Montana State Lullaby: Exploring the Sweet Sound

Hey there, fellow music lovers! Are you ready to embark on a melodic journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Treasure State?

Well, strap on your cowboy boots and get ready to be serenaded by one of the most enchanting melodies to ever grace our ears. Allow me to introduce you to the captivating Lullaby.

Written by the talented Wylie Gustafson, this heartfelt ballad will whisk you away to a world of lonesome cowboys and blue skies.

Picture this, a gentle rhythm, warm background vocals, and lyrics that paint a vivid picture of the rugged cowboy life.

“Montana Lullaby” is a light-hearted and silly song that’ll make you feel like you’re right at home in a cozy cowboy bar, sipping on a drink and swaying to the melody.

Trust me, you won’t be able to resist humming along to its mesmerizing melody and tapping your feet to its upbeat rhythm. 

Prepare to be captivated by the soothing tunes, the beautiful lyrics, and the magical journey it’ll take you on.

It’s time to let its lullaby lull you to sleep, transporting you to a place where dreams come alive and the spirit of the Wild West still roams free.

The State Song: Montana Lullaby

A Grassy Landscape in Montana

“Montana Lullaby” is Montana’s State Ballad, a captivating melody, penned by Ken Overcast and Wylie Gustafson, that weaves together the state’s spirit and the soul-stirring beauty of its landscapes.

Ken Overcast, a local talent from Chinook City, with a heart deeply rooted in the rugged charm of his home state, teamed up with Wylie Gustafson of Cut Bank to create this melodic masterpiece.

It was through the support of a country radio DJ in Billings and a director from the Yellowstone County Museum that this poignant ballad started gaining momentum.

Transporting listeners to the heart of the state’s wilderness, the official lullaby paints a vivid portrait of a lonesome cowboy’s life amidst the rugged landscapes.

It speaks of wrangling stray cattle, moonlit nights that bring forth dreams of a love named Jenny, and a melody that bridges solitude with a hint of companionship in the vast expanse.

Its country music elements, infused with the remarkable storytelling abilities of Overcast and Gustafson, make for a truly mesmerizing experience.

In 2007, the legislative body of Montana recognized the profound impact of “Montana Lullaby” and honored it as the official state lullaby.

Since then, its enchanting melodies have touched the hearts of many.

Montana Lullaby Lyrics

Lyric Sheets and Two Microphones

The Lullaby is a beautiful song that captures the essence of the state’s rugged charm and captivating landscapes.

It tells a story that we can all relate to, of longing, love, and the beauty of solitude in the rugged wilderness of the state. The lullaby is a sleepy song that perfectly captures the beauty of the Big Sky City.

Here’s the lyrics to another iconic song about the state, “Montana Lullaby”:

The sun’s sinkin’ low in the west and I know
Another day on the range has gone by
We’ll bed down the strays, we’ve been gatherin’ all day
With a Montana Lullaby

In my blankets at night, with the moon shinin’ bright
Dreams of my Jenny drift by
Breakin’ of dawn, brings the Meadowlark’s song
A Montana Lullaby

From the wide rollin’ plains, cross the Rockies blue range
Wherever the proud eagle flies
A lone coyote croons to a full lover’s moon
A Montana Lullaby

Jenny’s at home, waitin’ alone
As the long roundup evenin’s drag by
The wind in the pines, whispers she’s mine
With a Montana Lullaby

Montana Lullaby Origins

Man Strumming a Guitar

Ken Overcast, a musician and songwriter, joined forces with Wylie Gustafson to create this melodic masterpiece that Montanans call their state ballad.

Ken Overcast, a rancher, has always been deeply connected to the cowboy way of life. His music and poetry are a reflection of the challenges faced by real cowboys in their daily lives. 

He won the International Cowboy Yodeling Championship and an Artistic Trailblazer Award nomination in 1997.

Overcast continued receiving nominations, including a Grammy nomination and a state Governor’s Award for the Arts.

Wylie Gustafson, born into a lineage of cowboys spanning 4 generations, has become a household name in the world of country songs.

With his band, “Wylie & The Wild West,” Gustafson has captivated audiences both nationally and internationally and was honored with induction into the state’s Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2019.

Wylie Galt Gustafson is also the sibling of Kristen Juras, the state’s Lieutenant Governor. Juras serves as a partner to Governor Greg Gianforte.

Songs Inspired by Montana

Music Note Sheet with a Heart Cut-Out on Top

People from the state have crafted numerous compositions celebrating their state, and the government has designated 3 of these tracks as official state songs.

The initial piece titled “Montana,” which serves as Montana’s anthem, emerged in 1910 and was penned by Charles Cohan, an editor from Butte, along with the renowned songwriter Joseph E. Howard.

Additionally, the state embraces a state ballad, “Montana Melody,” created by LeGrande Harvey, which gained official status in 1983.

Here is a list of songs inspired by Montana, created by various artists:

  1. “Livingston Saturday Night” – Jimmy Buffett
  2. “The Missoula Song” – Jewel
  3. “Montana Song” – Hank Williams Jr.
  4. “Meet Me in Montana” – Dan Seals and Marie Osmond
  5. “Wild Montana Skies” – John Denver
  6. “Home is Where Montana Is” – Bruce Anfinson
  7. “Montana” – Sons of the Pioneers
  8. “Montana on My Mind” – Shane Clouse
  9. “Montana Melody” – LeGrande Harvey
  10. “My Home’s in Montana” – Wylie & The Wild West
  11. “Goodnight Montana” – David Walburn
  12. “Montana” – John Linnell
  13. “Montana Rodeo” – Chris LeDoux
  14. “Big City” – Merle Haggard
  15. “Montana” – Liz Carlisle
  16. “Cut Bank, Montana” – Hank Williams Jr.
  17. “Butte, America” – Tim Montana
  18. “Look for Me in Butte” – Utah Philips
  19. “Montana”- Frank Zappa

Montana Lullaby Final Thoughts

Baby Sleeping in Woman's Arms

There’s something truly special about the state of Montana and its official lullaby, “Montana Lullaby.” This beautiful and iconic song perfectly captures the serene beauty and rugged charm that define this state.

From the moment the song’s soothing melody begins, you’re transported to the majestic mountains and vast open plains that make Montana so unique.

Its lyrics paint a vivid picture of cowboy life, evoking images of rugged cowboys and the untamed spirit of the Wild West. It’s a wonderful song that encapsulates the essence of Montana.

“Montana Lullaby” is a gentle reminder to escape the chaos of city life and embrace the tranquility of the Rocky Mountain state.

It’s a melody that soothes the soul and resonates with anyone who has experienced the charm of Montana firsthand. 

“Montana Lullaby” is more than just a song. It’s a tribute to the majestic landscapes, the rugged cowboys, and the undeniable spirit of Montana. 

Montana Lullaby FAQs

1. What Is Montana’s State Song?

Montana’s state song is entitled “Montana” and was penned in 1910 by Charles Cohan, an editor from Butte, and the renowned songwriter Joseph E. Howard.

2. What Kind of Music Is Popular in Montana?

In Montana, the most popular genre of music is Alternative. This genre resonates well with the local audience, reflecting their diverse tastes and preferences.

Additionally, one of the most popular contemporary artists in Montana is Eminem, whose music has gained a significant following in the state.

3. What Is an Interesting Detail About Montana State Song?

A captivating fact about the state song is that even before its completion, around 10,000 Montanans were singing its chorus, revealing the deep connection and pride of the state’s citizens.

This strong unity was recognized when, after 35 years, on February 20, 1945, the Legislature and Governor Sam C. Ford officially designated “Montana” as the state song.

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