5 Best Montana Corn Mazes to Explore With Family

If you’re a fan of wholesome family fun or simply someone who loves to embrace nature’s beauty, there are a plethora of delightful corn mazes scattered across Montana’s picturesque landscapes waiting for you to explore.

From complex labyrinth designs appealing to puzzle enthusiasts to simpler routes perfect for little ones, these corn mazes offer an ideal blend of challenge and relaxation, drawing enthusiasts from across the state and beyond.

We’ll traverse Montana’s best corn mazes, exploring their unique features and ideal visiting times. Whether you’re a local looking for weekend getaways or a tourist planning a Montana escape, this guide promises to make your adventure all the more exciting.

So come along, discover Montana’s charming countryside through its beloved corn mazes, and start planning your next family outing today!

7 Key Takeaways on Montana Corn Mazes

  1. Montana Offers Unique Corn Maze Experiences The state of Montana does more than provide stunning vistas; it boasts a range of adventurous corn mazes for families. 
  2. Variety of Family Activities at Corn Mazes Montana’s corn mazes often come paired with a host of family-friendly activities. For instance, at The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm, additional amenities like the Speleo Cave, Farmin Ball Zone, and pumpkin patch provide a full-day experience.
  3. Locations and highlights of Montana’s top corn mazes key locations, operating hours, and notable features of the top corn mazes are highlighted, like T&C Farms in Laurel and Field of Screams in Victor.
  4. Haunted Mazes Offer Spooky Fun for Halloween Enthusiasts for those seeking a spooky twist, Montana also offers haunted mazes like the Field of Screams in Victor, a 3-acre corn maze complete with walking zombies.
  5. A Unique Twist on Traditional Mazes Looking for something a bit exotic? Fritz Corn Maze offers a speleo cave maze, adding an extra layer of fun to your autumn adventure.
  6. Montana Corn Maze in Manhattan brings rural charm and family-friendly activities together, encouraging visitors to relish the entire atmosphere, not just the maze itself.
  7. Montana’s corn mazes encapsulate the essence of autumn, combining the rustling golden corn, rich seasonal treats, and winding rows of maize to paint a picture-perfect experience.

5 Best Corn Mazes in Montana

A path in one of Montana's top corn mazes leading up to a sign.

Montana is not just prime wilderness and remarkable vistas; it also crafts some of the most adventurous and intriguing corn mazes for an unforgettable family escapade. Ready to get delightfully lost?

Here’s your ticket to Montana’s top 5 corn mazes that are nothing short of an autumnal delight. So, gather your pumpkin spice fanatics, your tiny ghouls, and your better half, because it’s maze time!

1. The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm

The Maize at Grandpa's Farm in Billings, Montana
source: facebook.com

Regular Hours$12 per person
Haunted Season Nights$15
Ages 2 and UnderFree
LocationBetween Grand Avenue and Rimrock Avenue on 58th Street West, Billings, Montana

The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm is a slice of real American life right in Montana’s backyard. It’s not just a corn maze — it’s an entire harvest-themed playground, and my kids went nuts for it.

Group and school rates available Attractions Beyond the Maze. The Speleo Cave, Farmin Ball Zone, and Cow Train Ride The Maize itself is the star, but there are a bunch of other fun activities that are worth a look.

Don’t miss out on the Speleo Cave adventure, the Farmin Ball Zone (think giant inflatable pillow meets baseball), and the charming Cow Train Ride that’s perfect for the little ones.

Pumpkin Patch Perfection Tickle your child’s sense of adventure with a visit to their awesome pumpkin patch. You can pick your pumpkin and bring it home, making it a day to remember. Prices for pumpkins vary based on size, ranging from $4 to $15.

2. T&C Farms

A path through the T&C Farms corn maze where corn stalks are starting to age and wilt
source: facebook.com

Location1927 Holstein Lane, Laurel, Montana
Operating HoursFridays, Saturdays, and Sundays – 9 a.m. to dusk
Admission$12 per person (includes the corn maze, hayrides, and pumpkin patch access)

Apart from giving your inner cartographer a workout, your admission will get you a hayride around the farm and the delightful agonizing pleasure of choosing just one pumpkin from their patch. As we all know, that’s a task as difficult as snagging the last doughnut at the breakfast buffet.

But wait, there’s more. T&C Farms also offers extra activities such as pony rides, a barrel train, and a thrilling pumpkin slingshot, guaranteeing plenty of fun for everyone.

The farm’s family-friendly environment and diverse attractions make it an ideal destination for a fall outing with your loved ones. Don’t miss out on the chance to create lasting memories and enjoy the best of the season at T&C Farms.

3. Fritz Corn Maze

A wide path through the Fritz Corn Maze in Kalispell, Montana
source: facebook.com

Location173 Birch Grove Road, Kalispell, Montana
Season OpeningSeptember (specific date to be announced for 2024 season)
General Admission PricesSaturdays and Sundays – $10 per person
 Fridays – $5 per person for the maze

The Fritz Corn Maze also offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, including a scavenger hunt, cow train, culvert slides, a small bale maze, a tractor tire sandbox, and games.

For those seeking a spooky adventure, the Haunted Trail and Haunted Barn are available for $10 per person on specific dates in October. With its wide array of family-friendly attractions, Fritz Corn Maze is the perfect destination for a fall outing with the family.

The farm is conveniently located between Kalispell and Columbia Falls, off Highway 2 on Birch Grove Rd East, 1 mile south of the Glacier Airport. Whether visitors are looking for a day of fun and festivities or a thrilling Halloween experience, Fritz Corn Maze has something for everyone to enjoy.

4. Field of Screams

The entrance to the Field of Screams in Victor, Montana with a welcome sign
source: facebook.com

LocationVictor, Montana
AttractionsHaunted Corn Field Maze, Mini Corn Maze, Auxiliary Fun
Special Features3-acre cornfield, 10-foot-high corn, walking zombies
Additional ActivitiesHayrides, slides, haybale fun

Games and Extra Surprises at Field of Screams:

  • Secret Word Find – Part of the twisted fun, this in-maze game will keep you on your toes.
  • Monday Frights – For families and those who want a less intense experience, there’s the Haunted Walk with Lights On on Mondays from 6-8 pm.

Established in 2000, the Field of Screams has been a go-to haunt in Western Montana for over two decades. You can experience all this spooky fun during the Halloween season — usually from late September up to the big day itself. 

5. Montana Corn Maze

A woman in a small vehicle navigates the Montana Corn Maze with her daughter
source: facebook.com

LocationManhattan, Montana
Main Attraction2.5-acre corn maze with 1.5 miles of trail
Admission$10 for ages 4 and older, free for ages 3 and under

Montana Corn Maze also has a playground area, a barrel train for kids, an adult trike track, a farmer’s market, and a pumpkin patch. Visitors can also enjoy miniature animals and historic farm buildings as part of the attractions. Other activities include wagon rides, hayrides, and games for the whole family to participate in.

Food and drink options are available on-site, including a coffee trailer and tropical sno. Visitors can also purchase various market goodies and merchandise. With all these exciting attractions and activities, the Montana Corn Maze is the perfect destination for some fall fun!

Montana Corn Mazes Final Thoughts

A path in one of Montana's top corn mazes with an arrow sign pointing in two directions.

Montana offers a diverse array of corn mazes, each providing autumnal delights for all ages. Grandpa’s Farm, T&C Farms, The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm, Fritz Corn Maze, and Field of Screams are popular destinations that cater to both thrill-seekers and families.

Each location offers unique attractions, from speleo caves to haunted themes, providing a wholesome blend of rural charm and family-friendly activities.

One standout attraction is the Montana Corn Maze in Manhattan, which exudes a magical atmosphere during the harvest season. The maze pathways offer a delightful blend of seasonal joy, captivating visitors with the beauty of the autumn season.

Every location provides a different experience, from the family-friendly activities at Grandpa’s Farm to the spooky thrills of Field of Screams. Whether visitors seek a lighthearted day of fun or a heart-pounding fright, Montana’s corn mazes offer something for everyone.

This diversity ensures that each guest can find the perfect corn maze experience, making it a must-visit destination throughout the autumn season.

Montana Corn Mazes FAQs

1. What Is the Largest Corn Maze in Montana?

The largest corn maze in Montana is The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm, situated in Billings. Spanning across acres of land, it offers visitors an extensive network of intricate pathways to navigate through, providing a challenging and entertaining experience.

2. Are Corn Mazes Popular in Montana?

Yes, corn mazes are popular in Montana, particularly during the fall season. They offer a blend of entertainment and outdoor adventure for families and individuals alike. With various themed attractions, activities, and scenic rural settings, corn mazes attract locals and tourists seeking seasonal fun in Montana.

3. What Corn Maze Is Located in Kalispell?

Fritz Corn Maze is located in Kalispell, Montana. It offers visitors an engaging maze experience with themed designs and various additional attractions such as scavenger hunts, cow trains, and culvert slides. Fritz Corn Maze is a popular destination for families and individuals seeking fall fun in the Kalispell area.

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