Guide to the Best Gigantic Warm Springs Experience

Get ready to be hugged by Montana’s huge warm springs, welcoming you with their cozy, inviting scent. Welcome to Gigantic Warm Springs, a vast oasis in Montana that will ignite your adventurous side.

Are you someone who loves the outdoors and wants a special experience that’s both refreshing and energizing? Picture yourself surrounded by Mother Nature’s warm embrace — a gigantic bath big enough for 200 swimmers at once! Feeling excited to jump in already, right?

From the lively days of July to the calmer vibes of September, Gigantic Warm Springs is ready to give you a special experience—a perfect mix of peaceful relaxation and fun. Explore our complete guide and get ready to plan your adventure at Montana’s amazing natural treasure.

7 Key Takeaways on Gigantic Warm Springs

  1. Gigantic Warm Springs in Montana offers a grand, unique, and natural experience, providing an immense pool of warm water perfect for swimming and relaxation.
  2. Local tips include visiting during off-peak hours, avoiding the use of soaps or oils, and respecting the natural environment and wildlife.
  3. Safety reminders for navigating the waters mention larger springs often have strong currents, and it’s important to observe local regulations for swimming and diving.
  4. Beyond the warm springs, visitors can enjoy nearby attractions like hiking, picnicking, and camping, all of which provide scenic views of Montana’s landscapes.
  5. Gigantic Warm Springs comes highly recommended for a contrasting and breathtaking winter experience, with visitors advised to bring insulated clothing afterward.
  6. Montana boasts also a variety of other hot spring options with unique features and amenities catering to diverse preferences.
  7. Directions and practical tips for planning a visit to Gigantic Warm Springs are outlined, including driving directions, seasonal availability, operating hours, and entry fees.

About Gigantic Warm Springs

Gigantic Warm Springs' hot spring pool on a scenic landscape on a clear, sunny day.

Montana’s massive warm springs are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. They’re not just a place to soak in, but an opportunity to feel nature’s gentle, warm embrace grandly.

These springs are famed for their significant size, natural warmth, and the unique way they add a dash of grandeur to the state’s already breathtaking landscape.

Features and Amenities

Two girls jump excitedly in the natural spring pool of Gigantic Warm Springs.

If you’re familiar with the appeal of cozy warm water but worried that hot springs might be too toasty, Gigantic Warm Springs near Lewistown is your jam. This ginormous warm spring is the largest of its kind on our blue planet and the third-largest natural spring.

How Big and Fun is Gigantic Warm Springs?

  • Open, Private Ranch – Located on a private ranch, Gigantic Warm Springs spreads nearly 100 yards in diameter, providing ample space for up to 200 swimmers at once.
  • Swimming Area – Offers a large 5,000-square-foot pool with clear, 68°F (20°C) water sourced from a geothermal spring.
  • Atmosphere – The place buzzes with a friendly, upbeat vibe, especially in the summer days. You might witness folks jumping off platforms or engaging in a casual game of volleyball.
  • Life Preservers – You’re new to swimming, that’s okay! You can hang out in the roped-off shallow section and even bring floating devices.
  • Picnics Galore – There are picnic tables available, so you can bring your spread and make it a day out.
  • Where to Sit Back – Shady spots are provided by towering willows near the beach, adding to the relaxation.
  • Facilities – Gigantic Warm Springs offers two sets of restrooms, changing rooms, and a max depth of 14 feet for those daring plunges or more secure spots.
  • No Dogs Allowed – As much as we love our furry friends, they’re not allowed in the pool area.
  • Space and Solace – If the pool area gets a little crowded for your liking, you can unwind in the open green spaces nearby.
  • Camping Tips – If you fancy a longer stay, camping is an option. Just remember to carry your munchies; no food services are available on-site.

The experience is a tad livelier than the typical serene hot springs setting, particularly in July when it’s peak season. For a quieter and more serene experience, consider visiting in late August or early September.

The springs offer visitors a chance to cool off in nature’s giant bath but with the bonus of fun activities like camping and snorkeling, ensuring an experience as vast and expansive as the springs themselves.

Location and Directions

From Lewistown, taking on the scenic drive to reach Gigantic Warm Springs is a treat in itself. You’ll travel roughly 14 miles (around 22.5 km) north of Lewistown, MT on Highway 81, a journey that will take approximately 21 minutes.

Make sure to pack a picnic or grab some road snacks because the springs themselves don’t offer any concessions. Trust me, you’ll want some lunch, water, and maybe some extra snacks to keep the energy levels up.

Here are quick and easy driving directions:

  1. Start in Lewistown and drive north on US 191 for 9 miles (around 14 km).
  2. Take a left on MT 81 and go another 3.7 miles (around 6 km) until you see the Gigantic Warm Springs sign.
  3. After about a mile, take a right onto Warm Spring Lane.
  4. Your destination will be on the left – look out for those signature blue bathrooms.

Upon parking, unpack your swim gear and enjoy Montana’s largest hot spring. Whether you want to swim, sunbathe, or just cool off, the springs are ready to welcome you.

Hours and Prices

If you’ve got plans to luxuriate in the natural embrace of Gigantic Warm Springs, here’s a little heads up on when your dream come true is open for delight.

Seasonal AvailabilityJune through early September
Daily Hours12 p.m. to 9 p.m

Now, no one wants a shocker when they arrive at the ticket counter! Here’s a friendly nudge of how much it’ll cost you to enjoy this spot:

Age GroupFee
14 and over$4
6 to 13$3
5 and underFree

So there you have it – the clock is ticking, and so are the rewarding experiences at Gigantic Warm Springs. Plan smart and enjoy even smarter!

Other Hot Springs in Montana

For a well-rounded Montana hot spring experience, you can consider the following spots:

Hot SpringsLocationFeatures
Chico Hot SpringsParadise Valley, MontanaLodging, dining, natural hot springs pools, surrounded by mountains, close to Yellowstone National Park.
Norris Hot SpringsNear Norris, MontanaOne pool is fed by artesian springs, a live music stage, a food menu, and cold beer.
Broadwater Hot SpringsHelena, MontanaLarge indoor pool, hot tubs, full-service spa, therapeutic hot spring water from artesian well.
Quinn’s Hot SpringsNear Paradise, MontanaSix pools with chemical-free hot spring water, luxurious accommodation options including private cabins and Glacier Lodge rooms.
Elkhorn Hot SpringsPioneer Mountains, MontanaFamily-owned, primitive retreat, two outdoor hot spring pools, Grecian/Wet sauna.
Bozeman Hot SpringBozeman, Montana9 unique mineral pools, a spa and massage center, two steam rooms, a fitness gym, and a juice bar.
Lolo Hot SpringsBitterroot Mountains, Western MontanaHot springs pools, lodging, dining, outdoor recreational activities.

Gigantic Warm Springs Final Thoughts

The Gigantic Warm Spring pool in Montana amid a lush, green landscape

Gigantic Warm Springs, situated on a private ranch near Lewistown, Montana, emerges as a haven of tranquility and adventure, beckoning visitors with its unparalleled charm. As the world’s largest warm spring, it offers a unique refuge from scorching days, boasting crystal-clear waters set amidst picturesque landscapes.

The springs pulsate with an inviting atmosphere, drawing crowds with affordability and all kinds of lively activities, including deck jumping and volleyball. Its inclusivity caters to visitors of all swimming abilities, whether diving into the deep end or lounging in the shallows, while amenities like picnic areas and changing rooms ensure convenience and comfort.

For those seeking a quieter escape, visiting during late August or early September provides respite from peak crowds, allowing for a more intimate encounter with the springs’ beauty amid Montana’s rugged landscapes.

Gigantic Warm Hot Springs goes beyond its stunning natural beauty to become a peaceful haven for relaxation, fun, and connecting with nature. It offers an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.

Gigantic Warm Springs FAQs

1. Does Montana Have Natural Hot Springs?

Yes, Montana boasts several natural hot springs dispersed throughout its territory. Among these are renowned spots like Bozeman Hot Springs, Norris Hot Springs, and Chico Hot Springs, each offering distinct experiences amidst the state’s picturesque landscapes.

2. Is Gigantic Warm Springs Open Year-Round?

No, Gigantic Warm Springs in Montana is not open year-round. It is open seasonally from June through early September.

3. What Is the Most Popular Hot Spring in Montana?

Montana is home to over a dozen hot springs, both primitive and developed. Some of the most popular hot springs in Montana include Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, Bozeman Hot Springs, Norris Hot Springs, Yellowstone Hot Springs, Broadwater Hot Springs & Fitness, and Potosi Hot Springs.

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