Electric City Waterpark: A First-Timer’s Guide

Ever found yourself daydreaming of cooling off under the blaze of a sizzling summer sun? What if I told you there’s an oasis right under the electric Montana skyline to jump-start your water-filled fantasies?

I remember my first time at this sparkling amphitheater of fun, and I’ve got juicy stories to share about the exhilarating rides and relaxing cabanas.

This is your ultimate guide to navigating the Electric City Waterpark, helping you find your way amid its watery labyrinth, as well as providing handy tips to ensure you have an unforgettable – and most importantly, safe – experience.

A riveting journey through the park’s top highlights, must-try activities, and concessions awaits you. Continue reading, and let’s dive in together!

7 Key Takeaways on Electric City Waterpark

  1. Waterpark in Great Falls, Montana, is the state’s largest and most enthralling water park, offering something for every family member, from exhilarating slides to relaxing lazy rivers.
  2. To make the most of your visit, pack essentials such as swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, and water shoes, and plan your day by arriving early, staying hydrated, and securing a good spot.
  3. Safety is paramount, so be vigilant with young visitors, follow height and health regulations, respect others, and have emergency communication plans in place.
  4. Unmissable attractions within Electric City Waterpark include the RipTide Slide, Lazy River, Power Tower Plunge, and different pools suited for all ages.
  5. Electric City Waterpark has a range of ticket options, including general admission, special discounts for frequent visitors, and separate fees for unique experiences like lap swimming.
  6. Montana also offers a variety of other water parks for exploration, from indoor options like The Reef in Billings to unique experiences like Big Sky Water Park in Columbia Falls.
  7. Finally, this water-based entertainment in Montana, including Electric City Waterpark, is designed to be inclusive, engaging, and a key part of creating family memories under the Big Sky.

Electric City Waterpark

Colorful, multi-level waterslides in Montana's Electric City Waterpark

Looking to dive into a blast of cool fun around Great Falls? Welcome to the Electric City Waterpark, where you can beat the heat and soak up the sun simultaneously.

It’s a family-friendly haven filled with thrilling slides, lazy rivers, and sprinkle-soaked splash pads. Let’s plunge into everything you need to know for a splashing good time!

Location and Directions

As you gear up for an electrifying day at Electric City Waterpark in Great Falls, Montana, it’s comforting to know that reaching the water wonderland is a breeze. This sun-soaked hotspot is nestled in the heart of Great Falls, offering locals and tourists alike an easy path to aquatic adventure.

If your journey brings you off iconic Interstate-15, there’s a near-effortless transition. Once you hit the Central Avenue Exit, you’re practically waving at your floatie when you make a right turn onto River Drive.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to guide you:

  • Northbound on I-15 – Take the Central Avenue Exit. Then turn right onto River Drive. Make an immediate left for Wt.
  • Southbound on I-15 – Follow the Central Avenue Exit signs to merge onto 10th Avenue South. Make a left onto River Drive. Turn left again to revel in watery delights.

Features and Amenities

A family rides inflatable circular pool floats at Montana's Electric City Waterpark.

When I first walked into Electric City Waterpark, I felt like a kid set loose in a giant aquatic candy store. There’s something for everyone, I kid you not – whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a laid-back lounger, or a parent with kids to entertain.

  • RipTide Slide –  You’ve been on slides, but have you dared to plunge the RipTide? This thriller is tailor-made for the brave souls. It’s a rush like no other as you twist and turn down the giant, tubular slide.
  • Lazy River – If you’re more into a relaxed and bask kind of day, the Lazy River is your jam. Drift along this gently flowing river on an inner tube, and you’ll forget your weekday stress in an instant.
  • Power Tower Plunge – Are you ready for a drop that’ll steal your breath away? Launch off the 20-foot-high Power Tower for an exhilarating dive. Warning: heart palpitations are a real possibility.
  • Swimming Pool – The pièce de résistance has to be the colossal heated outdoor swimming pool. Word on the street (or the Lazy River) is that it’s the largest in the whole state. The deep and shallow ends make it a haven for swimmers of all ages.
  • Squirt Zone – If you’ve got little ones in tow, the Squirt Zone is where the fun’s at. It’s a water play area designed specifically for the tiny tots to let their imaginations and waterworks run wild.
  • Kersplash Climbing Wall – I even spotted the Kersplash Climbing Wall, providing a good dose of dry fun amidst all the wet. Its varying handholds make it an engaging challenge, even for seasoned climbers.

And that’s just the beginning. The park goes beyond mere water slides and pools, featuring:

  • Mitchell Pool – Designed for some good old-fashioned family fun.
  • Little Squirts Soak Zone – For the tiniest of tots to have a splash.
  • Large Grassy Areas, Shade Trees, and a Party Deck –  Because sometimes we all need a siesta or a family picnic.
  • Concessions – With everything from icy treats to gourmet snacks and refreshing beverages.

From the RipTide Slide to the Squirt Zone, these are just some of the attractions designed to keep you entertained and cool – literally and figuratively – during your visit.

Also, a reminder to keep an eye out for any special events or promotions. Who knows, your visit might be timed perfectly to enjoy a DJ party at their swanky party deck.

Ticket Prices

So you’ve got your swimming trunks or your cute one-piece ready, but let’s talk brass tacks. How much are you going to shell out cash-wise at the Electric City Waterpark?

Ticket TypePrice (Adults)Price (Youth 3-17)
General Admission$20
10-Time Pass$140$90
30-Time Pass$270$180
Flat Fee$8$5
Season Admission$9$6
Children 2 and underFree with paying adult

Pricing aside, a day at the waterpark can be perfectly delightful. It typically opens in early June and lasts through Labor Day, daily from noon until 6 p.m.

The park is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. But hold the phone, or should I say, hold the floaties. If you’re not into waterslides, there’s also lap swimming and water walking sessions. Understanding currents beyond the ticket counter, right?

Whether you’re coming for a leisurely float or adult lap swim (the waterpark caters to all aquatic tastes), understanding the pricing and additional activities can help you plan a ‘splashtacular’ day!

Other Waterparks in Montana

If you think Electric City Water Park is the only oasis for aquatic fun in Montana, think again. Montana may be better known for its mountain landscapes, but it’s got some seriously cool waterparks that are an essential part of the summer experience. Here are some others you might want to consider visiting:

The Reef Indoor Water ParkBillingsLargest indoor water park in Montana with six waterslides, a wave pool, a play structure, and a 55,000-gallon wave pool.
Big Sky Water ParkColumbia FallsMontana’s largest outdoor water park offers 10 slides, a whirlpool, mini-golf, an arcade, and bumper cars.
Splash MontanaMissoulaLocated in Playfair Park, features three three-story waterslides, a swimmer-friendly zero-depth entry, spray features, and a kiddie pool.
Woodland Water ParkKalispellIn Woodland Park, Kalispell, this park includes a 6-lane lap pool, a lazy river, two water slides, and a zero-depth entry activity pool for younger children.
Ridge Waters Water ParkButtePositioned in Stodden Park, Butte, it boasts Montana’s longest lazy river and various other amenities.
Electric City Water ParkGreat FallsOffers attractions like the RipTide Slide, Lazy River, Power Tower Plunge, swimming pool, Squirt Zone children’s water play area, and Kersplash Climbing Wall.
Oasis Water ParkBillingsOasis Water Park provides a diverse range of attractions and facilities for families and individuals seeking water-based entertainment and relaxation.

This state’s not just the Big Sky Country; it’s also Big Splash Country. So while you’re planning your Montana vacation, why not sprinkle in a few of these water parks to keep the excitement bursting?

Electric City Waterpark Final Thoughts

A person makes a big splash into the pool after riding a tall water slide at Montana's Electric City Waterpark.

Electric City Water Park in Great Falls, Montana, is a vibrant aquatic oasis conveniently located at 100 River Drive South. This go-to destination caters to families and individuals, boasting a thrilling mix of attractions, including slides, a Lazy River, a Power Tower Plunge, and a Kersplash Climbing Wall, showcasing a commitment to diverse and engaging experiences.

Proudly dedicated to diverse entertainment, the park offers various ticketing options to accommodate different preferences and schedules. Specific attractions like the RipTide Slide and Squirt Zone emphasize inclusivity for all age groups.

Enhancing the overall experience, the park provides amenities like concessions, dressing rooms, and spacious grassy areas. Going beyond standard features, Electric City Water Park offers extended offerings such as lap swimming and water walking sessions, ensuring enjoyment for everyone.

Montana’s commitment to water-based entertainment is further highlighted through a network of water parks, including The Reef, Big Sky Water Park, Splash Montana, Woodland Water Park, and Ridge Waters Water Park.

Electric City Water Park stands as a testament to Montana’s dedication, with its strategic location, diverse attractions, ticketing options, and inclusive atmosphere. Whether a local or visitor, the park promises an unforgettable aquatic adventure in the heart of Montana.

Electric City Waterpark FAQs

1. What Is the Most Famous Waterpark in Montana?

The most famous water park in Montana is Big Sky Waterpark, located in Columbia Falls. Celebrated as Montana’s largest water park, it offers a variety of attractions including monster waterslides like the Shredder Xtreme, the Big Splash River Ride, and the Geronimo Speed Slide.

2. Is Electric City Waterpark Indoor?

No, the Electric City Water Park is not an indoor water park. It is a municipal water park operated by the City of Great Falls, Montana, and offers a variety of outdoor water attractions to beat the heat, including water slides and a not-so-lazy river.

3. What Time Does Electric City Waterpark Close?

The Electric City Water Park in Great Falls, Montana, typically closes at 6:00 pm. The water park is open daily from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

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