Montana’s Best Dude Ranches for a Dream Girls’ Weekend

Are you and your girlfriends ready for a vacation that’s part cowgirl adventure, part bonding experience?

I’m talking about a dude ranch Montana girls’ weekend, where you’ll immerse yourselves in the rugged beauty of the American West while enjoying activities that are just for you.

Horseback riding through sweeping landscapes, gathering around campfires at night, and savoring farm-to-table cuisine?

It’s a girls’ trip that combines the best of the great outdoors with a touch of luxury.

In this article, we’ll explore exclusive packages for ladies like Lone Mountain Ranch’s “Cowgirl Up,” and the “Wild West Women” experience at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch.

If you’re a group of friends looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation or a woman seeking a transformative retreat, these dude ranches have got you covered.

So, are you ready to saddle up and experience the ultimate cowgirl getaway in Montana? Let’s dive in and plan your dream trip.

7 Key Takeaways for Montana Ranch Girls’ Getaways

  1. Montana offers a range of cowgirl getaways, from luxury resorts to intimate family-run ranches.
  2. Activities go beyond horseback riding, with options like guided hikes, yoga, and equine coaching.
  3. These packages are designed exclusively for women, offering empowerment and camaraderie.
  4. Ranches near national parks provide a unique blend of outdoor adventure and Western hospitality.
  5. Amenities range from rustic to luxurious, with features like hot tubs, fireplaces, and gourmet meals.
  6. Many ranches offer a variety of accommodations, from cozy cabins to spacious rooms.
  7. The cowgirl experiences in Montana are not just vacations but opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

Ranch Girls’ Getaways: Montana Cowgirl Trip

Two women with cowboy hats riding horses on a ranch in Montana.

If you’ve ever dreamed of channeling your inner cowgirl, Montana offers the perfect backdrop.

These dude ranches offer the authentic cowgirl experience, all the while embracing sisterhood.

So grab your boots, tie that bandana, and let’s hit the trail.

1. Cowgirl Up: Lone Mountain Ranch

A woman riding a horse on a Montana ranch with mountains in the background.

Cowgirl Up at Lone Mountain Ranch is an experience designed exclusively for women who want to embrace their inner cowgirl.

I had the pleasure of diving into this week-long adventure, and let me tell you, it’s the ultimate gal-pal getaway.

Activities are as diverse as the Montana landscape itself, with each day offering something new.

From horseback trail riding through sweeping meadows to guided tours into the majestic Yellowstone National Park, you’ll feel like a true Western explorer.

The Cantle Saloon comes alive in the evenings with live country western music.

A glass of wine in hand, swaying to the soulful tunes—it’s a moment you’ll want to bottle up and take home.

But it doesn’t stop there. The farm-to-table cuisine is a culinary journey in itself, with each meal a celebration of local flavors.

I particularly enjoyed the wine-tasting sessions, where I discovered the perfect pairing for that Ranch BBQ.

Cowgirl Up isn’t just a vacation; it’s a chance to step into a different world, even if just for a week.

So, if you’re ready to don your cowboy hat and kick up some dust, this is your call to action.

Drop by Lone Mountain Ranch’s website.

2. Wild West Women: Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

A woman in a cowboy hat standing next to a horse on a ranch in Montana.

When it comes to an authentic cowgirl experience in the Rocky Mountains, Mountain Sky Guest Ranch has it dialed in.

Their Wild West Women package is a must for lady friends. And the best part? You’re just a stone’s throw from the iconic Yellowstone National Park.

Here’s what makes the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch experience stand out:

  • Authentic Cowgirl Experience – From the moment you step foot on the ranch, you’re transported to a bygone era of rugged horsemanship and wide-open vistas.
  • Daily Trail Rides – Daily trail rides take you through the ranch’s 17,000 acres and even into the neighboring Gallatin National Forest.
  • On-Ranch Activities – When you’re not riding, the options are endless. Try your hand at golf, guided hikes, archery, or even a relaxing yoga session.
  • Top-Notch Amenities – Don’t let the rustic setting fool you; Mountain Sky Guest Ranch offers modern comforts like a heated pool, hot tub, grotto, steam room, sauna, and even a tennis court.

If you’re looking for a dude ranch experience that’s as authentic as it is luxurious, the Wild West Women package at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch is a no-brainer.

Just don’t blame me if you never want to leave the saddle.

Visit Mountain Sky Guest Ranch’s website.

3. Cowgirl Retreats: Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch

Two women enjoying a girls' getaway as they ride horses on a ranch in Montana.

Looking for a cowgirl experience that goes beyond just riding horses?

Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch, situated in the scenic Castle Mountains, offers a unique blend of equestrian adventures and personal growth.

Why Bonanza Creek is a must-visit:

  • A Family Legacy – This isn’t just a ranch; it’s a cherished family heritage. Bonanza Creek Guest Ranch is a family-owned cattle ranch.
  • Small and Intimate – With retreats limited to 8-10 women, you’ll find a close-knit community where connections are fostered.
  • Scenic Horseback Trail Riding – Explore the picturesque countryside on horseback, led by seasoned wranglers.
  • Equine Coaching – Horses in Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch are your guides in learning to connect, grow, and let go.
  • Individual and Group Coaching Sessions – From life coaching to mindfulness, these sessions are designed to help you find healing and embrace change.
  • Relaxation – Wind down with massage services after a day with horses.

I’ve been on my fair share of ranch getaways, but Bonanza Creek’s blend of horse-centric activities and personal development was a game-changer.

The horseback rides were breathtaking, and the equine coaching sessions offered a fresh perspective on life’s challenges.

The limited group size ensures an intimate and supportive environment, making it ideal for anyone seeking healing, growth, or simply a quiet countryside escape.

Swing by Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch’s website.

4. Klicks For Chicks: Triple Creek Ranch

A woman is petting a white horse at a ranch in Montana.

Triple Creek Ranch’s “Klicks For Chicks” is a 62-mile (100-km) horseback riding escapade exclusively for women, taking you through the heart of Montana’s rugged beauty.

You’re riding with a group of like-minded ladies, venturing deep into canyons, crossing mountain passes, and even passing by serene lakes.

As a seasoned rider, I can tell you that the vistas you’ll encounter are nothing short of breathtaking.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. After a day in the saddle, you’ll return to Triple Creek Ranch, where these awaits:

  • Luxurious cabins with cozy fireplaces
  • Gourmet meals
  • Handcrafted cocktails

It’s the perfect blend of ladies in nature and a pampering Western ranch vacation.

Why do I love it?

This isn’t just a horseback ride; it’s a cowgirl getaway. You’ll forge unforgettable bonds with fellow riders, all while immersing yourself in the wilds of the Rocky Mountain West.

Drop by Triple Creek Ranch’s website.

5. Cowgirl Spring Roundup: The Resort at Paws Up

A woman riding her horse through a ranch field in Montana, with horses at the back.

Now, this is where your cowgirl dreams become a Montana reality.

At The Resort at Paws Up, they take their ranch experiences to the next level with the Cowgirl Spring Roundup.

You’re not just horseback riding in the Cowgirl Spring Roundup you’re doing it alongside honorees of the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Talk about some serious cowgirl cred!

During this empowering 3-night experience, you’ll be donning your favorite cowboy boots for trail rides, cattle drives, and interactive demonstrations led by these inspiring women.

Imagine the stories you’ll hear and the skills you’ll pick up—way more than just a fun night out.

What’s included:

  • Daily delicious meals, and nonalcoholic beverages – Fuel up for your cowgirl adventures.
  • A selection of beer, wine, and well-liquors – Because every cowgirl needs a little somethin’ to unwind.

I had the privilege of attending one of these roundups, and let me tell you, it’s not just a gimmick.

The respect and knowledge these honorees bring to the table is truly remarkable.

It’s a chance to connect with the spirit of the American West while surrounded by the beauty of Montana’s landscapes.

See The Resort at Paws Up’s website.

Ranches Near Montana National Parks

A woman riding a horse through a grassy field in a ranch in Montana.

Montana’s national parks are a treasure trove of natural wonders, and what better way to experience them than by staying at a nearby ranch?

These luxury guest ranches offer the best of both worlds: the rugged beauty of the parks and the comfort of a ranch retreat. 

1. Rich’s Montana Guest Ranch

A group of horses grazing in a grassy field on a Montana ranch.

If you’re seeking a girl’s getaway that marries rustic charm with Rocky Mountain grandeur, this ranch is your answer.

Rich’s Montana Guest Ranch is a slice of paradise located in Seeley Lake, a mere two-hour drive from the iconic Glacier National Park.

During my stay, I reveled in the breathtaking view of Woodworth Meadows and the nearby Blackfoot River Valley.

The cedar/log duplex cabins, adorned with Western decor, offered a cozy respite after a day of adventures.

Rich’s Montana Guest Ranch is a treasure trove of amenities perfect for your group of gal pals, including:

  • Volleyball and horseshoes for some friendly competition
  • A teepee for a touch of Native American culture
  • A covered hot tub for those starry Montana nights
  • An outdoor horse arena for equestrian enthusiasts
  • Reading and video libraries for downtime
  • Bird-watching areas for nature lovers

But wait, there’s more! You can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the lake or soak up the sun on its shores.

The hearty breakfast meals served buffet-style, fuel you for the day’s activities.

And let’s not forget the jaw-dropping Rocky Mountain vistas that provide a stunning backdrop to your escapades.

If you’re up for a day trip, I highly recommend exploring Glacier National Park. The ranch’s proximity makes it an ideal starting point for your expedition.

Drop by Rich’s Montana Guest Ranch’s website.

2. Rocking Z Guest Ranch

Four people riding horses on a hillside at a ranch in Montana.

If you’re looking to saddle up and immerse yourself in a true ranch experience during your girlfriend’s getaway, Rocking Z Guest Ranch in Wolf Creek, Montana, is your go-to.

Just 4 hours from the stunning Glacier National Park, this ranch offers a day of adventure on horseback that you won’t soon forget.

At Rocking Z Guest Ranch, horses and riding are the heart and soul of the experience. What sets them apart is the level of independence they offer.

You’re not just along for the ride; you’re in command. Their well-trained horses listen to you, going where and when you want, and at your preferred speed.

It’s a liberating and empowering experience, especially for those new to riding.

After a day in the saddle, you’ll be treated to ranch-style dining with a twist. Everything is home-cooked, and they even offer gluten-free and dairy-free options.

It’s the perfect way to refuel and bond with your gal pals over a hearty meal.

For accommodations, the spacious en-suite rooms at Rocking Z are designed with your comfort in mind.

Complete with a natural gas fireplace and chairs, some even have the luxury of air conditioning. It’s the ideal space to unwind after a day of riding and laughter.

Riding through the Montana landscape felt like a true adventure, and the horses were not just modes of transport but trusted companions.

The ranch-style meals were a delight, and the cozy rooms provided the perfect respite after a long day.

Swing by Rocking Z Guest Ranch’s website.

3. Parade Rest Guest Ranch

Cabins situated amid lush greenery and towering trees in a Montana ranch.

If you’re the type who likes to be close to the action, this guest ranch is your golden ticket.

Situated just 10 miles or around 16 kilometers from the west entrance of Yellowstone, Parade Rest Guest Ranch is the closest ranch you’ll find to the park.

The Ranch Experience at Parade Rest Guest Ranch

  • Cabin Variety – With 15 cabins to choose from, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms, you can opt for a creekside view or a spot in the Homestead area overlooking the ranch.
  • Farm-to-Table Delights – The dining hall is a hub of activity. All meals are cooked in the ranch kitchen and served by friendly wait staff.
  • Diverse Menus – Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free, you won’t be left out. Parade Rest’s menus offer a wide variety of choices, from crisp salads to hot baked rolls, fresh vegetables, and homemade desserts.

I had the pleasure of dining in their cozy dining hall, and let me tell you, the food is a delight. I’m a vegetarian, and I was blown away by the options available to me.

The staff was incredibly accommodating, making sure everyone’s needs were met.

The proximity to Yellowstone is a major plus. After a day of exploring the park, it was such a treat to come back to the ranch and unwind in the peaceful surroundings. 

Stop by Parade Rest Guest Ranch’s website.

4. Nine Quarter Circle Ranch

A group of Montana cabins in a grassy field with trees in the background.

If you’re a woman seeking a transformative girl trip in Montana, this ranch near Yellowstone National Park is calling your name.

Located in Gallatin Gateway, Nine Quarter Circle Ranch is an all-inclusive haven that offers a specialty week exclusive for ladies called Dare to Detour.

During this five-day women’s retreat, you’ll dive into the heart of ranch life.

Mornings are dedicated to horseback riding and exploring the stunning Montana landscape.

Afternoons, however, are where the magic happens. Workshops, led by inspiring women, dive into the theme of Alignment.

It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself in a way that only the wide-open spaces of Montana can provide.

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch stands out because of the following:

  • Intimate Experience – Limited to just 20 women, it’s an opportunity to build lasting connections.
  • Focus on Women – Facilitated by women, the retreat provides a unique space for self-reflection.
  • Varied Activities – Ranch activities include swimming, hiking, happy hour, square dancing, softball, volleyball, and horseshoes.

Accommodations at the ranch are cozy and comfortable, with the majority being double occupancy cabins.

However, if you’re looking for a little extra solitude, a couple of single-occupancy cabins are available too.

Visit Nine Quarter Circle Ranch’s website.

Montana Ranch Girls’ Getaways Final Thoughts

A woman in a cowboy hat standing next to a horse in a snowy field on a Montana ranch.

Montana offers a cowgirl getaway for every type of woman, from the luxury seeker to the soul searcher.

The exclusive girl packages like Cowgirl Up of Lone Mountain Ranch and Klicks For Chicks of Triple Creek Ranch provide the ultimate sisterhood experience in the Montana countryside on horseback.

These experiences aren’t just about riding horses; they’re about embracing your inner cowgirl, forming lifelong friendships, and even finding personal growth.

And if you’re looking to extend your ranch girl’s nights, don’t forget the bonus ranches near Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, such as Rocking Z Guest Ranch and Nine Quarter Circle Ranch.

These girl-centric dude ranch vacations offer limitless adventures and the chance to strengthen bonds with your fellow cowgirls.

So, trade your heels for boots and your cityscape for sweeping meadows.

It’s time to let your cowgirl spirit run wild with your girlfriends.

Dude Ranch for Girls FAQs

1. Why Do They Call It a Dude Ranch?

The word “dude” is a slang popularized in the late 1800s referring to any visitor from the East.

By the 1920s the term was more specific to anyone who hires a guide or pays money to stay on a ranch.

2. What to Look For in a Dude Ranch?

The key things to consider in looking for a dude ranch are the location, guest capacity, and the activities offered.

3. What Is Another Name for a Dude Ranch?

Another name for a dude ranch is a “guest ranch.” Both terms refer to a type of ranch that caters to tourists and visitors, providing them with a Western or cowboy experience.

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