A Nature Lover’s Guide to Lost Creek Falls in Montana

Montana’s natural beauty is on full display at Lost Creek Waterfall, a 50-foot cascade nestled in Lost Creek State Park. The park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a range of activities from hiking to wildlife watching. The falls are located in Anaconda, Montana, and are surrounded by limestone cliffs and granite formations, creating a picturesque setting.

We’ll explore the best ways to enjoy Lost Creek Falls, including nearby hiking trails, and outdoor opportunities. Plus, we’ll share tips for making the most of your visit, from what to pack to how to respect the park’s wildlife and environment. 

Are you ready to discover a new favorite spot in Montana? Join us as we uncover the magic of Lost Creek Waterfall and the adventures that await in Lost Creek State Park.

7 Key Takeaways on Lost Creek Fall

  1. Lost Creek Falls, located in Lost Creek State Park, Montana, is a captivating natural wonder featuring a 50-foot (15.24 meters) waterfall surrounded by limestone cliffs and granite formations.
  2. The park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities like hiking, wildlife watching, fishing, and mountain biking, making it a perfect spot for immersing in nature.
  3. Visitors can enjoy a variety of amenities in Lost Creek State Park, including 21 campsites, picnic areas, and interpretive displays, with specific rules for RVs and pets to ensure a pleasant experience for all.
  4. The Lost Creek Trail, leading to the falls, offers an adventure for hikers with varying levels of difficulty, showcasing both natural beauty and historical points of interest.
  5. Proper preparation is key for a safe and enjoyable visit, including essential hiking and camping gear, awareness of weather conditions, and adherence to Leave No Trace principles.
  6. Nearby attractions, such as Georgetown Lake and the Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway, offer additional exploration opportunities, as well as the chance to discover the rich history and culture of the Anaconda-Philipsburg area.
  7. Visitors are advised to check for seasonal changes in amenities and be prepared for potential entrance fees, ensuring a smooth and informed visit to Lost Creek Falls and the surrounding park.

About Lost Creek Falls

Location CoordinatesHeightNearby FeaturesLocation
46.19778° N, -112.98247° W50 feet (15.24 meters)Georgetown Lake and Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic BywayLost Creek State Park, at 5750 Lost Creek Rd, Anaconda, Montana

Lost Creek Falls is a must-see in Lost Creek State Park, Montana. This park is home to a 50-foot waterfall, hugged by grey limestone cliffs and stunning pink and white granite formations that tower 1,200 feet above the canyon floor. It’s a place where nature’s artistry is on full display.

If you’re up for a little adventure, the Lost Creek Trail is a short hike that takes you right to the falls. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for bighorn sheep and mountain goats, adding to the magic of the journey.

The falls themselves are a sight to behold, offering not just a scenic view but also a chance to spot some of Montana’s incredible wildlife.

Lost Creek State Park isn’t just about the waterfall. It’s a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, offering camping, fishing, picnicking, bicycling, and wildlife viewing. It’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

The park typically welcomes visitors from mid to late May through November 30, adjusting slightly depending on the weather. With 502 acres of land and an elevation of 6,211 feet (1,893 meters), it’s a sizeable and picturesque destination.

For those looking to stay a while, Lost Creek State Park provides 21 campsites, 3 day-use sites, vault toilets, grills, picnic tables, drinking water, and interpretive displays. Just keep in mind that RVs and trailers are limited to 23 feet (7 meters) in size, and the maximum stay is 14 days within 30 days.

Just remember that if you bring your furry friends, ensure they’re on a leash. This helps keep both your pets and the park’s wildlife safe and ensures everyone has a good time.

Things to Do in Lost Creek Falls

Two hikers with backpacks standing on rocky overlook, gazing at scenic Lost Creek Waterfall in Montana, bathed in golden sunset light.

When you visit Lost Creek Waterfall, you’re in for a treat with a variety of activities to enjoy. Here’s what you can do in and around the park:

Wildlife WatchingSpot bighorn sheep, mountain goats, golden eagles, pika.
Fishing and PicnicsYear-round fishing at Lost Creek Park. Picnic areas are available for scenic meals.
CampingExplore Georgetown Lake for fishing and camping. Drive the Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway.
Hiking and BikingThe Lost Creek Trail spans an 0.8-mile round trip to Falls. Forest Service trail offers longer routes. Biking is allowed on trails suitable for hiking, offering a different perspective.

About the Trail

A hiking trail winds through a thick pine forest near Lost Creek waterfall in Montana.

The Lost Creek Falls Trail starts in Lost Creek State Park. It’s a trail where you can quickly see the waterfall before heading north along the valley floor. If you’re from out of state, there’s an entrance fee to visit the park.

To get to the trail, you need to drive to the far end of the park. There, you’ll find the parking area and the trailhead. Just before the campground, there’s a bigger parking spot on the right. The trail entrance is a short 50-yard walk up the road on the right.

The trail is quite long, beginning with three miles along an old road. At about the three-mile mark, you’ll come across the remains of an old cabin. Initially, the trail ascends steadily before narrowing into a single-track path, around 2-3 feet wide, after the initial stretch. This section of the trail underwent renovations in 2014 and 2015.

The climb keeps going for the next 2.5 miles (4.02 km), reaching its highest point at mile 5.5. If you’re ready to head back down, this is a good spot to turn around.

But if you’re up for more climbing, you can go down a 2.2-mile (3.5 km) path into the Foster Creek drainage. This part of the trail ends at a three-way spot where Foster Creek Road and Foster Creek Trail meet.

What to Prepare

A hiker checks her car trunk, ensuring everything's set for the trip to Lost Creek Waterfall in Montana.

Preparing for your Lost Creek Waterfall adventure starts with getting the right gear and making sure you’re ready for the great outdoors. Here’s what you need to do:

Hiking GearWear sturdy, comfortable trail shoes. Pack plenty of water. Apply sunscreen for higher altitudes.
Camping EssentialsPrepare your tent and sleeping bag.
Fishing SetupCheck local regulations. Bring appropriate fishing gear.
Weather AwarenessCheck the forecast; bring layers for changing conditions.
Leave No TracePack out all trash, and respect natural beauty.
Navigation ToolsUse map or GPS for trails and routes.
First Aid KitCarry basic first aid for minor injuries or emergencies.
Food and WaterBring enough food and water for activities.
Wildlife AwarenessEnjoy wildlife from a safe distance; avoid disturbing them.
Buddy SystemHike with a friend or group for enhanced experience and safety.

Being well-prepared ensures you have a safe and enjoyable time exploring Lost Creek Waterfall and its surrounding areas.

Lost Creek Falls Final Thoughts

Lost Creek Waterfall flows serenely through the forest, its waters gently cascading over layered rocks amid lush greenery and fallen leaves.

Lost Creek Falls isn’t just a waterfall; it’s a gateway to adventure in Montana’s Lost Creek State Park. The 50-foot cascade, framed by limestone cliffs and granite, is a sight to behold. It’s a place where nature’s beauty and the thrill of exploration come together.

For those who love hiking, the nearby Lost Creek Trail is a must. It’s a paradise for spotting wildlife like bighorn sheep and golden eagles, offering scenic views that make every step worth it.

This park isn’t just for hikers. It’s a playground for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. You can camp, fish, have a picnic, or hit the trails on your mountain bike. The options are as diverse as the landscape.

Before you head out, remember that amenities might change with the seasons. If you’re not from Montana, be ready to pay an entrance fee. It’s a small price to pay for the experiences waiting for you.

As we enjoy these natural wonders, let’s also remember to be good stewards of the land. Following Leave No Trace principles ensures that future visitors can enjoy the park just as we do.

Preparing for your visit is key. Wear sturdy shoes, pack water and sunscreen, and be mindful of potential dangers. These simple steps ensure your visit is not only enjoyable but safe, too.

Lost Creek Falls FAQs

1. What Activities Can I Enjoy at Lost Creek Falls?

Visitors to Lost Creek Falls can engage in a variety of recreational activities, including hiking along the nearby Lost Creek Trail, camping amidst the park’s scenic landscapes, fishing in nearby waters, picnicking in designated areas, and exploring the wilderness through mountain biking.

2. Are There Any Specific Wildlife Sightings I Should Anticipate at Lost Creek Falls?

While exploring Lost Creek State Park and its surroundings, visitors may have the opportunity to spot diverse wildlife species, including bighorn sheep, golden eagles, and various other bird species. The area’s rich biodiversity adds to the allure of the experience.

3. What Amenities Are Available at Lost Creek State Park?

Lost Creek State Park offers a range of amenities to enhance visitors’ experiences, including campsites equipped with vault toilets, grills/fire rings, and picnic tables. There are also day-use sites, drinking water facilities, and interpretive displays to enrich the visitor’s stay.

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