Discover Montana’s Pioneer Falls: Hiking and Other Things to Do

Pioneer Falls in Montana is a 40-foot wonder hidden in a quiet gorge. To see it, you’ll need to take a 3-mile hike, but the beautiful waterfall at the end is worth the effort. The path is challenging, so it’s best for those ready for a miles-long trek.

This guide leads you on the South Fork Spanish Creek Trail to Pioneer Falls, starting from Spanish Creek Campground. Watch for a wooden bridge early in the hike. Walk quietly to avoid startling moose, especially in October. The trail gradually inclines with some flat areas, taking you to the impressive falls.

Thinking about swimming at Pioneer Falls? Swimming there isn’t allowed, but there are safe nearby spots for a dip. There’s plenty of adventure if you like boating, biking, or horseback riding. The falls are a great place for any Montana adventure, whether you’re looking for excitement or a peaceful moment in nature.

Ready to wander into this paradise? Let’s begin.

7 Key Takeaways on Pioneer Falls

  1. Pioneer Falls is a 40-foot waterfall in Montana reachable via a 6-mile round-trip hike that offers a moderate to challenging trek through the wilderness.
  2. The South Fork Spanish Creek Trail, starting at Spanish Creek Campground, is the path to Pioneer Falls. It features a mix of terrains leading to the beautiful waterfall.
  3. Activities near Pioneer Falls include boating on local waters, with options like paddle boarding and jet skiing, offering a range of experiences for water enthusiasts.
  4. Cycling is a popular way to explore the area, with trails suited for off-road and mountain biking, providing opportunities for adventure and scenic rides.
  5. For a taste of the past and a break from outdoor activities, museum visits in the area offer insights into Montana’s history, art, and wildlife.
  6. Swimming at Pioneer Falls is not advised, but the area offers safe spots nearby, including Yellowstone National Park’s various waterways.
  7. Horseback riding around Pioneer Falls presents a chance to connect with nature on guided trails through forests and meadows. It’s suitable to all experience levels.

About Pioneer Falls

Location CoordinatesHeightElevationNearby AttractionsLocation
45.4149285° N -111.4052387° W40 feet (12.1 meters)6,692 feet (2039 meters)Spanish Peaks and Ted Turner’s RanchLee Metcalf Wilderness, Madison County, Montana

Pioneer Falls is a 40-foot cascading waterfall that drops into a narrow gorge fed by Falls Creek. This stunning spot shows off Montana’s wild, rugged landscape. This natural waterfall keeps flowing, eventually joining the southern fork of Spanish Creek.

You’ll need to hike a 6-mile round-trip trail to see Pioneer Falls. The stunning waterfall is 3 miles in, so you hike 3 miles to get there and 3 miles to return.

The hike to Pioneer Falls is moderately challenging, ideal for those who enjoy a mid-level to tough trek through the woods. However, it may be too difficult for young children or those not used to physical activity.

Ensure you’re prepared with the right gear and a good pair of hiking shoes. This ensures you have a safe and enjoyable adventure, with the stunning Pioneer Falls waiting to greet you at the end of the hiking trail.

Hike to Pioneer Falls on the South Fork of Spanish Creek Trail

DistanceElevation GainDifficulty LevelTrail Type
6 milesUnknownModerately challengingOut and back

The hiking trail to Pioneer Falls starts at the Spanish Creek Campground. This beautiful trail is known for its natural scenery. Here’s how you can get to this hidden spot:

  1. Start at the Campground – Find the trailhead on the west side. It’s the beginning of an adventure, but be sure you’re on the right path. Three trails start here, and you want the one that leads to Pioneer Falls.
  2. Spot the Wooden Bridge – This bridge is like a marker, telling you you’re on the right track. If you don’t see it soon, turn back. It’s that important.
  3. Cross Quietly – Once over the bridge, take a left. October hikers, be extra quiet so as not to surprise any moose you might meet.
  4. Choose the Right Path – After 2.5 miles, you’ll see a fork. Take the right path, Falls Creek Trail #410. This trail guides you with its switchbacks, a way of gradually climbing up the hill.
  5. Listen for the Falls – As you climb, the trail will open up to a valley, and there it is, the sound of Pioneer Falls. 

Finding Pioneer Falls is more than just reaching the beautiful waterfall, it’s about enjoying the walk through Montana’s wilderness. This guide will help you enjoy every step of this beautiful spot.

Things to Do Near Pioneer Falls

Near Pioneer Falls, there are many fun things to do. You can go hiking, explore historical sites, or enjoy the nature around you. Let’s check out the best activities near Pioneer Falls.

1. Swimming

A young person floats on their back in a natural water body near Pioneer Falls in Montana, sunlight creating shimmering patterns on the surface.

Swimming at Pioneer Falls is off the list but for a good reason. The undercurrents there can be risky, so enjoying the water from the shore is safer.

Swimming in natural spots like waterfalls is thrilling but can be dangerous. With its unseen currents, Pioneer Falls is one of those places where it’s best to admire the beauty from a safe spot.

Now, where can you swim nearby? Yellowstone National Park is packed with places perfect for a dip. You’ve got lakes, streams, and even spots called swimming holes that are just right for cooling off.

If you like warm water, the local hot springs are a dream. And for those who enjoy adventure, the forests and wilderness areas offer hidden gems for swimming.

2. Boating

A man in sunglasses kayaks on a sunny river in Montana, splashing water while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Boating is a big deal in Madison County and Pioneer Falls. And why wouldn’t it be? With so many lakes, rivers, and ponds, this place is a boater’s dream.

You can enjoy various boating activities near Madison Falls, from calm paddle boarding to exciting jet skiing. Let’s look at your boating options:

  • Paddle Boarding and Paddle Boating – Perfect for a relaxing day on the water.
  • Jet Skiing – For those who seek a bit of adrenaline.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking – Great ways to explore the waters at your own pace.

Don’t worry if you didn’t bring your boat. There are plenty of places that rent them out.  Here are some top outfitters where you can rent a boat:

  • Yellowstone National Park Lodges
  • Kirkwood Marina
  • Geyser Kayak Tours
  • Shurr Adventures
  • Tamarack’s Resort

Before you go boating, check the rules. Not all waters allow all types of boats. Some areas are off-limits to protect the environment. Make sure to find out where you can and can’t boat.

3. Cycling

A cyclist standing atop a frosty mountain in Montana holds their bike overhead against a backdrop of cloud-covered hills illuminated by the soft light of sunrise.

Cycling around Pioneer Falls offers exciting off-road and mountain biking adventures. The trails here are more than just paths, they are ways to explore nature’s stories.

If you’re new to the trails, looking at trusted websites is a good idea. These sites can guide you, warn you about steep climbs and descents, and help you enjoy your biking experience.

Here are a few websites that can be your best biking buddies:

MTB ProjectLolo National Forestclick here
All TrailsKootenai National Forestclick here
Trail ForksFlathead Countyclick here
Trail ForksGlacier National Parkclick here

These sites explain the trail stories, from tough uphill climbs to exciting downhill rides. Whether you’re an experienced biker or a beginner, Pioneer Falls has a trail that fits your level.

4. Horseback Riding

Four horseback riders in cowboy hats ride along a dusty trail with a green meadow and trees in the background in Montana.

You can choose the perfect horseback ride in places like Lolo National Forest, Glacier National Park, and Flathead. If you want a short trip, a ride lasting several hours, an overnight adventure, or a long journey, there’s something for everyone.

Montana has many horseback riding options for all skill levels and adventures. Here are some top companies in the area that can take you on beautiful trails through rugged wilderness:

  • Flying Pig Adventures – Known for its scenic routes and experienced guides, it’s a great choice for those new to horseback riding.
  • The Diamond P Ranch – Perfect for families, offering gentle rides and the chance to see local wildlife.
  • Yellowstone Mountain Guides – Ideal for those looking to add a bit of history and geology to their ride, with knowledgeable guides pointing out interesting features.
  • Yellowstone National Park Lodges – For riders who want to explore Yellowstone from a different angle, with options for all kinds of rides, from short and sweet to all-day adventures.
  • Yellowstone Roughriders – A go-to for the more adventurous, with challenging trails and stunning views.

These companies offer unique ways to see Montana’s vast landscapes, from Madison County’s mountains to Yellowstone’s meadows. Horseback riding gives you a special view and memorable experience.

5. Museum Visits

A yellow bus parked in front of a stone museum building with two American flags under an overcast sky in Montana.

When you’re not exploring waterfalls, Pioneer Falls and its surrounding area are great for learning about the past. Visiting museums is perfect for those interested in history, art, or learning new things. These places share stories about Montana’s early days and its first inhabitants.

Here’s a quick look at the museums you can find near Pioneer Falls:

  • Crail Ranch Homestead Museum
  • Museum of Yellowstone
  • Yellowstone Art Museum
  • Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center
  • Yellowstone County Museum
  • Yellowstone Gateway Museum
  • Yellowstone Wild Galleries

These museums and galleries are packed with stories of the First Nations, the pioneers, and the rich history of Montana. If you’re an art person, wildlife enthusiast, or love a good story, there’s something here for everyone.

Pioneer Falls Final Thoughts

Pioneer Falls in Montana tumbles down a rocky cliff into a pool surrounded by pine trees, fallen logs, and boulders, highlighted by sunshine.

Pioneer Falls offers beauty and peace to anyone lucky enough to be in its presence. The hike along the Falls Creek trail to reach the falls is an adventure, combining stunning natural scenes with the joy of hiking.

Pioneer Falls is a must-visit for those who seek a connection with untouched natural beauty. The sight of water tumbling down the rocks, surrounded by lush greenery, is something you’ll carry in your heart long after you’ve left. This place shows the beauty of Montana’s pristine landscapes and the treasures they offer.

Visiting Pioneer Falls is more than just seeing a waterfall — it’s about enjoying the journey and the stories nature tells. Here, time slows down, letting you enjoy nature’s simple beauty. If you’re going to Montana, add Pioneer Falls to your list.

Pioneer Falls FAQs

1. How Do I Get to Pioneer Falls?

To reach Pioneer Falls, you must go on a 3-mile hike into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness in Madison County, Montana. The trailhead starts near Ted Turner’s Ranch, leading you through picturesque landscapes until you reach the 40-foot cascading waterfall.

2. Is the Hike to Pioneer Falls Suitable for Children?

The terrain of Pioneer Falls is moderately challenging, which may not be suitable for small children or those with poorer conditioning. However, families with older children who are comfortable hiking may enjoy the adventure together.

3. Can I Swim in Pioneer Falls?

Swimming in Pioneer Falls is strictly prohibited due to dangerous undercurrents beneath the surface. It’s important to heed these warnings to ensure the safety of all visitors.

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