Montana Chocolate Tour Guide: Must-Visit Shops and Events

If you’re a lover of chocolate and someone who craves outdoor experiences, you’re in for a unique combination of both in this Montana chocolate tour. We will take you through 23 participating locations from the Southwest Montana Chocolate-Lovers Trail each offering unique samples of chocolate.

What’s even more exciting is that you can transform this chocoholic journey into a road trip. The Montana Chocolate Road Trip features 6 top-rated chocolate shops, all offering their iconic chocolate specialties.

And if the initial shops and stops have left you craving for more, Montana offers an array of other chocolate shops to delight your senses. From chocolatiers creating chocolate in bookstore settings to family-run candy stores offering the classics, there’s something for every chocolate lover.

Why settle for a regular tour when you can supercharge your Montana experience with the rich flavors of chocolate? Keep reading to discover how you can have the best Montana chocolate tour, visiting places that will appeal to your adventurous spirit and your love of chocolate.

7 Key Takeaways on the Montana Chocolate Tour

  1. Participate in the summer Chocolate-Lovers Trail to explore 23 sweet stops and earn chocolate rewards. Sample unique treats like Elk Droppings Candy and Coffee Cream Liqueur.
  2. Discover top-rated chocolate shops on a day-long or two-day road trip spanning the state. Savor the experience in places like Darby, Hamilton, and Missoula.
  3. Discover additional Montana chocolate destinations from Candy Masterpiece in Great Falls to La Chatelaine Chocolat Co. in Bozeman.
  4. A chocolate scavenger hunt across Southwest Montana runs through May, providing a summer surprise packed with decadent explorations.
  5. The Chocolate-Lovers Trail offers not only delicious chocolate samples but also quirky items like chocolate-scented erasers.
  6. Encounter artisanal chocolate-making and 100-year-old family recipes at places like The Montana Chocolate Company.
  7. Don’t rush through your chocolate adventure, enjoy the journey, the landscapes, and the unique taste of Montana’s chocolate while creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Montana Chocolate Tour Experience

An assortment of artisan chocolates available during a Montana Chocolate Tour.

For lovers of chocolate and outdoor adventures, going on a Montana chocolate tour is an absolute must. This scenic state offers a unique opportunity to indulge in your favorite sweet treat while surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

From artisan chocolate shops to locally sourced ingredients, each tour gives you a tantalizing view of Montana’s flourishing chocolate scene. So, let me walk you through a few tips on how to make the most of your sweet, sweet adventure. 

1. Participate in the Southwest Montana Chocolate-Lovers Trail

A platter of brownies and cake bites from Pintler’s Portal Hostel, a featured stop on the Southwest Montana Chocolate-Lovers Trail.

The Southwest Montana Chocolate-Lovers Trail is an exciting and delicious opportunity to explore the Southwest Montana region while indulging in a variety of chocolate-inspired treats. This event takes place in the summer, specifically during May.

To get started on endless possibilities for adventure, all you need to do is pick up your passport at any of the 23 trail locations. As you journey across Southwest Montana, make sure to stop at these participating locations and grab a passport.

At each stop, not only do you sample chocolate-inspired treats, but you also get your passport stamped. The more stamps you collect, the sweeter the prizes. Who knew indulging in chocolate could be so rewarding?

Check the chart below for the 23 stops you need to visit and the delightful samples that await you:

PlaceLocationChocolate Sample
Pintler’s Portal HostelAnaconda, MontanaElk Droppings Candy
Latigo and LaceAugusta, MontanaSalted Chocolate Montana-Made Bequet Caramel
Shepperd’s CandiesButte, MontanaOne Piece of Candy, Visitor’s Choice
River Ranch ChocolatesCardwell, MontanaGourmet Chocolate Candy
Powell County Museum and Arts FoundationDeer Lodge, MontanaChocolate-Scented Erasers
Town & Country FoodsDillon, MontanaLocally Made Chocolate Treat
Pioneer FurnitureDillon, MontanaLindt or Godiva Chocolate
Hyde RV ParkDivide, MontanaChocolate Candy
Willie’s DistilleryEnnis, MontanaCoffee Cream Liqueur
Last Chance ToursHelena, MontanaChocolate Layer-Cake-Scented Yankee Candle Votive Candle
Moose JunctionHelena, MontanaKids’ Size Hot Chocolate Freeze (10oz)
Hi-Country Trading PostLincoln, MontanaLocal Handmade Fudge
Montana Gems of PhilipsburgPhilipsburg, Montana“Chocolate” Quartz
Ruby Valley BrewSheridan, MontanaChocolate paired with sample of Chompin’ at the Pit Cherry Porter Beer
Canyon Ferry Lake KOATownsend, MontanaMontana-Made Wilcoxson’s Chocolate Huckleberry Ice Cream Bar
Hummingbird ChocolatesTownsend, MontanaSolid Dark Sweet Chocolate Lollipop
Cousin’s Candy StoreVirginia City, MontanaHandmade Chocolate Truffle
Virginia City CreameryVirginia City, MontanaMidnight Chocolate Ice Cream
Outpost Sweet TreatsWest Yellowstone, MontanaChocolate-covered Caramel, Caramel Apple, or Red Velvet Cake Truffle
The City CreameryWest Yellowstone, MontanaMidnight Chocolate Ice Cream
Pepper Tree DeliWhitehall, MontanaIce Cream or Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie
The Western Legacy CenterWhitehall, MontanaBack Home Almond Buttercrisp
Wise River ClubWise River, MontanaA Shot of Chocolate Wine

And if you’re not the most patient chocolate lover, good news! You can hit as many or as few spots as you like, so no need to rush. Just be sure to bag some chocolate souvenirs along the way to keep the chocolate-inspired memories alive.

So, why not go on this unique chocolate trail that takes you across the scenic landscapes of Southwest Montana, while you savor some of the most intriguing chocolate options? Who knows, you might just discover a new favorite amid these chocolate adventures!

2. Have a Montana Chocolate Road Trip

A display of assorted chocolates and sweets at Old West Candy Store, the first stop on a Montana chocolate road trip adventure.

Go on a Montana chocolate road trip and indulge in the irresistible chocolate collection that this beautiful state has to offer. Whether you are a chocoholic or simply enjoy savoring your sweets, this road trip is sure to satisfy your cravings.

This culinary adventure will take you to 6 highly-rated shops, each with its decadent chocolates and unique treats:

  1. Old West Candy Store – Start your journey at the Old West Candy Store in Darby, located on Main Street. This charming chocolate shop not only offers a wide variety of bulk candy, including sugar-free options, but also features incredible fudge, truffles, and other chocolate goodies made onsite.
  2. Big Sky Candy – From Old West Candy Store, head north to Hamilton and visit Big Sky Candy on W Main St. Their handmade chocolate treats are made from scratch and are truly amazing. Indulge in their fudge, cinnamon-glazed almonds, brittles, and caramels.
  3. The Montana Chocolate Company – Continue your Montana chocolate adventure in Stevensville, just 20 miles (32 km) from Hamilton, at The Montana Chocolate Company. This shop boasts a large variety of handcrafted chocolates made from 100-year-old family recipes, including a selection of delectable huckleberry chocolates.
  4. The Sweets Barn – Next, make your way to The Sweets Barn on U.S. Highway 93 S, where old-fashioned methods are used to create all-natural and organic chocolate treats. With over 200 types of candies available, this shop is a true treasure trove for chocolate lovers.
  5. Posh Chocolat – In Missoula, visit Posh Chocolat, located inside the historic Florence Hotel. Here, you can experience an unparalleled chocolate adventure infused with the beauty of the outdoors, thanks to their collaboration with the U.S. National Parks.
  6. The Sweet Palace – Finally, conclude your Montana chocolate road trip at The Sweet Palace, found on E Broadway Ave. in Philipsburg. This old-fashioned candy store is renowned for its delectable fudge, offering a variety of flavors such as caramel, nut, huckleberry, and Reece’s.

Throughout your journey, you’ll be treated to an array of chocolates and confections made with quality ingredients. From the first bite, you’ll understand why Montana is hailed for its decadent chocolates. So grab your map, hop in the car, and go on a Montana chocolate road trip that promises an unforgettable sweet escape.

3. Other Montana Chocolate Shops

An assortment of homemade fudges displayed on a glass counter at Candy Masterpiece, one of the stops on a Montana chocolate tour.

If the chocolate shops mentioned earlier are not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t worry, because Montana has even more delightful options for you to visit. Whether you’re craving dark chocolate, chocolate coins, or homemade chocolate chip cookies, these shops have it all.

If you’ve still got room for more chocolate in your heart (or maybe your snack pouch), here are the best chocolate destinations Montana has to offer:

  • Candy Masterpiece – Located at 120 Central Ave in Great Falls and with almost two decades of experience, Candy Masterpiece creates chocolate masterpieces that will leave you in awe. They also offer gourmet fudge, taffy, and a wide variety of candies for you to indulge in.
  • The Parrot Confectionery – The Parrot Confectionery in Helena is another iconic chocolate shop in Montana, with a history of over 100 years. Using recipes handed down from the original owners, The Parrot Confectionery offers more than 130 different chocolate items for you to choose from.
  • The Chocolate Moose – For handmade chocolates and taffy, head over to The Chocolate Moose in Bozeman, located at 25 S. Willson Ave. This charming shop also offers an array of other candies and ice cream and even has an Old Fashioned Bobtail Soda Fountain for a nostalgic experience.
  • Copperleaf Chocolat Company – If you’re looking for a unique chocolate shop, check out The Copperleaf Chocolat Company in Whitefish. In addition to a variety of sweets, you can also browse and purchase used or vintage books in their bookstore.
  • La Chatelaine Chocolat Co. – La Chatelaine Chocolat Co., located in Bozeman at 110 South Rouse Ave, and The Baxter Hotel at 105 W Main St, is another great option. This husband and wife duo creates delicious chocolates that are sure to satisfy your cravings.
  • Old West Antique and Candy Store – The Old West Antique and Candy Store in Darby is another must-visit chocolate shop in Montana. Known for its handmade chocolates, this store also has a deli where you can enjoy sandwiches, soups, and shakes.
  • Martinson’s Ranch Chocolates – For those who prefer to enjoy Montana-made chocolates from the comfort of their own home, Martinson’s Ranch Chocolates is the perfect choice. With 39 years of experience, they will make and send orders of chocolates straight to your doorstep. Plus, if your merchandise order is over $49.50, they will include a free Cream of the Caramel Candy Bar.

With a half-dozen chocolate specialties combined with the stories of Montana’s chocolate history and innovation, be sure to visit these amazing chocolate shops and experience the delectable delights they have to offer.

Montana Chocolate Tour Final Thoughts

A person dips skewered strawberries into a flowing chocolate fountain at a Montana chocolate tour.

Montana’s chocolate is as diverse and rich as its landscapes, promising not just a sweet tooth’s delight but an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

From captivating adventures like the Southwest Montana Chocolate-Lovers Trail to curated road trips across the state’s best chocolate destinations, the sweet secrets of Montana’s flourishing chocolate scene are just waiting to be unveiled.

So, why not go on this unique chocolate trail that takes you across the scenic landscapes of Southwest Montana, while you savor some of the most intriguing chocolate options? It’s not just a chocolate tour; it’s a sumptuous exploration of flavor, heritage, and the Montanan spirit.

Whether you’re a serious connoisseur or simply a lover of all things sweet, let each piece of Montana chocolate become a chapter in your saga of exploration and indulgence. So go ahead — let Montana surprise and delight you, one delectable bite at a time. 

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