Discover Symes Hot Springs Hotel: A Wellness Guide

Are you longing for a peaceful escape from the daily grind? Picture yourself soaking in mineral-rich hot springs under the open sky – a dream come true, right? Well, look no further than Symes Hot Springs Hotel in the charming town of Hot Springs, Montana.

At Symes, you’ll find not just one, but two natural mineral hot springs, offering the ultimate relaxation experience. From its fascinating historical background to its modern amenities, Symes has everything you need for a rejuvenating getaway.

And if you’re wondering how to get there from Missoula or beyond, don’t worry – we’ve got simple driving directions for you. So why wait? Come discover the timeless tranquility of Symes Hot Springs Hotel’s oasis!

7 Key Takeaways on Symes Hot Springs Hotel

  1. Nested in the charming town of Hot Springs, Montana, Symes Hot Springs is a slice of history that offers a tranquil setting with two natural mineral hot springs.
  2. The Symes Hotel, built in the Mission style, dates back to the 1940s and is a carefully preserved piece of Montana’s past. It reflects the heritage of the Little Bitterroot River Valley and the Native peoples who revered the hot springs.
  3. Symes Hot Springs Hotel isn’t just about hot springs – it offers unique historical experiences, top-notch dining, family-friendly service, a diverse range of accommodations, and a day spa.
  4. Symes is open year-round and offers pocket-friendly adult and children rates for day soaks. Lodging prices start from as low as $49, making it accessible for various budgets and travel styles.
  5. Symes Hot Springs Hotel is located a convenient 74-mile trip northwest of Missoula, Montana, and personalized driving directions are available both online and by phone.
  6. Symes Hot Springs is a seamless blend of history and modern comfort. Its healing mineral waters, rich architectural heritage, and surrounding local attractions, make it a must-visit for travelers.
  7. Whether you’re looking to unwind in historic pools, enjoy live music, or explore the nearby attractions, Symes Hot Springs offers a timeless retreat that sets it apart from the ordinary.

About Symes Hot Springs Hotel

A view of the Symes Hot Springs Hotel from inside the enclosure housing their natural mineral pool

Symes Hot Springs Hotel is the kind of place where time slows down. It’s nestled in the charming town of Hot Springs, gifting visitors with not just one, but two natural mineral hot springs to soak their weary bones. If you’re pining for a dose of tranquility, this century-old resort is your ticket to relaxation.


A view of the Symes Hot Springs Hotel from the outside, featuring their spring pools and the main hotel building

Symes Hot Springs Hotel takes you back to the yesteryears, nestled in the Little Bitterroot River Valley, Montana. Think 1940s, Mission-style building – no room phones, no Wi-Fi. no TV, just an unadulterated charm.

This isn’t just any old hotel. Imagine a pool at its front fed by hot mineral waters straight from an artesian well. It’s like dipping into nature’s bathtub. The upper pool is a toasty 104°F; the lower, is a slightly cooler 100°F, with a calming waterfall in between.

But look deeper, and you’ll find roots stretching back centuries. The Native people of this region had long recognized the healing properties of these hot springs. In 1855, the government even reserved the area, setting the stage for future development.

Fast-forward to 1910, and you’ll find yourself in the newly minted town of Hot Springs, aptly located within the current Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ boundaries. It wasn’t until 1929 when businessman Fred Symes took the reins and built the hotel, that the area truly began to blossom as a resort destination.

Symes didn’t just build a hotel, he built a legacy. Even during the Great Depression, the hotel thrived. It saw almost constant expansion and improvement from the ’30s to the mid-’40s, a testament to the region’s allure and Symes’ vision.

Symes Hot Springs Hotel isn’t just a relic; it’s a living piece of history. Not many grand resort hotels from that era still stand, but Symes endures, offering you a chance to be part of that rich history.

So next time you’re in Montana, consider trading your gadgets for a slice of serenity at Symes. As the hot mineral waters soothe your soul, you’ll also be soaking up centuries of stories.

Features and Amenities

The Symes Hotel restaurant's charming dining area

The Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths is more than just a place to lay your head. With a rich historical connection and a variety of top-notch amenities, a stay here is a destination in itself. Let’s take a look at what sets this tranquil oasis apart.

  • Dining – The hotel offers a charming restaurant, and a buzzing espresso bar, and has been known to host impressive live music performances.
  • Art and Antiques – The hallways have an art gallery and antiques, adding character to the hotel’s ambiance.
  • Gift Shop – A unique gift shop to bring home keepsakes that reflect the hotel’s character.
  • Historical Experience – It’s no coincidence that authors like Nathanial Altman honor Symes as not just any hot spring stop. It’s made its way into books like “Healing Springs of the World” for its mineral waters that are believed to have exceptional healing properties.
  • Family-Friendly Staff – Whether it’s special entertainment for the little ones or just making you feel at home, Symes has a reputation for family-friendly service.
  • The Hotel – It offers a range of accommodations, from the Jacuzzi Steam with a jetted mineral spa to rustic cabins and convenience apartments.
  • The Baths – Private clawfoot tubs and a two-person jetted tub, the bath wing has a variety of options for a relaxing mineral-water soak.
  • Large Swimming Pool – The hotel boasts a sizeable swimming pool filled with natural mineral water, perfect for a dip during warmer months.
  • Day Spa – Adding another layer to your relaxation, the day spa provides a host of services from Swedish massages to WATSU in a private mineral pool.
  • Breakfast – Fuel your day with a full and hearty breakfast, setting the right tone for your relaxing stay.

Now, it’s not every day you get to wind down after a long day of exploration with a world-class meal, a live music gig, and a mineral bath rumored to heal anything from a sore muscle to a broken heart. But that’s just a regular day at the Symes.

Hours and Prices

If you’re just looking for a day soak at Symes Hot Springs, let me give you the lowdown. You’re in for a treat; the hot springs operate from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays, and they’re open an extra hour until 10:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. So, you’ve got the whole day to unwind.

Day Soak (Adults)$10.00
Day Soak (Children 11 and Under)$5.50
10 Soak Punch Card$60.00

If you’re planning a longer stay or looking to make a day of it, you’ve got a few options. There’s a 10 Soak Punch Card for those frequent dippers. For the little ones, the day soak is even cheaper, coming in at $5.50. It’s a bargain and a fantastic way for families to spend time together.

What’s neat is that all these lodging options include two swim passes, making it easy to hop into the pools at your leisure. Here are the lodging rates:

Room RatesStart at $49.00
RV Sites $35.00
Tent Camping$30.00

Symes Hot Springs operates year-round, and their room prices typically range from $50 to $135, depending on the season and room type. Whether it’s a summer sun or a winter chill you’re after, Symes has got you covered.

Location and Directions

Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths is a peaceful getaway nestled on Highway 28 between Plains and Elmo, an easy 74-mile trip northwest of Missoula, Montana.

To drive there from Missoula, pack your favorite playlist and follow this step-by-step route:

  1. Head north on I-90 W towards Ronan.
  2. Take the exit onto US-93 N towards Polson/Kalispell.
  3. Continue on US-93 N until it becomes MT-200 W near Polson.
  4. Follow MT-200 W to Perma, and make a right onto MT-382 N.
  5. After cruising through Three Rivers, continue straight onto MT-28 E.
  6. When MT-28 E meets MT-77, take a right to stay on MT-28 E.
  7. The final turn? Simply look for the post office in Hot Springs, and make a left.

For those coming from other locations, technology can be your best buddy. Use Google Maps or a similar tool for personalized directions. You can also ring Symes Hot Springs at (406) 741-2361 and reserve your spot. Their website is equally helpful for planning and additional information.

Whether you’re making a day trip or combining a visit with surrounding attractions, I hope you find your way to this rustic treasure and leave all the city noise behind. 

Symes Hot Springs Hotel Final Thoughts

The Symes Hot Spring's Jacuzzi Stream attached to its natural mineral pool

Symes Hot Springs offers a beautifully preserved oasis steeped in history. Its Mission-style architecture evokes the elegance of the 1940s, providing a charming, uncluttered vibe that transports you back in time. Immerse yourself in mineral-rich hot springs pools while a gentle waterfall hums in the background, offering a serene and soothing experience.

Despite the absence of modern distractions like Wi-Fi or TVs in the rooms, there’s plenty to enjoy. The restaurant serves delicious meals, live musical performances entertain guests, and a day spa offers relaxation. Symes seamlessly blends heritage preservation with contemporary comforts, providing a truly unique experience.

The real stars of the show, however, are the hot springs themselves. Renowned for their healing mineral waters, the varied soaking options offer rejuvenation and relaxation. Symes Hot Springs stands as a testament to Montana’s rich cultural and natural heritage, inviting guests to indulge in a timeless experience that’s second to none.

Symes Hot Springs Hotel FAQs

1. Is Symes Hot Springs Open Year-Round?

Yes, Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths operate year-round, providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy its rejuvenating amenities and historic charm regardless of the season.

2. Where Is Symes Hot Springs Located?

Symes Hot Springs is located near the city of Hot Springs in Montana’s Little Bitterroot River Valley. The town of Hot Springs, originally known as Pineville, is situated within the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Indian Reservation.

3. Is There a Hotel in Symes Hot Springs?

Yes, Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths serves as the primary lodging option in Symes Hot Springs. This historic hotel offers guests a unique retreat with its Mission-style architecture, soothing mineral baths, and a range of modern amenities.

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