7 Best Montana UTV Tours: Your Guide to Off-Road Adventure

Montana’s wide-open landscapes and rugged terrain provide the perfect backdrop for off-road adventures, and UTV tours are the gateway to accessing some of the state’s most hidden treasures. If you’re looking for a way to explore the state like never before, check out our list of the best UTV and ATV tours.

This guide will take you through unique experiences in Montana, ranging from exploring valleys at The Ranch at Rock Creek to adrenaline-pumping adventures at The Resort at Paws Up. With options ranging from guided Montana UTV tours to self-driven ATV explorations, these tours offer a rich variety.

Are you ready to rev up your adventure in the Treasure State? Buckle in and get ready for an off-road experience like no other, where every turn offers a discovery, and every stop leaves you in awe of Montana’s natural splendor.

7 Key Takeaways on Montana UTV Tours

  1. The Ranch at Rock Creek offers a breathtaking UTV tour through the woods, meadows, and mountain peaks, led by knowledgeable guides and available in different seasons.
  2. The Resort at Paws Up in Montana provides adrenaline-fueled ATV tours with options for single and double riders, exploring the Garnet Mountain Range and the Garnet Ghost Town.
  3. Action Rentals in Whitefish allows for customizable 8-hour Mini-Ultimate Adventures, featuring a mix of off-roading and lake activities, with ATV and RZR rentals available.
  4. Silver Bow Club offers all-inclusive ATV tours through Montana’s landscapes as part of its ranch package, allowing guests to explore the rivers, meadows, and mountainsides.
  5. Triple Creek Ranch presents well-orchestrated ATV tours across its vast 26,000-acre property in Montana, ensuring a comprehensive off-road experience with safety procedures and scenic stops.
  6. Montana ATV Rentals, a family-owned business with extensive local knowledge, provides Can-Am X3 Turbo rentals and tours tailored for various group sizes and durations.
  7. Summer Star Ranch, situated in Helena and strategically placed for access to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, offers guided UTV & ATV tours through the Helena National Forest.

Best Montana UTV & ATV Tours

Two people ride a UTV through a forest trail during a Montana UTV tour.

Looking to kick up some dust with an exhilarating UTV or ATV tour in Montana? Here’s a list of the best tour operators and rental places that can make your off-road adventure dreams a reality.

These recommended spots are known for their well-maintained vehicles and excellent service, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience for all adventure-seekers.

1. The Ranch at Rock Creek

Two tracked UTVs navigate through snowy terrain as a group of adventurers enjoy the wintry surroundings during a UTV tour with The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana.
source: facebook.com

Terrain CoveredBackcountry trails, mountain peaks, woods, meadows
Elevation GainOver 1,000 feet
Season AvailabilitySpring, fall, winter
Wildlife EncountersPossible
Guided ToursLed by knowledgeable guides

The Ranch at Rock Creek stands as a secluded gem in the heart of a pristine Montana valley. This 19th-century homestead harmonizes with the surrounding diverse ecosystem and sets the stage for some extraordinary escapades.

One of the most thrilling experiences available at The Ranch at Rock Creek is the UTV Tour. On this expedition, you’ll saddle up on a UTV, ready to traverse backcountry trails and conquer mountain peaks. The trail covers miles of varying terrain, scaling over 1,000 feet in elevation.

This tour isn’t just about the thrill of the ride; it’s an unparalleled opportunity to soak in the breathtaking views that Montana offers, witness nature at its finest, and possibly encounter some of the diverse wildlife that calls this place home.

Led by knowledgeable guides, this adventure is available in the spring when the earth awakes from winter, in the fall when colors paint the landscapes, and in the winter when the air is crisp and the valleys are blanketed with snow.

For those seeking day adventures that blend heart-pounding excitement with the peacefulness that only nature can offer, the UTV Tours at Rock Creek Ranch are bound to leave you spellbound.

2. The Resort at Paws Up

Two adventurers on a UTV exploring the landscape at The Resort at Paws Up
source: facebook.com

UTV TourDurationRates per VehicleRates per Passenger Only
Backcountry TourApprox. 2.5 hours$575$155
Extended Backcountry TourApprox. 3.5 hours$750$200

The Resort at Paws Up is your ticket to the hottest adventure in Montana, offering an exceptional glamping experience in this scenic state. As you gear up for UTV tours, get ready to turn every corner into an epic off-roading story.

You’ll be tackling mountains as if they were molehills, carving through streams, charging through brush, and even cruising through a ghost town. Let’s dive into the tours on offer from The Resort at Paws Up:

  • Rates – For the ATV tours, expect to pay $190 per person. If you want to bring a buddy, it’s an extra $85 for an additional rider.
  • Duration – ATV tours at the Paws Up typically last for 1.5 hours of adrenaline-fueled fun, offering an unforgettable adventure through the vast Montana landscape.
  • Age Requirement – The minimum age for drivers is 16, and riders as young as 8 can join the trail.

Are you up for even more adventure? Paws Up also lays out the perfect Backcountry and Extended Backcountry Tours:

  • Backcountry Tour – The regular Backcountry Tour is around 2.5 hours long. This trip takes you through the Garnet Mountain Range, finishing at the Garnet Ghost Town, a Montana gem and one of the best-preserved ghost towns you’ll ever see.
  • Extended Backcountry Tour – If you’re looking for an Extended Backcountry Tour, it lasts about 3.5 hours and runs to the Garnet Mountain Range at over 7,000 feet. The scenic cliffside journey offers a 360-degree outlook on the valley.

Paws Up doesn’t only promise a thrilling excursion. Strap in for an unforgettable Montana experience that’s crafted to suit both the speedsters and the scenery-seekers in you.

3. Action Rentals

Two off-road UTV rentals from Action Rentals parked side by side on a lakeshore
source: facebook.com

RentalSeatsHalf Day PriceFull Day Price
RZR XPTwo-Seat$300$400
RZR XPFour-Seater$350$450
Four Wheeler ATV1 or 2 Riders$181$263

Action Rentals in Whitefish, Montana, opens the door to ultimate adventure with their Mini-Ultimate Adventures. These exhilarating getaways last a full 8 hours and are a perfect blend of off-road excitement and peaceful water relaxation.

The best part? You get to decide the lineup, from the classic 4-wheeler experience to the Side-by-Side RZR buggy rides. Not only that, your adventure always includes scenic pit stops.

Your guide will lead the way, pausing at selected spots – perfect for grabbing that memory-making picture or learning some fascinating forest insider info. As the day progresses, you’ll trade the dusty trails for a lake as you swap to a pontoon boat for lunch and an afternoon of leisurely floating, swimming, or tubing.

If you’re in the mood to own your trail’s dominion, Action Rentals also offers ATV & RZR Rentals. Available with or without a guide, you can select from half-day outings to all-day explorations. The lineup includes their Polaris 1000 XP RZRs & 4-wheelers, perfect for tackling every terrain.

Are you ready to rev up your Montana ATV adventure? Whether you’re looking for the detailed guidance of a friendly escort or the freedom to chart your course, Action Rentals has the offering.

4. Silver Bow Club

Off-road UTVs parked in front of a rustic, luxury mountain home at Silver Bow Club
source: facebook.com

Accommodation OptionsLuxury master suite, cozy lodge room, charming loft-style log cabin
Included ActivitiesATV tours, exploring the Montana landscape with a guide, fly fishing, horseback riding, trap shooting, pheasant hunting
Tour GuideKnowledgeable about the area, makes every ride exciting
All-inclusive ResortEverything planned out for guests, ensuring a relaxing experience

At the Silver Bow Club in Montana, get ready for an adventure like none other. This ranch, run by a friendly and welcoming family, sits on 1800 acres and boasts over 3½ miles (5.6 km) of the Big Hole River’s exclusive frontage.

What’s fantastic about this place is that when you stay in the Grand Lodge at the Silver Bow Club, ATV tours are part of the package deal. Every day, you can join a guide to explore the Montana landscape.

You’ll get to see the river, the scenic meadows, and even the mountainside that stretches behind the Ranch. This area is so vast, there’s always something new to see around every corner.

One of the coolest parts about Silver Bow Club is that there’s so much more to do too. Besides the UTV adventure, you can take your pick from a ton of activities.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try fly fishing, or maybe you’re a big fan of horseback riding or trap shooting. You can even try your hand at pheasant hunting. All these add-ons make your stay there unforgettable.

What sets this place apart for me is the amazing tour guide. They know so much about the area and make every ride exciting. Plus, the fact that you’re in an all-inclusive resort means everything is planned out for you. So, all you have to do is relax and enjoy one after the other amazing experience.

5. Triple Creek Ranch

Two people on UTVs navigating a scenic off-road trail in a lush, rolling mountainscape
source: facebook.com

Tour DetailsDescription
Price Per Guest (Half-Day)$275
Price Per Tandem (Half-Day)$395
Minimum Group Size2 guests
Maximum Group Size4 per guide
Operating DatesMay – October 12th

Triple Creek Ranch, set in the serene Bitterroot Valley of Montana, offers a unique adventure through its ATV tours, covering a vast 26,000-acre landscape full of natural beauty. Explore the Rocky Mountain terrain and witness valley views and local wildlife up close by riding an ATV on this sprawling ranch.

Your thrilling journey begins with a drive from the main ranch to the CB Ranch Corrals, where you meet your guide. There, you are equipped with all the necessary safety gear, from helmets to gloves and goggles, and receive a comprehensive session on safe driving practices. 

As you set out on your adventure, the guide makes sure to pause for photo stops at scenic points, enhancing your memories with postcard-worthy shots. At midday, the package includes a scrumptious picnic lunch, packed by the ranch’s chefs, to refuel while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

This well-orchestrated tour is not just about breathtaking views and adrenaline; it’s a well-rounded experience designed to connect you with the land, its beauty, and its peacefulness. The Ranch offers great adventure and calmness, making it a great choice for those seeking off-road excitement and reflection.

6. Montana ATV Rentals

A driver takes a rugged UTV from Montana ATV Rentals for a tour on a dusty trail.
source: facebook.com

ATV RentalSeatsHalf DayFull DayMulti-Day
Can-Am X3 Turbo2-Seats$300$400$290 /day (4 days)
$280 /day (5 days)
Can-Am X3 Turbo4-Seats$275$445$390 /day (3 days)
$350 /day (4 days)

Montana ATV Rentals is the perfect stop if you’re looking to kick your adventure up a notch. This family-owned business, with more than 2 decades of guiding under their belt, knows Montana like the back of their hand. From living and riding to playing, their experience seeps into every tour they offer.

They proudly present their lineup of Can-Am X3 X Turbo RR for rent and tours. Starting in mid-May and going strong through November, they are open every day to ensure you get your dose of adrenaline.

Catering to different group sizes and time requirements, they offer 2-seat and 4-seat vehicles in half-day, full-day, and multi-day packages. Equipment? Check. They’ve got it all, making sure you’re all set for your epic outdoor expedition.

Picking Montana ATV Rentals for your off-road journey not only guarantees you the right set of wheels but also ensures you have all the necessary information and equipment to create moments you’ll remember for years.

7. Summer Star Ranch

An adventurer enjoying a UTV ride along a scenic trail courtesy of Summer Star Ranch
source: facebook.com

TourDetails1st person PriceAdditional Person over 12 yearsAdditional Person under 12 years
ATV Rides2 hours, Max 2 people per ATV$200$75$65
UTV Rides Side by Side2 hours, Max 2 people per UTV$225$75$65
Half DayApprox 3-4 hoursATV $375, UTV $400$125$100

Summer Star Ranch, situated in Helena and serving as a hub for events and getaways, offers a gateway to the off-road world, set against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Located between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, this spot promises a memorable nature experience.

For those seeking an adventure, the ranch provides Guided UTV & ATV Tours that traverse the Helena National Forest, promising breathtaking views of the Rockies along the way. Keep your camera ready to capture shots of local wildlife like elk, deer, bears, eagles, and more.

Summer Star Ranch offers adrenaline-fueled 2-hour rides or action-packed half-day adventures. You can ride solo or double up to share the experience. The Rocky Mountain setting adds to the beauty and makes it a highlight of your journey.

Montana UTV Tours Final Thoughts

A rugged all-terrain vehicle packed with gear for adventure poised on a rocky trail in Montana.

Montana stands as the ultimate playground for off-road adventurers, bridging the gap between heart-pounding excitement and serene natural beauty. From relaxing backcountry trails to heart-pumping mountain climbs, the state’s top UTV and ATV tours offer a gateway to thrilling experiences.

Guided by experts, these adventures not only promise an adrenaline rush but also a chance to connect with Montana’s landscapes and diverse wildlife. Get to explore Triple Creek Ranch’s 26,000-acre property or go on a multi-day expedition with Montana ATV Rentals for unforgettable memories.

The flexible options available, including solo or tandem rides and customizable 8-hour adventures, ensure that there’s a perfect off-road experience for every type of adventurer. So, if you’re ready to rev up your Montana adventure, these UTV and ATV tours are your ticket to discovering the state’s most epic scenery.

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