Top 13 Montana Ranches to Visit During Your Trip

Prepare for an unforgettable experience when planning your Montana ranch vacation. The state has some awesome and historic ranches that give you a peek into the past and let you enjoy nature.

I’ll walk you through the best ranches in Montana, like Grant-Kohrs Ranch and Triple Creek Ranch. Each one has its own cool and unique things to do.

Why are Montana ranch visits so great? Maybe it’s the mix of adventure and relaxation. Let’s see which of these awesome ranches will give you the perfect Montana experience.

5 Key Takeaways on Montana Ranches

  1. Montana offers a range of ranch experiences, from historical sites like Grant-Kohrs Ranch to luxury guest ranches like Triple Creek Ranch.
  2. Ranch activities vary widely, including horseback riding, cattle work, and guided tours of natural landmarks.
  3. Many ranches focus on specific themes, such as horsemanship at McGinnis Meadows and sustainable agriculture at Greycliff Creek Ranch.
  4. Montana’s ranches cater to different preferences, with options for educational visits, communal living experiences, and all-inclusive luxury stays.
  5. Visitors can enjoy a mix of classic Western activities and modern comforts in Montana’s ranches, from fly fishing and horse drives to gourmet dining and wellness centers.

Top 13 Ranches in Montana

A group of riders on horseback drives a herd of horses down a dirt road in rural Montana. The scene is during the day under a clear sky. Green fields and trees are in the background, with two houses on a distant hill. Dust rises as the horses move.

Looking for the perfect ranch for your Montana getaway? Big Sky State is home to some of the most stunning and adventure-packed ranches.

We’ve curated a list of the top 13 ranches that offer a mix of scenic beauty, authentic ranch experiences, and a touch of luxury. Each ranch has its unique charm, promising an unforgettable vacation.

1. Grant-Kohrs Ranch – A National Historic Site

A group of brown and white cows stand on a grassy plain at Grant-Kohrs Ranch. Green hills and mountains stretch in the background under a clear blue sky.

Grant-Kohrs Ranch is a special place in Deer Lodge, Montana. It honors the old-time cattle business from the 1850s in the American West.

Johnny Grant and Conrad Kohrs built a big ranch that covered 10 million acres! Now, it’s a National Historic Site with 88 old buildings saved just like they were back then. You can see what life was like in the old days here.

Visitors can see ranch life up close at Grant-Kohrs Ranch. They can watch cows eating grass and take tours of the main house. There are also demos of how things were done in the past and 7 miles of trails to walk.

The visitor center has bathrooms and a shop for souvenirs. And guess what? It’s all free! So, if you want to learn about Montana’s cowboy history without spending much, this is the place to go!

2. McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch – Tailored Horse Experiences for You

A herd of horses grazes in a green meadow on McGinnis Meadows Cattle and Guest Ranch, with a dense forest of tall, evergreen trees in the background.

McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch in Libby is a real working cattle ranch. People love it for its horseback riding, especially its Buck Brannaman style.

What makes McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch special is how they focus on making your experience personal, especially with horses. They keep the number of guests low, so everyone gets attention.

You can ride trails, learn about horses, and work with cattle here. They also teach about cattle work and how to take care of the land. They have a lot of land, about 25,000 acres, and they take care of it well.

This ranch has cozy rooms, tasty homemade food, and fun stuff like an indoor arena and games if you want a mix of adventure and comfort.

3. Last Chance Ranch – Tasty Ranch Food With Live Music

A cabin with a sign reading "Last Chance Ranch" in Helena, Montana. An American flag is displayed, and trees are in the background

Located roughly an hour from Missoula, Last Chance Ranch is a must-see spot on your Montana adventure. You’ll take a cool trip back in time on horse-drawn wagons through the mountains. Then, you can chill in a green area with food and live music.

You’ll dive deep into Montana’s olden days and its beautiful nature at Last Chance Ranch. The ranch offers a mix of classic and modern comforts. They serve tasty ranch food in a cozy dining hall, and there’s live music too.

They’ve got horseback riding and other outdoor fun with amazing mountain views if you’re up for adventure.

4. Lone Mountain Ranch – A Ranch Near Yellowstone National Park

Four brown horses in harnesses stand hitched to a metal rail in the snow. Snow-covered pine trees and a wooden structure are in the background.

Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky is a short distance from Yellowstone National Park and Bozeman Airport. That means it’s a perfect starting point for adventures. This dude ranch has been around for over 100 years, giving you a mix of luxury and real Western fun.

Lone Mountain Ranch has cool stuff like fireplaces and modern things like nice showers and private spots with record players. The Horn & Cantle Restaurant is amazing too, serving up tasty local food.

There’s tons to do for folks who love adventure at Lone Mountain Ranch. You can ride horses, go fishing, try Nordic skiing, or watch wildlife.

They’re close to streams, so fishing is awesome here. And their food is so good that magazines like Taste and the New York Times have talked about it.

5. Barron Ranch – Experience Montana’s Cowboy Culture

A close-up of a spotted horse nuzzling a metal fence in Barron Ranch. In the background, a person in a cowboy hat tends to another horse.

Barron Ranch in Absarokee gives you a real feel of the Old West. This family-run ranch has been around since 1873, passing down through five generations.

Wanda Wilcox, the owner, is a big deal here and even famous in the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. She’s all about keeping Montana’s cowboy history alive, and there’s a movie about her called “Kinship with the Land.”

Guests can live the cowboy life at Barron Ranch. You can ride horses, help with cows and sheep, and explore the huge Beartooth Wilderness. It’s a hands-on experience you won’t find everywhere.

This ranch is been active for over 140 years! Check this place out if you want to get what Montana’s cowboy culture is all about.

6. Greycliff Creek Ranch – Eco-Friendly Ranching With Horseback Riding

A cream-colored cow and a small brown calf stand in a dirt area near wooden fencing on Greycliff Creek Ranch.

Greycliff Creek Ranch in Greycliff, between Bozeman and Billings off Interstate 90, is renowned for its focus on sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

Greycliff Creek Ranch offers a variety of amenities, including horseback riding trails, chuckwagon dinners, fly fishing, horsemanship lessons, carriage/wagon rides, and cozy cabin accommodations.

One of its highlights is the restored 1870s log cabin, featured on the Discovery+ show “Restoration Road – Montana Greycliff Mill” in Season 1, Episode 2.

If you’re into horsemanship or just seeking a relaxing getaway with eco-friendly ranching practices, Greycliff Creek Ranch has something for you.

7. Dryhead Ranch – A Perfect Cattle Drive Vacation 

A group of horses, in shades of brown and black, stand in an open field at Dryhead Ranch. Hills and sparse trees are in the background.

Dryhead Ranch in Pryor, near the Pryor Mountains and Crow Indian Reservation, is famous for its real cattle drive vacations. Visitors here can join actual cowboys and ranch hands, helping with tasks like moving cattle, branding, and training horses.

The ranch offers amenities such as home-cooked meals, bunkhouse lodging, and newly remodeled private cabins. Due to its location on a reservation, there’s a strict no-alcohol policy.

Guests can do lots of fun stuff like driving cattle along the Old Sioux Trail at Dryhead Ranch. They can round up horses and cows, brand, rope, drive horses, train young horses, and watch wild mustangs at the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Refuge.

Dryhead Ranch is the place to be if you’re looking for an authentic ranching experience with seasoned ranch hands.

8. Triple Creek Ranch – Enjoy a Fun and Fancy Montana Ranch

A group of horses graze in a lush green meadow at Triple Creek Ranch. Dense pine trees surround the area, with two rustic wooden cabins nearby.

Triple Creek Ranch in Darby is surrounded by the beautiful Bitterroot Valley and Bitterroot Mountain Range. This makes it a perfect spot for an amazing vacation. It’s been part of Relais & Châteaux for over 25 years, offering a super fancy, all-inclusive experience.

Here’s what makes Triple Creek Ranch stand out:

  • Luxury in Nature – The ranch has fancy log cabins and houses, each with cool stuff like fireplaces, big beds, and hot tubs. The main lodge has neat Western art.
  • Great Food – The ranch is known for its gourmet cuisine, offering a dining experience that complements its secluded, romantic setting.
  • Fun for Everyone – The ranch offers a lot of things to do, like horseback riding, fishing, snowshoeing, and moving cattle. If you like excitement, you can try ATV rides and rafting. They also have archery, tennis, and shooting for anyone wanting to try new stuff.

Triple Creek Ranch has something you’ll love, ensuring your stay is special and tailored to your preferences. Whether you want adventure or peace, this ranch has it.

9. Hutterite King Colony Ranch – Experience the Hutterite Culture

A serene sunrise at Hutterite King Colony Ranch shows a wooden fence and a dirt path winding through open fields. A small wooden structure sits on the fence. Golden sunlight bathes the grass and path.

Hutterite King Colony Ranch, 10 miles west of Lewistown, offers more than just ranch life experience. Adults can join a 1.5-hour guided walking tour of the colony for $18, while children under 12 can join for $12.

The guided tour of Hutterite King Colony Ranch gives you a peek into their communal living, farming, and schooling. Hutterite King Colony Ranch was even on the National Geographic Channel, showing off the unique Hutterite way of life to the whole country.

If you’re looking for something different, something beyond the usual ranch experience, Hutterite King Colony Ranch is the place to be.

10. Mountain Sky Guest Ranch – A Premium Guest Ranch

Two horses stand closely together in a vast, open field at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch. Rolling hills and a cloudy sky are in the background.

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Emigrant is a gateway to an unforgettable experience. Just a 30-minute drive from the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park, this ranch sits in the heart of Paradise Valley, offering a luxurious retreat spread across 17,000 acres of pristine wilderness.

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch is renowned for its upscale, luxury guest experience. Here, you’ll find:

  • A Great Casual Fine Dining – Ideal for people who love exploring new places and trying amazing food in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • 4-Diamond Accommodations – Perfect for travelers who want a special, carefully planned getaway where every little thing is made just right for a memorable stay.
  • A Wellness Center for Relaxation Welcomes everyone who believes in taking care of themselves, relaxing, and feeling good in all aspects of life.
  • Private Golf Course The private golf course at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch is perfect for golf enthusiasts, and families who seek recreation while enjoying the ranch life.

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch boasts carefully refurbished cabins, a wellness center offering yoga and massage, and a golf course designed by a legendary golfer. 

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch is your destination for outdoor adventure! If you’re seeking excitement in the great outdoors, you’re in the right place. Here are the outdoor activities in store for you:

  1. Horseback Riding – Perfect for adventurous travelers.
  2. Guided Hiking – Ideal for hiking enthusiasts.
  3. Fly Fishing – A great escape for anglers of all levels while ranching.
  4. Whitewater Rafting – Perfect for adrenaline seekers.
  5. Archery and Clay Target Shooting – Great for archery and shooting enthusiasts
  6. Yoga – Perfect for people who want to find peace along with the ranch’s beauty.
  7. Kids Programs – Fun-filled activities for the whole family.
  8. Yellowstone Tours – Can create unforgettable adventures for nature lovers.

There’s fun for everyone at this ranch! Every day is full of exciting things to do and ways to relax. Mountain Sky Guest Ranch guarantees a vacation you’ll never forget, whether hiking in the park or playing golf.

11. 320 Guest Ranch – A Real Western Ranch Adventure

A row of wooden cabins with green roofs sits in a snow-covered landscape at 320 Guest Ranch.

320 Guest Ranch, located in Gallatin Gateway, sits between Yellowstone National Park and Big Sky Ski Resort in the Gallatin Canyon. With a 126-year history as a homestead since 1898, it celebrates Montana’s pioneer spirit through lodging, food, and activities.

320 Guest Ranch offers an authentic Western experience with cozy log cabin stays, delicious homemade meals at McGill’s Restaurant and Saloon, and various outdoor adventures in stunning natural surroundings.

Amenities include comfy log cabins, a restaurant and saloon, event spaces for conferences and weddings, access to pristine rivers, and stables with 70 horses.

Activities at 320 Guest Ranch range from horseback riding, hiking, and fly fishing to whitewater rafting, sleigh rides, and outdoor BBQs. Guests can also enjoy skiing at nearby Big Sky Resort, golfing, mountain biking, and exploring trails in Gallatin National Forest.

12. Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch – Rustic Montana-Style Ranching

A rustic cabin at Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch has a wooden deck with outdoor seating and vibrant flowers. It is surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees. A wooden fence with a partially visible "Welcome" sign frames the foreground.

Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch is located in Martinsdale, between the Crazy Mountains and the Castle Mountains. It’s on a big cattle ranch of 25,000 acres, showing off Montana’s mountain views.

There are four comfy log cabins among trees for privacy, close to the stables. These cabins have rustic Montana style and stuff like fridges and coffee makers.

People mostly ride horses here, going through hills, forests, and the Bonanza Creek. You can also help with cattle, go hiking, fish in a private lake, and see wildlife.

There are fun extras like breakfast cookouts and wagon rides with horses. They only host 8-12 guests weekly, so it’s a personal experience.

13. The Ranch at Rock Creek – Authentic Montana Ranching Near Missoula

A lush valley with a winding river, dirt road, and fields at The Ranch at Rock Creek. A log cabin with a red roof stands amid mountains and trees. Blue sky with scattered clouds completes the scenic view.

The Ranch at Rock Creek is a fancy all-inclusive guest ranch in Philipsburg, tucked in the wild ranchlands and wilderness of Western Montana’s Gold Country.

The Ranch at Rock Creek is just a 1.5-hour drive from Missoula International Airport and offers transportation.

Ranch at Rock Creek spreads across 6,600 acres of beautiful Montana land, it has green meadows, rolling hills, and snowy peaks far away. There are also 29 cool places to stay, from lodge rooms to historic barn suites, private log homes, and luxury canvas cabins.

Guests get to do two outdoor adventures each day, like riding horses, fishing, hiking, biking, spotting wildlife, and shooting.

Montana Ranches Final Thoughts

Black cattle graze in a wide grassy field. Rolling hills are in the distance under a hazy sky. A wire fence stretches across the foreground.

Montana’s ranches aren’t just places to stay but also connect us to history and the land. Each ranch has its own story, like the vast history of Grant-Kohrs Ranch or the luxury of Lone Mountain Ranch.

You can do lots of things at these ranches, from cattle drives to learning about sustainable farming. Whether you want to see communal living at Hutterite King Colony Ranch or enjoy luxury at Triple Creek Ranch, Montana has it all.

Think about what story you want to live as you plan your ranch adventure. Do you want to ride through big landscapes, work with cattle at McGinnis Meadows, or relax at The Ranch at Rock Creek? Each ranch is a piece of Montana waiting for you to explore and enjoy.

1. What Is the Best Time to Visit Montana Ranches?

The best time to visit Montana ranches depends on what you want to do. Summer and early fall are great for most outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, and fishing. This time of year usually has the best weather.

Some ranches have cool things to do in other seasons. For example, in winter, you might find ranches that offer skiing or sleigh rides. So, the best time varies from ranch to ranch and what you’re into.

2. What Types of Accommodations Are Available at Montana Ranches?

Montana ranches welcome you with a variety of accommodations. You’ll find everything from snug cabins and comfy lodges to lavish log homes.

Some ranches offer the classic bunkhouse experience, while others boast modern luxuries like private hot tubs and elegant Western art in every room. 

3. What Activities Can Guests Participate in at Montana Ranches?

Montana ranches offer a wide range of activities for their guests. These activities include horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and even cattle work. Guests can also enjoy wildlife viewing.

Depending on the ranch, visitors might have the chance to go on guided tours, experience local culture, and take part in outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting or skiing. 

4. Do Montana Ranches Cater to Families With Children?

Montana ranches are perfect for families with kids. They have a lot of fun things for children to do. Kids can go to camps just for them, learn how to ride horses, and explore nature with guides.

These activities are made for kids to have fun and learn, all in a safe and supervised way. This means parents can also have their own fun knowing their kids are well taken care of.

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