, accommodations, spa services

This gem offers a truly unique relaxation experience — think geothermal delights meet charming historic buildings. You’ll have the opportunity to soak your worries away in not one, not two, but three mineral pools at varying temperatures.

Why Symes Hot Springs is a must-stop:

  • Historic Buildings – Step back in time as you lounge in comfortably warm waters admiring the architecture that whispers tales of the past.
  • Convenient Location – Smack bang between Missoula and Flathead Lake or Glacier National Park, Symes Hot Springs offers the perfect respite for road-weary travelers.
  • Take Your Pick – You can opt for a day pass if you’re just passing through, or if you’re looking to extend your stay, the historic hotel offers free access to the pools. Or you could even go full-on nature with local camping.

Symes Hot Springs and Hotel is dotted with local spots that offer a glimpse into small-town Montana life. From craft beer to unique gastronomic experiences, you’ll discover local delights far from the madding crowd.

To fully immerse yourself in the small-town charm, consider attending one of the music events or exploring the local area. Trust me, you’ll feel more connected to Montana beyond its tourist attractions.

The Symes legacy in Hot Springs will undoubtedly leave you with treasured memories and a sense of tranquility that’s uniquely Montana.

3. Norris Hot Springs

A group enjoys a dip in Norris Hot Springs in Norris, Montana
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Norris, MT30 miles (approx. 48 km) from BozemanOutdoor hot springs pool, live music, on-site dining

Norris Hot Springs is just a short drive from Bozeman, and it quickly became one of my favorite hot spring spots. This laid-back destination is perfect for anyone looking to relax and indulge in some great culinary offerings.

The main attraction at Norris Hot Springs is the large pool, featuring varying temperatures and warm pockets of water in the corners. It’s open Thursday through Sunday, with live music on Saturday nights, adding a lively and vibrant atmosphere to the experience.

The restaurant and bar window at Norris Hot Springs offers a selection of beer, homemade lemonade, popsicles, and organic eats. The ingredients are sourced from their garden in the summer, ensuring fresh and delicious meals.

What’s impressive is that Norris Hot Springs is family-friendly, allowing floaties and serving kid-friendly food. However, it’s worth noting that it may not always be the most serene spot due to its popularity.

For those looking to extend their visit, there’s the option to stay at the campground next door, which offers warm showers and fast WiFi. This makes it a great option for travelers, including remote workers, who want to take a break and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

4. Renova Hot Springs

The Jefferson River in Montana where the Renova Hot Springs is located
source: flickr.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Near Whitehall, MT50 miles (approx. 80 km) from ButteNatural hot springs pool, camping sites

The Renova Hot Springs, tucked away 10 miles south of Whitehall, Montana, between Butte and Bozeman, offer a hidden gem for hot spring enthusiasts.

While it’s a breeze to get to Whitehall, accessing Renova Hot Springs may require a 4WD vehicle depending on conditions. The undeveloped nature of these hot springs in Montana adds to their appeal, with their immersive and typically free access.

Renova Hot Springs, built by locals with a river rock enclosure along the Jefferson River, allows hot water to seep out slowly for soaking. The advantage of soaking by a river provides a unique experience, and the opportunity for a cold plunge to rejuvenate and cool off is certainly a bonus.

The best time for a visit is from March to October, but be cautious of muddy roads and the hot spring disappearing underwater during spring runoff. For those interested in camping, there is nearby state land available for tents or camping vehicles to make a complete experience out of a visit to Renova Hot Springs.

5. Chico Hot Springs

People enjoy a dip in the steaming waters of Chico Hot Springs in the cold of winter in Montana
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Pray, MT40 miles (approx. 64 km) from Yellowstone NPMultiple hot spring pools, dining, lodging, and spa services

The hour-long ride from Bozeman is the stuff of anticipation, and it’s long been popular not just for its pool of mineral-laden goodness but also for its intriguing covered wagons and rich history.

The Chico Hot Springs experience is a mixed bag — in a good way. The establishment boasts multiple hot spring pools, a dining area that rivals your favorite city restaurants, full spa services, and yes, even horseback riding.

Why go for Chico Hot Springs:

  • Charmingly Back In Time – Ever wondered how seasoned shepherds slept under the big Montana sky? Chico’s covered wagons bring that wistful simplicity to life.
  • Culinary Voyage – The servers at the onsite restaurant, open all year round, often dish out advice alongside your meal, be it on gourmet fare or the best soak spot intervals.
  • Therapy for All – The large pool offers different temperatures, catering to those who like it both scorching and soothing. It’s one of the few developed hot springs in Montana that operate 365 days a year, so there’s no need to plan your relaxation around timetables.

Given its accessibility, it’s no surprise that Chico Hot Springs sees a diverse crowd, from families looking for an easy, relaxed day out to honeymooners seeking an intimate experience.

On a single day here, you can find yourself under the skies of Idaho, soaking in hot pools, riding horses in cowboy boots, and feasting on seasonal culinary delights. Sounds perfect, right?

6. White Sulfur Hot Springs

Hot spring pools at White Sulfur Hot Springs in Bozeman, Montana
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
White Sulphur Springs, MT70 miles (approx. 112 km) from HelenaIndoor/outdoor hot springs pools, accommodations

White Sulfur Hot Springs or Spa Hot Springs is located approximately 2 hours north of Bozeman, Montana, off the beaten path. It holds a significant place in history, dating back to its use by Native Americans for healing purposes, particularly for conditions like arthritis and skin problems.

The facilities at White Sulfur Hot Springs include two outdoor pools and one indoor pool with varying temperatures, drained, cleaned, and refilled daily to maintain a chemical-free environment.

Accommodation options range from the Spa Springs Motel to recreational camping opportunities in the area, but be sure to bring your own food as there are limited on-site dining options.

The surrounding area offers year-round outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, biking, snowmobiling, skiing, and hunting. After soaking in the hot springs, make a stop at a local Hutterite shop for regional products like pickles and jams.

White Sulfur Hot Springs is a budget-friendly destination open 365 days a year, offering an authentic small-town Montana experience.

7. Fairmont Hot Springs

A steaming hot spring pool at Fairmont hot springs as seen during a cold Montana winter.
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Fairmont, MT10 miles (approx. 16 km) from AnacondaMultiple hot spring pools, golf course, accommodations

This hot springs destination is ideal for families, featuring not just one, but two large Olympic-size pools and a water slide that’s as swirly as your kids’ weekend doodles. But here’s the catch, these exclusives are only available to guests of the resort or those staying at the Fairmont RV Park for a daily fee.

Here are some of Fairmont Hot Springs’s top activities:

  • Day Spa – Treat yourself to pampering at the Anaconda’s Spa Hot Springs at Fairmont.
  • Golfing – The golf course here is no par 3; it’s a whole 18-hole affair!
  • Fishing – Immerse in angling at the resort’s private ponds or nearby rivers.
  • Sports Galore – Pack your gear; the Fairmont area offers skiing, fishing, and biking opportunities.

Besides the star attraction of the hot springs, you can also enjoy a day spa, a full round of golf, or even cast a fishing line into the waters. Anaconda’s Spa Hot Springs at Fairmont is a haven of relaxation within your vacation, while the resort’s expansive golf course is perfect for putting time aside for yourself.

Fish enthusiasts can enjoy some of the best fishing locations in not just Montana but the country, taking advantage of the resort’s private ponds or the nearby rivers. And if you’re a true sports aficionado, bringing your skis, fishing poles, and bikes might just help you supercharge your trip.

The hot pools are especially magical as the snowflakes fall around you. So whether you’re a family looking for an entertaining solo trip, or a couple just yearning for a slice of peace amidst all this chaos – Fairmont’s got you covered, indoors, outdoors, and in every season in style.

8. Yellowstone Hot Springs

A steaming hot tub built into a larger pool at Yellowstone Hot Springs
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Gardiner, MTNorth Entrance of Yellowstone NPHot spring pools, views of Yellowstone River

During my recent journey south of Chico Hot Springs, I unexpectedly discovered Yellowstone Hot Springs near the Gardiner entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It’s worth noting that it’s the nearest accessible hot spring to Yellowstone, particularly with the closure of the popular Boiling River.

With three pools at varying temperatures, ranging from a toasty 105 degrees Fahrenheit (around 40.6°C) down to a brisk 65-degree (around 18.3°C) cold pool, there’s something for everyone at Yellowstone Springs. And don’t worry about the water getting stale, there’s a constant flow to keep things fresh.

Now, here’s the catch — it can get pretty crowded due to its proximity to Yellowstone National Park. But don’t let that stop you from swinging by for some post-exploration relaxation, even if you only have a short window of time. Just keep in mind they’re closed on Mondays.

But wait, there’s more! These pools are open year-round and they’ve got showers, changing rooms, and even picnic tables on-site. Plus, if you’re planning to spend a few days exploring Yellowstone, you’ll be pleased to know that there are options for camping as well as booking hotel rooms nearby. Talk about convenience!

9. Lost Trail Hot Springs

A steaming indoor swimming pool in Lost Trail Hot Springs in Fairmont, Montana
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Fairmont, MT10 miles (approx. 16 km) from AnacondaMultiple hot spring pools, golf course, accommodations

Lost Trail Hot Springs is a hidden gem just over an hour south of Missoula, MT, nestled in the Bitterroot National Forest. The secluded getaway offers a large pool fed by local hot springs, open year-round without the use of chemicals, with temperatures ranging from 95°F (35°C) in summer to 105°F (around 40.6°C) in winter. There’s also a dry sauna and hot tub to relax in.

During the summer season, the hot springs are available for visitors from Thursday to Sunday, while after Labor Day, they’re open from Friday to Sunday. This makes it an ideal destination for a relaxing stopover following a day of skiing at Lost Trail Ski Area.

Accommodation and camping options are available, making it an ideal weekend destination or a convenient stopover between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. Keep in mind that the restaurant is currently closed, so it’s best to pack a picnic for dining purposes.

With its laid-back atmosphere, Lost Trail Hot Springs is suitable for all ages, and visitors are encouraged to bring floaties for children and enjoy a scenic drive through Montana’s backcountry. It’s a place where you can truly unwind and enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature.

10. Upper Potosi Hot Springs

A hot tub with a wooden deck amid trees and mountains in Upper Potosi Hot Springs in Montana

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Potosi, MT20 miles (approx. 32 km) from ButteNatural hot springs pool

While you’re soaking up all that warm, 99-degree bliss, you’ll notice that, unlike other hot springs in Montana, Upper Potosi isn’t situated alongside a river. That’s not a downside, though — it allows you to focus entirely on the quiet hum of nature and the subtle symphony of a bubbling pool.

When it comes to amenities, simplicity is the name of the game. Upper Potosi offers a charming picnic area — think old-school family outing with a toasty twist — and a nearby campground.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can bring your tent and sleeping bag for a true under-the-stars experience. And get this: it’s open year-round, so even when the snow blankets the ground, you can still enjoy its warm embrace.

Upper Potosi Hot Springs is truly an authentic Montana experience. It’s a place where you can disconnect from the modern world and connect with the unfiltered wonders of nature.

11. Bozeman Hot Springs

Guests enjoy the steaming hot pool at Bozeman Hot Springs
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Bozeman, MTIn the cityMultiple hot spring pools, fitness center

Bozeman Hot Springs is Montana’s version of an urban oasis. It’s right off I-90, so it’s perfect if you’re passing through or calling Bozeman home for a little while. Here’s why Bozeman Hot Springs is a standout:

  • Well-Maintained and Versatile – Compared to some of the wilderness hot springs, Bozeman Hot Springs is immaculately kept. You’ll find fire pits, lounge chairs, and even a fully-kitted fitness center.
  • A Plethora of Pools – With 12 pools at different temperatures, it’s a playground for the relaxation seeker and the achy traveler alike.
  • On-Site Entertainment – Live music on Thursdays and Saturdays is a fantastic bonus! Check their event calendar if you want to catch some home-grown talent.
  • Beat the Weekend Crowds – Yes, weekends here can get lively. But if that’s not your vibe, spend the night camping on-site (if it’s available, so call ahead).
  • Not Just a Soak – It’s often been said that Bozeman Hot Springs is a quintessential Bozeman experience. After giving it a try, I couldn’t agree more.
  • Airbnb Exploration – Complement your visit with a stay at a local Airbnb. Talk about a perfect weekend combo!

Keep an eye on their events page – you might catch a performance that’s just your jam. And don’t forget to check out the other gems that Bozeman has to offer. Notably, the vibrant downtown is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

12. Lolo Hot Springs

Lolo Hot Springs in Montana as seen during wintertime
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Lolo, MT25 miles (approx. 40 km) from MissoulaNatural hot springs pool, RV sites, camping

Located just forty-five minutes west of Missoula on Highway 12, Lolo Hot Springs is the ultimate Montana adventure destination.

From hot spring soaking to camping, resort accommodations, disc golf, swimming, snowmobiling, and on-site bar and restaurant facilities, this place has it all. And if that’s not enough, nearby activities include hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

But let’s talk about the main attraction which is the outdoor pool. Maintained at a comfortable temperature depending on the season, it’s the perfect spot at Lolo Springs to spend a full day or relieve soreness after a day of outdoor activities.

Lolo Hot Springs offers something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or an action-packed adventure.

13. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs and Resort

A large indoor swimming pool with lounge chairs in Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs and Resort.
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Saco, MT50 miles (approx. 80 km) from MaltaIndoor/outdoor hot springs pools, accommodations

During my recent visit to Montana, I discovered the newly renovated Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs. This hidden treasure boasts excellent facilities such as a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, cold plunge pool, and sauna. The water, sourced from a 3,200-foot-deep artesian well, is a warm 108°F (around 42.2°C) and rich in beneficial minerals.

Accommodation choices range from tent and RV sites to upscale cabin rentals. Booking can be done online or by contacting them directly for inquiries. Located at 669 Buffalo Trail, Saco, MT, finding them is convenient.

Admission rates vary for seniors, adults, and children, offering reasonable pricing options. Here’s the pricing rundown for our entry – quite a steal, if you ask me:

  • Senior – $8.50
  • Adult – $9.50
  • Kids 5-11 – $8.50
  • Kids 0-4 – $5.00

Concerned about operating hours? Fear not – they’ve got you covered. Here are their operating hours:

Fall and Winter Hours:

  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday – 10 am – 8 pm
  • Friday and Saturday – 10 am – 9 pm

Spring and Summer Hours:

  • Seven days a week – 10 am – 9 pm

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs offers more than just soaking in hot springs. Nearby attractions include ice fishing, regular fishing, and the captivating Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta.

It’s the type of hot springs destination where you might encounter both multi-generational families from neighboring counties and solo travelers seeking some much-needed personal relaxation.

14. Broadwater Hot Springs

Hot spring pools decorated with large rocks at Broadwater Hot Springs in Montana
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Helena, MTIn the cityIndoor hot springs pool, spa services, fitness center

Located in Helena, MT, Broadwater Hot Springs is a hidden gem, perfect for a post-exploration stop or as a standalone destination. With two pools — one for soaking in mineral water and the other for recreation — it caters to all preferences. However, floats and splashing are off-limits in the soaking pool to maintain a serene atmosphere.

Conveniently, nearby hotels around Carroll College and the downtown area provide easy access to the hot springs, just a 10-minute drive away. On-site amenities such as a bar and grille, fitness facility, and daycare services make it a versatile option for both relaxation and physical activity.

Broadwater Hot Springs caters to both couples seeking a peaceful soak and families with children, providing options for relaxation or family-friendly activities. It’s a versatile destination suitable for anyone looking to unwind or enjoy a day out with loved ones.

15. Quinn’s Hot Springs

An aerial view of Quinn’s Hot Springs amid Montana's snowy landscape
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Paradise, MT30 miles (approx. 48 km) from St. RegisMultiple hot spring pools, accommodations, dining

When you’re looking for tranquility and natural beauty, you’ve got to get yourselves to Quinn’s Hot Springs. It’s no overstatement that in this Montana village named Paradise, you’re bound to feel like you’ve found your bliss.

  • Why Choose Quinn’s – Quinn’s isn’t your commercialized ‘hot spot’. It’s more like your slip-on slippers, wrap-in-robes kind of place. Delve into its multiple hot pools, each a little warmer than the other (they progressively ease you into the heat, how considerate). And if you need a break from the warm, there’s even a river-water-cold pool to cool off.
  • Couples-Approved – For weekend getaways, Quinn’s is almost custom-built for romance. The bar, quaint motel rooms, and rustic yet adorable cabins all play into that low-key vibe.
  • Know Your Soak – The hot pools at Quinn’s are regulated with salt and range from 60 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Want to incorporate a little exercise into your relaxation? There are also two swimming pools.

Here’s a quick rundown of Quinn’s Hot Springs’s Pools:

Number of PoolsPool TemperaturesSuitable For
5 Hot Pools60 to 106°F (around 15.6 to 41.1°C)All Ages
2 Swimming PoolsAround 90°F (around 32.2°C)All Ages
1 Cold PoolRiver-Water ColdAll Ages (for cooling)

Quinn’s seems more about natural beauty than pampering, so you won’t find extravagant spa treatments here. And just so you know, there are adult-only hours from 7 am to 8 am and 10 am to 11 pm, but families are welcome to frolic at all other times.

To fully enjoy a day of soaking, consider booking a room (or a cabin for an added touch of enchantment) at Quinn’s and pair it with a relaxing massage to feel rejuvenated.

Quinn’s Hot Springs encapsulates the heart and soul of Montana’s geothermal wonders: unapologetically natural, immersive, and completely mesmerizing. Just one taste and you’ll find yourself plotting your next return. So go on, dip into Paradise, and experience Quinn’s.

16. Nimrod Warm Springs

A group of people enjoy a relaxing swim in Nimrod Warm Springs amid Montana's natural landscape.

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Near Wise River, MT50 miles (approx. 80 km) from DillonNatural warm springs pool

You should never miss visiting Nimrod Springs, a hidden gem near Missoula, offering a natural and warm oasis with temperatures hovering around 70°F (around 21.1°C), perfect for a summer escape.

Dive into the unique allure of Nimrod Springs, where an underwater cave awaits daring adventurers, accessible by swimming under a rugged rock face—though be warned, it’s considered risky and not recommended for the faint-hearted.

Conveniently nestled alongside Highway 90, Nimrod Springs attracts passersby during the summer months, providing a quick retreat, albeit not quite a wilderness experience.

To uncover this natural wonder, take the exit onto the Drummond Frontage Road from I-90, following distinctive landmarks that lead to Nimrod Springs. This hot spring also offers free access 24/7, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its rejuvenating waters before embarking on nearby adventures.

You can also explore Missoula’s vibrant culture, reel in a catch while fishing, carve through fresh powder at Snowbowl, hike scenic trails, tackle mountain biking routes, or navigate thrilling rapids while rafting or kayaking. There’s something for everyone at Nimrod Springs and beyond.

17. Elkhorn Hot Spring

A person enjoys a solitary dip in the steaming pool, surrounded by a wooden fence, at Elkhorn Hot Springs in Montana.
source: facebook.com

LocationDistance From Nearest Known City/AttractionAmenities
Polaris, MT15 miles (approx. 24 km) from Wise RiverNatural hot springs pool, rustic cabins

During a recent trip, I had the delightful experience of exploring Elkhorn Hot Springs, a resort located year-round in the tranquil Polaris, Montana, nestled within the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. The resort boasts various facilities, including two outdoor hot mineral pools, a Grecian sauna, as well as dining and bar options.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be thrilled with the nearby recreational activities, such as hiking, snowmobiling, and skiing at Maverick Mountain. As for accommodations, the resort offers rustic cabins and lodge rooms, catering to different group sizes.

The cabins are equipped with mini-fridges, propane heating, and wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, and all guests can enjoy a hot buffet-style breakfast every morning and unlimited soaking in the hot springs during their stay.

A unique aspect of Elkhorn Hot Spring is their clothing-required policy, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience for all visitors. The hot springs are accessible to both day visitors and overnight guests at the resort.

While the resort is accessible year-round, it’s recommended to call ahead during heavy snowfall to ensure road clearance. Polaris, MT, is the nearest town, with Dillon, MT, being the nearest larger town. With so much to offer, Elkhorn Hot Springs is an ideal destination for a rejuvenating retreat in the heart of nature.

Montana Hot Springs Final Thoughts

A small cliff overlooking a river that leads to a popular hot spring in Montana is barricaded to help prevent accidental falls.

As you explore Montana’s hot springs, you’ll discover a tapestry of natural wonders, each offering a unique blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and adventure.

From the rustic charm of secluded springs to the historic ambiance of renowned destinations like Symes Hot Springs, Montana’s hot springs cater to every traveler’s taste, promising a memorable experience.

Whether you find yourself surrounded by majestic mountains or nestled within the cozy charm of small towns. Each hot spring invites you to soak in the state’s natural beauty and create cherished memories.

Beyond the soothing waters, Montana’s hot springs offer a wealth of experiences, from tranquil wellness retreats to lively family-friendly atmospheres. There’s truly something for every visitor to enjoy and savor.

They serve as gateways to relaxation, adventure, and the unparalleled beauty of Big Sky Country. Whether you seek the simplicity of undeveloped springs or the indulgence of luxurious resorts, you’re sure to find your slice of paradise.

So, why not embark on a journey to explore Montana’s hot springs and immerse yourself in the splendor of this breathtaking landscape? It’s time to uncover the wonders that await and let the magic of Big Sky Country captivate your soul.

Montana Hot Springs FAQs

1. Can You Swim in Hot Springs in Montana?

Yes, you can swim in hot springs in Montana. Many hot springs in the state offer pools specifically designed for soaking and swimming, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the natural mineral-rich waters while taking a leisurely swim. Some hot springs resorts in Montana offer a range of recreational activities, including swimming, making them ideal destinations for water enthusiasts.

2. How Many Natural Hot Springs Are There in Montana?

There are 61 known hot springs in Montana, with many more just a short drive over the border in Wyoming and Idaho. These hot springs range from developed resorts to primitive springs throughout the state and the region

3. Which Town in Montana Is Famous for Its Hot Springs?

The town of Hot Springs, Montana, is renowned for its hot springs, which are a central feature of the community.

Located in Sanders County, Hot Springs is named for the natural thermal springs that have attracted visitors for centuries seeking their healing properties. The town offers various hot springs resorts and facilities, making it a popular destination for relaxation and wellness enthusiasts.

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