Montana’s Redrock Falls: Tips for a Memorable Experience

Redrock Falls Glacier National Park is an underrated marvel in the vast wilderness. Named after the striking red rocks that surround its cascades, this scenic waterfall features rocks that are over a billion years old. It also contains fossils narrating ancient histories.

As we explore Redrock Falls, we will reveal its stunning beauty and dive into the history behind Glacier National Park. You’ll learn how the last ice age shaped the park’s landscape, providing the ideal backdrop for these red-hued cascades.

Why is a waterfall surrounded by red rocks significant? Redrock Falls is ideal for those who appreciate a mix of nature and history. If you like visiting falls, walking trails, or photographing red rocks, these falls have something for you.

4 Key Takeaways on Redrock Falls

  1. Redrock Falls in Glacier National Park gets its name from the ancient red rocks of the Grinnell Formation, over a billion years old.
  2. The Redrock Falls are a popular destination for hikers and climbers, set against iconic red rock formations and mountains.
  3. Beginning at the Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead, the 1.7-mile hike to Redrock Falls is family-friendly and takes you through a forest with plenty of shade. Along the way, you pass by places like Fishercap Lake, famous for its moose sightings.
  4. Visitors are encouraged to hike safely, particularly in areas with bears, and to follow sustainable tourism practices to help keep Redrock Falls pristine for future generations.

About Redrock Falls

Redrock waterfall rushes through a rocky landscape with dense pines under a cloudy sky

Location CoordinatesElevation GainNearby AttractionsLocation
48.7949° N
113.7110° W
285 feet (86.8 meters)Redrock Lake, Swiftcurrent Mountain, and Grinnell PointGlacier National Park, Montana

The name “Redrock Falls” comes from the striking red rocks in the Grinnell Formation. These rocks are over a billion years old. They are not only red but also hold historical treasures like fossils of worm burrows and algae.

Glacier National Park, shaped by ancient glaciers during the last ice age, is the ideal backdrop for Redrock Falls. The geological history of the park features valleys and peaks sculpted by glacial activity, shaping the current landscape.

What makes Redrock Falls so special?

  • Location and Scenery – Red rock formations such as Mount Grinnell and Swiftcurrent Mountain encircle the falls. The region is abundant in forests and trails that connect to other picturesque locations.
  • Visitor Experience – Visitors come to view the scenic waterfalls and distinctive red-colored rocks. It’s an ideal spot for hikers, offering trails that provide various perspectives and photo opportunities.
  • For the Adventurous – If you enjoy climbing and are looking for a memorable selfie spot, the Red Rocks are an excellent place to visit.

Redrock Falls is more than just a pretty place, it shows a piece of history with its old rocks and unique red color. It’s a must-visit for anyone interested in seeing Montana’s beautiful nature and learning about its fascinating past.

About Redrock Falls Trailhead

Woman with a backpack photographs a creek and mountains in a forested area in a trail going to Redrock Falls.

Trail TypeRoundtrip LengthTotal Elevation GainAvg. Student Gain / MileHighest ElevationTrail Difficulty Rating
Out-and-Back4.2 Miles285 Feet136 Feet5145 Feet4.77 (easy)

The journey to Redrock Falls starts at the Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead in Many Glacier, located at the far end of the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking lot, where Many Glacier Road ends.

As you start, the trail goes over Wilbur Creek, near the busy parking area. It’s a quiet moment before you enter the beauty of the park. About a third of a mile into your hike, you’ll see the trail leading to Fishercap Lake. 

Families with small children will appreciate the beach, perfect for picnicking. Be sure to watch closely in the mornings and evenings, as you might catch sight of a moose. 

The path to Redrock Falls is bordered by aspens that turn vibrant gold and orange during fall. It’s a 1.7-mile trek, mostly under the shade of the forest canopy.

But don’t worry, there are several spots along the trail where you can view the surrounding tall mountains. If you’re there during berry season, you can enjoy picking thimbleberries and huckleberries as a sweet treat.

Redrock Lake, located at the 1.7-mile mark, offers more than scenic views. It’s also where you’ll find the red rock formations responsible for the falls’ name. Further along, the trail splits into different paths.

Taking the left path will bring you to the lower falls, a stunning sight. If you’re interested in further exploration, a brief walk will reveal the upper falls, beautifully framed by Swiftcurrent Mountain in the background.

This hike is accessible to all, gentle, and without major climbs, making it ideal for families. For those keen on exploring further, Bullhead Lake is also within reach. Remember, you’re in bear country, so bring your bear spray along for the trek. Safety comes first, always.

Redrock Falls Final Thoughts

Redrock falls flows through rocky terrain under a cloudy sky, surrounded by dense green forest.

Redrock Falls in Montana truly showcases the beauty of nature. Its stunning landscapes and peaceful waters offer the perfect moment to reflect on this unique location’s remarkable qualities.

We’ve found that Redrock Falls is an ideal spot for those seeking peace and adventure in the wilderness. Its crystal-clear waters and the vivid natural surroundings create a picturesque setting for all visitors.

Our exploration has emphasized the need to preserve places like Redrock Falls. Promoting responsible tourism and caring for the environment ensures that future visitors can appreciate its unspoiled beauty.

Redrock Falls FAQs

1. Is Redrock Falls Accessible Year-Round?

Redrock Falls is usually open from late spring to early fall. The trail might be closed in winter because of snow and ice, which can make it too difficult to pass.

2. What Wildlife Can I Expect to Encounter on the Trail to Redrock Falls?

While hiking to Redrock Falls, visitors might see various wildlife such as black bears, grizzly bears, moose, deer, and birds.

3. Are There Any Restrictions or Permits Required to Hike to Redrock Falls?

Usually, you don’t need permits for day hiking to Redrock Falls. But it’s good for visitors to check for any temporary closures or rules, especially during busy times.

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