Montana Vacations Packages for the Best Getaway Experience

Are you ready to unlock the best of Montana with tailor-made vacation packages? 

Let’s dive into the treasure trove of Montana vacation packages together. I’ve scoured the options and handpicked the best experiences to save you time and energy.

Montana offers a wide range of experiences, from guided tours through iconic national parks like Yellowstone and Glacier National Park to luxury ranch weddings at the Ranch at Rock Creek, as well as holiday adventures at the Resort at Paws Up.

So, why should you consider a vacation package? They offer convenience, insider knowledge, and great value, allowing you to focus on making memories rather than planning logistics. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your Montana adventure. Let’s explore the best vacation packages the state has to offer, so you can spend less time planning and more time savoring the magic of Big Sky Country.

7 Key Takeaways on Montana Vacations Packages

  1. Montana offers a range of vacation packages tailored to specific interests and seasons, from outdoor adventures to luxury retreats.
  2. Winter in Montana is a snowy wonderland, with options for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and more.
  3. Summer vacations focus on activities like white-water rafting, horseback riding, and guided hikes.
  4. Fall in Montana offers a perfect blend of nature and adventure, with activities like ziplining and wildlife tours.
  5. Montana is an excellent destination for family vacations, with ranches offering tailored activities for all ages.
  6. Dreaming of a picturesque wedding? Montana’s ranch wedding packages provide a blend of rustic charm and luxury.
  7. Celebrate the holidays in Montana with special packages that include everything from traditional feasts to outdoor adventures.

Best Vacation Packages in Montana

A man helps a woman unpack her suitcase during their Montana vacation.

Are you looking to make the most of your time in Montana? Vacation packages can be a game-changer, offering curated experiences that showcase the state’s best.

I’ve scoured the options and narrowed down the top picks to save you time and energy. So, let’s dive into the best vacation packages Montana has to offer.

1. Montana Tour Packages

Two people sitting on a hill in Montana overlooking a valley.

If you’re the type who likes their vacations as organized as a well-packed suitcase, Montana has tour packages tailored to specific destinations.

Think of it as your passport to hassle-free adventure, with some of the most popular stops being the iconic Glacier National Park and the geothermal wonderland of Yellowstone National Park.

One standout tour option is the Yellowstone Pack Trip offered by Lone Mountain Ranch. This 7-day, 6-night journey is like a love letter to the great outdoors.

You’ll start with a night in Bozeman, a city known for its vibrant arts scene and proximity to the great outdoors. Then, it’s off to the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park for a solid 3 nights.

You’ll have ample time for activities like trail riding, hiking, and even fly fishing. Trust me, the serenity of these wide-open spaces is a balm for the soul.

After all that rugged adventuring, you’ll spend 2 nights on the ranch itself, with a buffet of activities to choose from. Horseback riding is a must, given the ranch’s rich equestrian history.

While some tour packages include everything from lodging to meals, this one is a bit more à la carte. You’ll need to arrange your transportation to Bozeman, but there are plenty of rental companies at the airport to make that a breeze.

Once you’re on the pack trip, everything is taken care of, from gear to grub. And the best part? You’re not just ticking off a checklist of tourist spots; you’re truly immersing yourself in the heart and soul of Montana’s wild landscapes. 

2. Montana Summer Vacations

A man on horseback trails a trio of riderless horses in the Montana mountains.

Montana Summer Vacations are all about embracing the great outdoors.

Imagine waking up to the crisp mountain air, gearing up for a day of white-water rafting, hiking through lush trails, or pedaling your way along scenic mountain biking routes.

If you’re looking for a vacation that revolves around summer activities in Montana, there are tailored packages just for you.

One of my favorite picks is the vacation option in Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, an idyllic haven that offers a range of activities amidst a breathtaking natural setting.

During my stay at Mountain Sky, I was spoiled for choice. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Daily Horseback Rides – Explore the ranch and its surrounding trails on horseback, guided by seasoned wranglers.
  • Guided Hikes – Venture into the wilderness, led by knowledgeable guides who’ll share insights into the local flora and fauna.
  • Yoga – Rejuvenate your body and mind with daily yoga sessions in nature.
  • Golf – Tee off against a backdrop of majestic peaks at their scenic golf course.
  • Live Music in the Saloon – Unwind in the evenings with live music and good company.
  • Casting Lessons on the Trout Pond –Try your hand at fly-fishing in their well-stocked trout pond.
  • White-Water Rafting – Embark on thrilling boat rides down the region’s rivers, an absolute must for adventure seekers.
  • Sporting Clay Shooting –Test your aim with clay pigeon shooting under expert supervision.

Mountain Sky is just one of the many vacation rentals that offer tailored experiences for Montana’s summer activities.

Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast or a thrill-seeker keen on boat rafting, these packages ensure you make the most of your summer getaway.

3. Montana Winter Vacations

A large cabin-like hotel in Montana sits amid a snowy landscape surrounded by mountains.

Montana in winter is a whole other world of magic. Imagine days of skiing or snowboarding in fluffy snow, with the stunning backdrops of Yellowstone or Glacier National Park. 

Here are some of the places with exciting activities to make your winter vacation truly memorable:

  • Big Sky Resort – The Ultimate Snowmobiling and Skiing Hub At Big Sky Resort, you can do more than just hit the slopes. They offer top-notch vacation packages that include not only days of skiing but also thrilling snowmobiling trails.
  • Elkhorn Ranch – Experience the charm of a private sleigh ride at Elkhorn Ranch, whisking you through a snowy wonderland for 30-45 minutes amid breathtaking mountain vistas. Following this enchanting journey, delight in refreshments and fireside warmth in their rustic log dining room—a historic and intimate adventure that transcends time.

Why These Packages Are a Must-Try

  • From thrilling winter sports at Big Sky to the serene Elkhorn Ranch, Montana winter vacations cater to all preferences.
  • These packages aren’t just about the activities; they come with experienced guides who know the terrain and its history.
  • Whether you’re a ski enthusiast or someone seeking a unique dining experience, these packages offer memories that will last a lifetime.

So, if you’re planning a winter getaway, don’t overlook Montana. The days of skiing and snowboarding are just the tip of the iceberg.

4. Montana Fall Vacations

Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa

Imagine waking up to the crisp autumn air in Big Sky, Montana, and ending your day under a star-studded Wyoming sky in Jackson Hole.

This 5-night fall package is designed to immerse you in the best of both states, with 3 nights in Big Sky and 2 nights in Jackson Hole. And let me tell you, the activities lined up for you are as diverse as the landscapes you’ll explore.

Your stay will include:

  • Big Sky’s Buck’s T-4 Lodge – This cozy lodge offers more than just a place to rest your head. From its oversized hot tubs to its renowned restaurant, you’ll feel pampered from the moment you arrive.
  • Teton Mountain Lodge in Teton Village – Situated near Jackson Hole, this lodge not only offers access to some of the best hiking trails in the area, but its rooftop hot tub is the cherry on top.

Enjoy a handful of fun activities and tours in both destinations on this 5-night adventure:

  • Yellowstone Evening Wildlife Tour – Enjoy a picnic dinner and the chance to see many types of wildlife in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley.
  • Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center – This one-of-a-kind wildlife center lets you get up close with wolves and bears.
  • Ziplining in Big Sky – Fly across Gallatin River via zipline, a thrilling (and safe) endeavor you’ll be talking about for years.
  • Scenic Float Trip in Grand Teton National Park – Sit back and gaze up at the view as your knowledgeable guide shares all you’ll ever want to know about the area’s wildlife, history, and geology.
  • Sunrise (or Sunset) Wildlife Tour in Grand Teton National Park – Sunrise and sunset are the best times to view wildlife in their natural habitat. Take your pick on the time of day.

Fall in this region is a symphony of colors, and you’ll be right in the heart of it. And the best part? The crowds have thinned, giving you a more intimate experience with nature.

So, whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply someone who wants to be in the right place at the right time, this fall package is your ticket to a journey through Montana’s most iconic landscapes.

5. Montana Family Vacations

Three people riding horses on a trail heading to a lake in Montana.

When it comes to Montana family vacation packages, you’re in for a wild ride—literally. This is just a taste of what you can expect at The Bar W Guest Ranch, one of Montana’s premier vacation rentals that specialize in family getaways.

The Bar W Guest Ranch is a standout choice for families, offering not just a place to stay, but an all-encompassing Western experience. They have dedicated Family Vacation Weeks, where the ranch is transformed into a hub of family-friendly activities.

During these weeks, the Bar W offers two age-specific programs that keep the kiddos busy with a ton of fun things to do while the parents are off riding the trails.

  • Cowpokes – The Cowpoke program is for ages 2-6. It includes pony rides, painting horses, games, arts & crafts, and lots of outdoor play.
  • Outlaws – The Outlaws are the 7-12 year olds. Activities include trail rides, archery, arts & crafts, fishing, arrow tag, and swimming.

My own family spent a week at the Bar W during one of their Family Vacation Weeks, and it was an absolute blast. While my husband and I enjoyed the scenic trail rides, our kids were fully immersed in the Cowpokes and Outlaws programs.

If you’re looking for a family vacation that offers more than just a place to sleep, The Bar W Guest Ranch should be at the top of your list.

The combination of cozy accommodations, delicious Western fare, and a wide array of fun activities makes it a win-win for the whole family.

6. Montana Wedding Vacations

A bride and groom share an intimate moment outside their cabin nestled in the Montana mountains.

Dreaming of a wedding that’s as picturesque as a postcard and as stress-free as a Sunday drive? Look no further than Montana.

Here, amidst sweeping landscapes and under the vast expanse of Big Sky Country, you’ll find wedding vacation packages that offer a delightful blend of rustic charm and luxury.

One such gem is The Ranch at Rock Creek. Their wedding packages aren’t just limited to the ceremony; they also cater to elopements, honeymoons, and anniversaries.

Why opt for a ranch wedding in Montana, you ask? Well, besides the obvious appeal of the setting, these packages are designed to spare you the stress commonly associated with metropolitan venues or destination wedding arrangements in tourist hubs.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about piecing together different vendors or services.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of a wedding that’s both intimate and grand, set against the backdrop of Montana’s natural beauty, a ranch wedding vacation might just be the perfect fit for you.

7. Montana Holiday Vacations

A large log home, beautifully lit up at night, amid the snowy Montana landscape.

For those who want to infuse their holiday season with a touch of Montana magic, you’re in for a treat. Many of Montana’s top resorts and ranches offer holiday packages that are nothing short of extraordinary.

One standout is The Resort at Paws Up, a luxury ranch that pulls out all the stops to make your holiday experience unforgettable. Here’s a taste of what they offer:

  • Thanksgiving – Enjoy Thanksgiving crafts, wagon rides, fireside s’mores, wine tastings, football viewing, and outdoor adventures in the breathtaking Montana wilderness.
  • Christmas – Activities during Christmas at the resort include a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve and a Gingerbread house-building contest.
  • New Year’s Eve – The highlight of their luxury New Year’s celebration is fireworks and plenty of bubbly.
  • Independence Day – Picnics, pies, parades, epic fireworks: We have all of your Fourth of July favorites at The Resort at Paws Up.

So, if you’re looking to break away from the usual holiday routine, consider spending your next Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve in Montana’s wide-open spaces. The memories you make here will be as vast and beautiful as the Big Sky itself.

Best Montana Vacation Packages Final Thoughts

A family unloads their luggage as they prepare to start their Montana vacation acquired through a package.

In a state as vast and diverse as Montana, it’s no surprise that the realm of vacation packages is equally expansive. From the rugged beauty of Glacier National Park to the wonders of West Yellowstone, there’s a package vacation for every taste and interest. 

Selecting a Montana vacation package is a smart move for several reasons. Firstly, convenience is paramount. These packages eliminate planning stress, maximizing your time for exploration and enjoyment.

Local expertise is a significant advantage. Montana-based providers offer insider knowledge and access to hidden gems, ensuring a deeper and more authentic experience.

Financially, these packages offer excellent value by bundling accommodations, activities, and sometimes meals, resulting in significant savings.

Lastly, the variety of packages caters to all types of travelers, from solo adventurers to families, ensuring there’s an option tailored to everyone’s preferences and needs. 

So, if you’re dreaming of a Montana adventure but don’t want the hassle of piecing it all together, consider one of the many enticing vacation packages available. It’s a surefire way to make the most of your time in this treasured state.

Montana Vacation Packages FAQs

1. How to Book the Best Montana Vacation Packages?

To book the best Montana vacation packages, start by using Expedia, leveraging their wide selection and competitive deals. Search for packages to popular destinations like West Yellowstone and Billings, ensuring flexibility in dates and activities.

Opt for all-inclusive options for added convenience, bundling accommodations, activities, and sometimes meals, providing a hassle-free experience with potential cost savings.

2. Is Montana Cheap or Expensive?

Montana tends to fall somewhere in between when it comes to affordability for travelers. While certain aspects, like accommodations and dining, can be reasonably priced compared to other popular tourist destinations, costs can vary widely depending on the season and specific locations within the state.

Activities such as outdoor adventures and guided tours might contribute to overall expenses. Montana offers a diverse range of options for travelers with varying budgets.

3. How Expensive Is It in Montana?

In Montana, accommodation costs range from $100 to $300 per night, dining out averages between $10 to $30 per person, and transportation costs vary based on distances traveled.

However, expenses fluctuate with seasons and locations, impacting overall costs significantly.

4. What Is the Best Time of Year to Drive Through Montana?

The best time to drive through Montana is typically during the summer months (June to August) when the weather is warmer, roads are clear, and outdoor activities are abundant.

Fall (September to October) also offers stunning foliage without the summer crowds, making it a great time for a scenic drive.

5. What Is the Average Food Cost in Montana?

The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that each Montanan has an average annual non-restaurant food cost of $3,971, which comes out to about $331 each month.

On the other hand, the average cost of groceries for one person in Montana is reported to be around $318.00 per month.

Therefore, the average food cost in Montana can be estimated to be around $300 to $400 per month for an individual and around $9,000 to $10,000 annually for a family of four.

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