Discover Rockwell Falls: A Guide for Nature Lovers

Rockwell Falls in Montana features two stunning waterfalls, each about 30 to 40 feet high. Located in Glacier National Park, the falls are part of a beautiful 6.6-mile round-trip hike. This trail takes you through different scenes, including pine forests and open meadows. You can see the lower falls right from the main path.

For those who like adventure, you can see more by following the climber’s trail to the upper falls. This path takes you to a footbridge where you can view all the falls. From there, you can also notice how the water flow changes with the seasons, especially in places like Glacier National Park.

Visit Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park to enjoy a beautiful waterfall and an easy hike. It’s a great place for nature fans and photographers to relax and see lovely views.

6 Key Takeaways on Rockwell Falls

  1. Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park has two wonderful waterfalls, each between 30 and 40 feet high.
  2. Summer is the best time to see the falls, as the melting snow makes them powerful.
  3. The trail to Rockwell Falls is a 6.6-mile round trip from Two Medicine Lake, going through thick forests and open meadows, which are great for seeing animals.
  4. On the way to the falls, you’ll see beaver ponds and Aster Falls, cross a suspension bridge, and can choose to walk further to Cobalt Lake.
  5. You can take a boat from Two Medicine Lake’s dock to get to the trail faster.
  6. Drive from East Glacier Park or St. Mary to the trailhead for a scenic route that goes through the entrance of Glacier National Park.

About Rockwell Falls

Location CoordinatesHeightNearby AttractionLocation
48.45303° N, -113.40341 ° W30 to 40 feet (9.1 to 12.19 meters)Two Medicine Lake, Appistoki Creek, and Aster Park OverlookGlacier National Park, Montan

Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park is a secret gem. It has two sets of falls, each about 30 to 40 feet high. The first waterfall you see is very striking. The second one is hidden and not as easy to see from where most people stand.

If you’re up for an adventure, a trail for climbers takes you closer to the main part of Rockwell Falls. Nature has a small surprise along the way, letting you see most or all of the upper falls before you reach the footbridge.

The water at Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park changes a lot with the seasons. From June to September, when snow melts, the water levels are highest. This is the best time to visit for impressive views.

The hike to the falls is an easy 6.6-mile round trip. It goes through pine forests, by the lake, and over meadows. This path quickly shows you the beauty of Glacier National Park, especially the Two Medicine area, where the falls are.

As an extra, you can take a quick side trip to Aster Falls on the Two Medicine Pass trail when you return from Rockwell Falls. It’s a calm spot, perfect for a short break before you keep exploring this lovely natural area.

Hiking to Rockwell Falls

Rockwell Waterfall tumbles into a pool amid a peaceful Montana forest

The hike to Rockwell Falls begins at the South Shore Trailhead by Two Medicine Lake. It’s not just about getting to the falls. It’s also about the wonderful sights along the way. The path goes through forests, ponds, and meadows, all with mountain views that will make you pause and look.

Here are some landmarks you’ll come across on your hike:

LandmarkDistance Along the Trail
South Shore TrailheadStarting point
Beaver Ponds0.5 miles
Aster Creek1 mile
Suspension Bridge over Paradise CreekAround 2.3 miles
Trail Junction2.6 miles
Never Laughs Mountain3.5 miles

Hiking to Rockwell Falls takes you past each of these beautiful spots on the trail. Only half a mile in, you’ll find some small beaver ponds. Continue walking, and you’ll reach Aster Creek about a mile from the start. There’s even a side trail that takes you to Aster Falls.

At around 2.3 miles, you’ll come to a suspension bridge over Paradise Creek. It’s an exciting part of the hike. A little further, at about 2.6 miles, you’ll find a trail junction. Turn left there to go towards Rockwell Falls.

At about 3.5 miles in, you’ll walk through two old avalanche areas, with Never Laughs Mountain watching over you. Next, you’ll cross a footbridge and turn right to head towards the gorgeous waterfall.

You can hike further from the falls to reach the top or continue to Cobalt Lake. If you want to see something different, you can take a boat from the lake to another trailhead, adding variety to your adventure.

This day hike lets you see some of Montana’s best views. The beauty of the falls makes the trip worthwhile. Always take extra care around water.

Drive to the Trailhead

Two Medicine Road, flanked by dense green forests under a soft, early morning light, leads to a rugged mountain in Montana.

Starting from East Glacier Park, your drive to Rockwell Falls begins by taking Hwy 49 into Glacier National Park via the Two Medicine entrance. If you’re coming from St. Mary, drive south on Highway 89, then turn right (west) onto Kiowa Loop, Highway 49, or Looking Glass Road.

Traveling down the Two Medicine entrance road, you’ll see some of Montana’s most beautiful landscapes. This road takes you to the Glacier National Park entrance station at Two Medicine. From there, continue driving into the heart of the park.

Your last part of the drive to the trailhead goes through the Two Medicine Camp Store parking lot, a good place to get ready for your hike to Rockwell Falls. This drive gives you a great view of the natural beauty that makes Montana and Glacier National Park famous.

Rockwell Falls Final Thoughts

Rockwell Falls cascades over a rugged cliff in Montana, surrounded by lush vegetation with sunlight creating a misty, quiet atmosphere.

Visiting Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park is a beautiful and easy journey. This 6.6-mile hike takes you through lovely forests and open meadows to the falls, which drop 30 to 40 feet. Along the way, you’ll see beaver ponds, cross Aster Creek, and walk over a suspension bridge on Paradise Creek.

The trail offers a great mix of calm and exciting moments and shows Montana’s wild scenery. It’s suitable for regular hikers and those who want a nice walk. The best time to go is from June to September when the paths are clear, and the water levels make the falls look their best.

You can also visit nearby Aster Falls or extend your hike to Cobalt Lake, making each trip different and special. This hike is not just a way to spend a day outdoors but a chance to feel connected to Montana’s natural beauty.

Rockwell Falls FAQs

1. Can I Bring My Dog to Rockwell Falls?

Pets are generally allowed on the trails in Glacier National Park but must be kept on a leash at all times.

2. How Long Is the Hike to Rockwell Falls?

The hike to Rockwell Falls is approximately 6.6 miles round trip, starting from the South Shore Trailhead at Two Medicine Lake. It typically takes about 4 hours to complete.

3. What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Rockwell Falls?

The best time to visit Rockwell Falls and Glacier National Park in general is during the summer months, from June to September.

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