Hike to Siksika Falls in Montana: A Trail Guide

Discovering Siksika Falls in Montana is like uncovering a hidden paradise. This stunning double waterfall lies within Glacier National Park, close to Gunsight Lake. It’s a secluded spot made even more special because its waters originate from Jackson Glacier.

We’ll show you how to find this amazing waterfall despite there being no direct path. We’ll walk you through the Gunsight Pass and Jackson Glacier trails, giving you tips on following the streams to discover Siksika’s beauty.

The trail to Siksika Falls can leave you spellbound. Imagine standing in front of a pure, untouched waterfall, surrounded by Glacier National Park’s majesty. A worthwhile adventure awaits you on the journey.

6 Key Takeaways on Siksika Falls

  1. Siksika Falls is a beautiful double waterfall originating from the Jackson Glacier in Glacier National Park.
  2. The Gunsight Pass and Jackson Glacier trails offer some of the more challenging treks to Siksika Falls.
  3. Nearby trails like Florence Falls, Deadwood Falls, St. Mary, and Virginia Falls suit hikers of all levels.
  4. The Deadwood Falls Trail to Siksika Falls is classified as easy and does not require much climbing, making it a favorite among hikers. Its scenic route adds to its popularity.
  5. Remember to come prepared when you visit Siksika Falls because it’s a natural spot without bathrooms or shops.
  6. There’s no special fee for Siksika Falls, but you have to pay to enter Glacier National Park. 

Where Is Siksika Falls?

Location CoordinatesElevationNearby AttractionsLocation
48.6176° W, -113.68703° N5,196 feet (1583.741 meters)Deadwood Falls, St. Mary Falls, and Virginia FallsGlacier National Park, Glacier County Montana

Siksika Falls is a little-known peaceful spot in Glacier National Park close to Gunsight Lake. A fascinating aspect about it is that its crystal-clear waters come from the Jackson Glacier.

When hiking to Siksika Falls through Gunsight Pass and Jackson Glacier, make sure to wear a good pair of hiking boots. The trail to the falls from these routes can be challenging.

Keep an eye out for a stream at the end of the Jackson Glacier trail while hiking to the falls. Simply follow the stream, and you’ll reach Siksika Falls.

Where to Go Hiking Near Siksika Falls

Siksika Falls featuring several small waterfalls cascading down a rocky cliff.

There are no direct nearby trails to Siksika Falls. However, there are hiking trails that take you through Glacier National Park’s wilderness to these remote falls. Let’s check them out.

1. Gunsight Pass Trail – Hiking With Unforgettable Nature Sights

Three mountain goats walk along the rocky path of Gunsight Pass Trail with one goat in the foreground and two others further back.

Trail NameLocationDifficultyElevation GainLengthTrail Type
Gunsight Pass TrailAccessed from Going-to-the-Sun RoadModerate1,742 feet12.9 milesOut and Back

Begin by hiking the Gunsight Pass Trail to reach Siksika Falls from the renowned Going-to-the-Sun Road. This trail spans approximately 12.9 miles round trip and ascends 1,742 feet, and you get to enjoy nature along the way.

The Gunsight Pass Trail to Siksika Falls takes you along Reynolds Creek Campsite, a great spot for camping in the backcountry.

Your hike should be filled with incredible views, including an area recovering from a wildfire. This shows you how nature rebounds from destruction.

2. Florence Falls Trail – Hiking With Beautiful Mountain Views

Florence Falls cascades down multiple rocky tiers surrounded by dense forest with tall evergreen trees.

Trail NameLocationDifficultyElevation GainLengthTrail Type
Florence Falls TrailStarts at Gunsight Pass trailheadModerate1,174 feet9.2 milesOut and Back

The Florence Falls Trail offers a moderately challenging hike out and back. It’s 9.2 miles long and starts at the Gunsight Pass trailhead off the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Amazing natural scenery awaits you along the way.

Florence Falls Trail starts with a steep 1,174-feet climb to the base of Fusillade Mountain where you’ll be welcomed with breathtaking views. The waters from Twin Lakes flow from here, forming Florence Falls.

The trail is also important because it connects to the Gunsight Lake Trail. Florence Falls Trail is a great choice if you want a fulfilling hike surrounded by nature’s beauty.

3. Deadwood Falls Trail – Hiking With the Local Community

Deadwood Falls Trail, blanketed in fallen leaves, curves through dense green trees near Siksika Falls in Montana.

Trail NameLocationDifficultyElevation GainLengthTrail Type
Deadwood Falls TrailStarts at Jackson Glacier Overlook parking lotModerate626 feet2.9 milesOut and Back

The Deadwood Falls Trail to Siksika starts at the Jackson Glacier Overlook parking lot. It’s a challenging 2.9-mile hike that’s a favorite among locals.

The trail takes you to a peaceful waterfall near Reynolds Creek Campsite. The trek may be challenging, but its popularity reflects the vibrant hiking community in this area.

The hike on the Deadwood Falls trail has literal ups and downs. It starts with a downhill part, then you’ll have to climb back up to the parking area. But don’t worry, the total uphill part is only 626 feet, so it’s not too hard.

4. St. Mary and Virginia Falls Trail – Hiking With Two Waterfall Stops

The water at St. Mary Falls flows gently over rocks surrounded by lush green trees, moss-covered stones, and dense vegetation.

Trail NameLocationDifficultyElevation GainLengthTrail Type
St. Mary and Virginia Falls TrailAccessible from St. Mary Lake parking areasEasy452 feet2.9 milesOut and Back

The St. Mary and Virginia Falls Trail to Siksika Falls is a must-try for beginner hikers. The 2.9-mile round-trip trail starts at St. Mary Lake and ascends to a maximum elevation of 452 feet, which most hikers can handle.

A cool part of this trail is when you cross the St. Mary River. You get a beautiful view of the lake and a nice place to take a break and snap some awesome photos.

You’ll see not one, but two amazing waterfalls as you keep going — St. Mary and Virgina Falls. Both falls are beautiful and easy to reach, making them worth stopping by on your way to Siksika Falls.

Siksika Falls Final Thoughts

A rugged mountain landscape with multiple thin waterfalls cascading down rocky cliffs also known as Siksika Falls.

Siksika Falls is a stunning double waterfall hidden in Glacier National Park. Its water originates from Jackson Glacier, giving it a crystal-clear quality.

The journey to the falls is an adventure. With no direct trails, you can choose from a variety of longer routes through the park’s beautiful scenery, suitable for different hiking levels.

Stay safe and prepared for your trip. Even though the pool beneath Siksika Falls might look inviting, it’s best to enjoy it from a distance due to the cold, fast-moving water.

Bring a packed bag with water and snacks, as there are no facilities nearby. Visiting Siksika Falls is free, but you will need a park pass. You’ll create cherished memories of the falls’ natural beauty with these preparations.

Siksika Falls FAQs

1. Can I Swim in the Pool Beneath Siksika Falls?

Swimming in the pool beneath Siksika Falls is not a safe idea. Even though the water might look nice, it’s cold and flows fast. This can be dangerous. People are advised to enjoy the beauty of the falls from a distance.

2. Are There Facilities Near Siksika Falls, Such as Restrooms or Picnic Areas?

When you go to Siksika Falls, know it’s deep in Glacier National Park, away from city stuff. That means no nearby bathrooms or places for picnics. So, be ready! Bring your stuff, like water, snacks, and things you need for a break.

Make sure you’re all set for a nice time. When you’re there, just enjoy the beautiful views and peaceful nature.

3. Is There a Fee to Visit Siksika Falls?

Seeing Siksika Falls won’t cost you extra money. You have to pay to get into Glacier National Park, but that covers seeing the falls too.

When you get there, you can buy your park pass at the entrance or online before you go. That way, you’re ready to see Siksika Falls without spending more.

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