How to Navigate Last Chance Splash Waterpark Like a Local

Are you itching to discover the perfect summer paradise in the heart of Montana? We’re diving into an introduction you won’t want to miss, highlighting the exhilarating Last Chance Splash Waterpark in Helena.

Now, before you tread water, let me clue you in on why Last Chance Splash is much more than your typical water park. Whether you’re a local frequent visitor or a family on a summer vacation eager for a unique splash experience, Last Chance Splash offers something for everyone.

We’ll unlock the treasure trove of features that await! You’ll also find tantalizing information about other Montana water parks that usher in a new summer every year. So, why are you still just sitting there? More water adventures in Montana are waiting to be explored!

7 Key Takeaways on Last Chance Splash Waterpark

  1. Last Chance Splash Waterpark is a top pick in Helena, Montana, offering a clean and safe aquatic experience for all ages, with features like a 50-meter pool, water slides, and water aerobics.
  2. The park caters to families, with plenty of kid-friendly options and amenities such as changing rooms and concession stands.
  3. Conveniently located near city parks, Last Chance Splash is easily accessible from major highways.
  4. Diverse activities like fitness classes and swimming lessons are offered alongside traditional water park attractions.
  5. Opening around June 21 with flexible hours, the park provides wallet-friendly, all-day fun for around $4.50 for adults.
  6. For those interested in other water parks across Montana, options like Big Sky Water Park in Columbia Falls and Electric City Water Park in Great Falls are highlighted.
  7. Last Chance Splash is more than an aquatic paradise; it’s a community hub fostering enjoyment, fitness, and meaningful connections.

Last Chance Splash Waterpark: What to Know

A boy is sliding down a water slide at the Last Chance Splash Waterpark.

I can personally vouch for the place being awesome. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this water world.

  • Cleanliness & Safety – You’re not just leaping into water; you’re jumping into cleanliness. The 50-meter pool is heated and the water park is well maintained, often equipped with vigilant lifeguards to ensure a water-safe environment. Opening around June 21, it’s the place to be if you want to make a splashing summer entrance.
  • The Splash Spread – From twisting water slides to a relaxed game of poolside polo, options are plentiful. There are even water aerobics and swimming lessons for all ages. It’s like a smorgasbord of aqua-activities; even backstrokes are on the menu!
  • Kid’s Approval – The water slides at Last Chance are a hit with the kiddos. The park caters to pint-sized water enthusiasts, making it the perfect local stop-off on scorching summer days. And don’t worry, parents; the family-friendly environment means you can sit back and relax while the kids have a blast.
  • Location & Accessibility – Situated adjacent to two fabulous city parks, Last Chance Splash is like water fun with a green neighborhood. Just a hop off I-15 or via the Cedar Street Exit or Highway 12 from Missoula to Last Chance Gulch – it’s super easy to find.
  • Season-Long Fun – For the regulars, handing over a bit of cash upfront for a frequent visitor pass is a nifty idea. Due to the somewhat limited outdoor swimming spots available in Helena, Last Chance Splash is like the star attraction that you invest in for those sun-soaked days.

Whether you’re a serious swimmer or just a kid at heart, Last Chance Splash has something for everyone – and not forgetting, folks, a concession stand for those inevitable waterpark munchies.

And hey, with Helena’s weather turning up the heat, a trip to Last Chance Splash is practically a Helena rite of passage. So grab your bathing suit, and let’s make a splash — literally!

Main Features and Attractions

Guests at Montana's Last Chance Splash Waterpark relax and enjoy in their large pool

When I roam through Last Chance Splash Waterpark, there are spots for every stripe of thrill-seeker and leisure-lover. Here’s what you can expect in this watery wonderland:

  • 50-meter Lap Pool – With its picture-perfect 82-degree temperature, it feels like a giant bathtub, except it’s packed with adventure. Wander over and you’ll find deep ends, two diving boards, and two heart-pounding water slides.
  • Dive Deeper – Meandering through the park, you hit a relaxing lazy river, splash pads tailored for the tiniest patrons, and a diving well for the pros.
  • Onsite Bath – House and Changing Rooms – Clean, well-maintained, and convenient, the bathhouse is a welcome break from the action.
  • Small Kid Features – From the delightfully shallow zero-depth pool to a mini water slide suitable for even the smallest of thrill-seekers, kids have their own space here, giving the grown-ups some much-needed solace.
  • Food and Bev – The scent of freshly popped corn and cotton candy lures you to the concession stands. No need to pack a lunch as they’ve got it all, from healthy snacks to satisfying treats.
  • Lifeguard on Duty – Parents can lounge by the lap pool and know that lifeguards are on high alert.
  • What’s In Store for Teens – Teens gravitate to the high-energy zones – the diving boards, water slides, and deeper areas that offer the excitement they seek.
  • Friendly Staff – Multiple visitors, myself included, rave about the warmth and readiness to help displayed by lifeguards and front desk staff. Whether it’s sharing safety tips or guiding you to your next slide, their friendly demeanor makes the park feel like a home away from home.

From those high-flying moments to serene interludes, and every splash in between, Last Chance Splash Waterpark delivers an unforgettable aquatic experience that’s as much about relaxation as it is about excitement.

Other Activities

A group of older guests participate in aerobics at one of Last Chance Splash Waterpark's outdoor pools

When you’re all watered out and need a break from the slides, Last Chance Splash won’t leave you high and dry in what they’ve charmingly titled “dryland.” 

Flex the fun way! From Monday to Friday, the Last Chance Splash pool hosts fitness sessions designed to suit everyone’s summer schedules – one at noon (12:00 pm – 12:45 pm) and the other in the earlier evening (5:30 – 6:15 pm).

Here, you can train amid the chlorine-scented air while enjoying scenic views of the surrounding park. Trust me, you’ve never lifted a dumbbell with a better backdrop. No prior registration is required, just show up in your brightest swimwear

The park also offers Coached Lap Swimming, Water Aerobics, Water Walking, Water Polo, Parent & Child Aquatics, and Preschool and Learn to Swim Classes. Dive into the experience with Diving Lessons, Adult Classes, and specials like Swim League and Swim Clinics focusing on breaststroke and butterfly strokes.

So why not plan out a day of it? Start with an invigorating lap swim, try your hand at a few water polo shots, and then wind down with a relaxing water aerobics class as the sun starts to set.

There’s much on offer that makes Last Chance Splash a comprehensive summer health regime under one big, playful umbrella.

Hours and Fees at the Park

If you’re planning a day packed with aquatic fun at the Last Chance Splash Waterpark, here’s your handy intel on the park’s opening times and what it might cost you to make a splash.

Park Operation Hours:

  • Weekdays: Open from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Saturdays & Sundays: Open from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Standard Entry Fees:

  • Adults: Around $4.50
  • Seniors (Age 65+): Approximately $3.50

Plan your visit right and you’re all set to scribble a fantastic water park experience into your Montana travel diary. For more details, you can visit their page at Helena’s official website.

Other Waterparks in Montana

While Last Chance Splash Waterpark is a gem in Montana’s water-based entertainment crown, I’ve got great news: there are other fantastic watery oases dotted across this sprawling state that cater to every aquatic whim. Take a look:

Water Park NameLocationFeatures and AttractionsTarget Audience
The Reef Indoor Water Park BillingsSix water slides, a 55,000-gallon wave pool, play structureFamilies and individuals seeking year-round water-based entertainment in Billings
Big Sky Water Park Columbia FallsTen slides, whirlpool, mini-golf, arcade, bumper carsVisitors looking for an extensive outdoor water park experience surrounded by natural beauty in Columbia Falls
Splash Montana MissoulaThree three-story water slides, zero-depth entry pool, spray features, kiddie poolFamilies and water enthusiasts seeking invigorating summer enjoyment in Missoula
Woodland Water Park Kalispell6-lane lap pool, lazy river, two water slides, zero-depth entry activity poolFamily-friendly environment catering to both water play and relaxation in Kalispell
Ridge Waters Water ParkButteMontana’s longest lazy river, diverse amenitiesVisitors seeking a day of aquatic enjoyment in Butte
Electric City Water ParkGreat FallsRipTide Slide, Lazy River, Power Tower Plunge, swimming pool, Squirt Zone, Kersplash Climbing WallAppeals to a broad audience with a diverse array of water-based activities in Great Falls
Oasis Water ParkBillingsHas a diverse array of attractionsFamilies and individuals seeking varied water-based entertainment and relaxation in Billings

Each water park brings its unique blend of slides, pools, and additional amenities to the table. You can go from riding Montana’s longest lazy river in Ridge Waters to trying out the RipTide Slide at Great Falls’s Electric City Waterpark.

You choose; these waterparks are the perfect pick for a week’s worth of fun under the sun — or even under the stars in the case of indoor parks. So make the best of a Montana summer and dive into the diverse delights these parks have to offer.

Last Chance Splash Waterpark Final Thoughts

A girl throws her hands up in excitement as she slides down a blue water slide at Last Chance Splash Waterpark.

Last Chance Splash Waterpark in Helena is a refreshing oasis, drawing locals and visitors to its meticulously maintained 50-meter pool and diverse outdoor water park. Conveniently located near two city parks and easily accessible from major highways, this local hotspot opens around June 21st, offering a commitment to cleanliness and safety with vigilant lifeguards.

Featuring thrilling water slides, a gentle lazy river, and various age-specific pools, Last Chance Splash is a family-friendly haven. Amenities like changing rooms, concession stands, and shaded areas enhance the welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond water fun, the park caters to diverse interests with fitness classes and swimming lessons for all ages. Positive visitor feedback underscores the friendly ambiance and helpful staff, creating an environment that goes beyond entertainment to genuine care.

Last Chance Splash isn’t just a place to cool off; it’s a community hub fostering enjoyment, fitness, and family bonding throughout the summer. Whether seeking excitement on water slides, a leisurely river float, or a relaxing spot, Last Chance Splash Waterpark promises a memorable experience for all.

Last Chance Splash Waterpark FAQs

1. Are There Waterparks Near Yellowstone National Park?

There are no theme parks or water parks near Yellowstone National Park. However, there are water parks in other parts of Montana, such as Ridge Waters in Butte, Electric City Water Park in Great Falls, and Oasis Waterpark in Billings.

2. Are Waterparks in Montana Open During Winter?

Most water parks in Montana are open only during the summer due to the outdoor nature of their facilities. Last Chance Splash Waterpark & Pool in Helena, Montana, is generally open during the summer months only, with the season typically starting around June 21st.

3. What Is the Largest Waterpark in Montana?

The largest waterpark in Montana is Big Sky Water Park, which offers a variety of attractions, including ten water slides, a whirlpool, and a kiddie pool.

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