Explore Pinkham Creek Falls: Navigation and Camping Guide

Pinkham Creek Falls is a hidden spot about 6 miles from Eureka. Situated near Lake Koocanusa, this waterfall is beloved by locals for its natural beauty. It lies in a wild, untouched area, offering a relaxing retreat for adventurers.

This guide will help you explore Pinkham Creek Falls, from its moderately steep trail to the beautiful gorge where two waterfalls meet the creek. You’ll learn how to handle the rough path and enjoy the surrounding nature.

We’ll also give you tips on camping nearby, including Camp 32, which is free and has some history and facilities.

What makes Pinkham Creek Falls special? This place shows Montana’s wild beauty and draws you from the usual paths into nature. Let’s discover why this waterfall is a must-see for anyone who loves adventure and beautiful natural places.

4 Key Takeaways on Pinkham Creek Falls

  1. Pinkham Creek Falls consists of two cascades, an upper fall with a 20-foot drop and a lower fall dropping 15 feet, set in a picturesque gorge.
  2. Finding Pinkham Creek Falls requires a short but adventurous trail, with a choice to visit the smaller Upper Pinkham Falls or continue to the main attraction.
  3. Camping near Pinkham Creek Falls is ideal for those who enjoy undeveloped natural settings, with an established campground, Camp 32, offering more amenities.
  4. Rexford Bench Campground near Lake Koocanusa offers additional facilities for those who prefer developed camping.

About Pinkham Creek Falls

Location CoordinatesElevationNearby AttractionsLocation
48.838290039105296° N -115.14232035397511° W2,815 feet (858 meters)Othorp Lake and Black Butte LookoutNorthwest Montana, near Rexford, by Highway 37 and Lake Koocanusa

Pinkham Creek Falls, a hidden gem near Rexford in northwest Montana, stands out for its peaceful surroundings and rugged beauty. As one of the state’s lesser-known waterfalls, it offers a quiet and captivating experience.

Going on a hike to Pinkham Creek Falls is an adventure in itself. It is located off Highway 37, near the stunning Lake Koocanusa, a short 6-mile drive from Eureka.

The trail to the falls is a good way to get into nature. It’s not very long, but it is steep and rough. The climb up to over 2,815 feet is exciting and part of the adventure.

As you get closer to Pinkham Creek Falls, the excitement grows. There’s a 20-foot waterfall, and right below it, another waterfall drops 15 feet, making the scene even more beautiful.

If you are a fan of waterfalls, Pinkham Creek Falls offers a unique and peaceful retreat, inviting you to enjoy nature’s beauty away from the crowds. 

Directions to Pinkham Creek Falls

A scenic view of a forest along the trail to Pinkham Creek Falls, featuring tall trees under a clear blue sky.

Exploring Pinkham Creek Falls is a delightful adventure, but finding your way there needs a bit of guidance.

Here’s how you get to the Lower Pinkham Falls:

  1. Begin at the forest trail entrance. Look for a rough dirt track that marks the start of your journey.
  2. Follow this track, surrounded by grand Ponderosa Pines and Douglas Firs.
  3. As the path curves right, it starts to get steeper. Be careful of the loose gravel, especially as you go down a sharp turn towards the canyon where the falls are.
  4. Watch out for a path on your left. This leads to the Upper Pinkham Falls, a charming, smaller waterfall upstream. If you’re up for more beauty, this detour is worth it.
  5. Stick to the main trail. You’ll need to cross the creek to reach the Lower Pinkham Falls. It’s not a hard crossing, just a few rocks to step on.
  6. Keep an eye out for another path on the main trail. This one takes you to the gorge’s rim, offering a stunning view of the falls.
  7. Follow this path to the edge of the gorge. Here, you’ll see the Lower Pinkham Falls, dropping about 15 feet into a deep pool. It’s a mesmerizing sight, but remember to stay safe, especially near the edge.

Camp Near Pinkham Creek Falls

A camping area near Pinkham Creek with two small trailers and a wooden cabin surrounded by a lush green forest.

Camping is a great option when you visit Pinkham Creek Falls and stay longer. The area around the falls is quiet and perfect for basic camping. It’s a chance to enjoy the peace of nature.

For a more organized camping trip, try Camp 32. It’s a great spot located 15 miles southwest of Eureka, off Pinkham Creek Road 7182. This campground offers:

  • 8 spacious sites
  • Tables and fire rings
  • Vault toilets
  • Potable water
  • Room for RVs

Camp 32 is special because it was a logging camp in the 1920s. Now, it welcomes campers year-round, offering a mix of history and nature. Just know that some amenities may be limited during the off-season.

Here’s how to find your way to Camp 32:

  • Head southwest from Eureka on Highway 37 for a little over 10 miles.
  • Take a left onto Forest Road 7182 and continue for about 2.5 miles. You’ll find the entrance to the campground ready to welcome you.

If you need supplies or want to freshen up, Trout Creek is nearby. You can find dump stations, laundry, gas, and groceries there. It’s a great stop to keep your camping trip comfortable.

For a more developed camping experience, try Rexford Bench Campground near Lake Koocanusa. It also has dump facilities. It’s good to have options!

Pinkham Creek Falls Final Thoughts

A close-up of Pinkham waterfall flowing powerfully through a narrow, rocky gap, surrounded by moss-covered rocks and some vegetation.
source: facebook.com

Pinkham Creek Falls, with its two cascades in a wild gorge, show Montana’s hidden beauty and the importance of keeping it untouched. This quiet spot near Rexford reminds visitors to cherish and protect natural places.

For those who camp by Pinkham Creek, whether in the quiet, undeveloped area or the historic Camp 32, it’s a chance to feel connected to the land.

As you plan your visit or reflect on what you’ve seen, let Pinkham Creek Falls leave a lasting impression. It represents Montana’s wild, untouched beauty, reminding us to treasure and protect these places for the future.

Pinkham Creek Falls FAQs

1. How Do I Get to Pinkham Creek Falls?

Drive to Rexford in northwest Montana on Highway 37 to get to the falls. From there, follow the signs or directions to the falls. You can reach the trailhead on foot. The trail is short but steep and not well-developed, leading you right to the falls.

2. Is Pinkham Creek Falls Accessible Year-Round?

Yes, you can visit the falls any time of the year, but the weather might affect how easy and safe it is to get there. In the winter, snow and ice can make the trail dangerous.

3. Are There Camping Facilities Near Pinkham Creek Falls?

Yes, you can camp near the falls. Camp 32 is a campground with eight sites with tables, fire rings, toilets, and drinking water. It’s about 15 miles southwest of Eureka, off Pinkham Creek Road 7182.

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