Montana Road Map Directory: Scenic Routes and Highways

Are you interested in exploring the scenic roads and boundless horizons that make Montana truly captivating? As you steer through the seemingly endless stretches of highways, wouldn’t it be comforting to have a comprehensive Montana road map directory at your fingertips? 

Then, this article is precisely for you. This road map directory is designed for both local adventurers and enthusiastic vacationers. This guide is your passport to adventure, providing essential navigation details for the open roads, rugged landscapes, and scenic wonders of Montana.

Imagine cruising down Interstate Highways I-15 and I-90, discovering hidden gems in major cities, or taking the winding path of Going-to-the-Sun Road through Glacier National Park – it’s a road trip dream come true! 

Stay in the driver’s seat of your journey with real-time updates on road conditions, cameras, and weather – because your Montana road trip should be as personalized and thrilling as the destination itself!

Montana Road Navigation

A road with trees and mountains in the background in Montana.

Montana is a vast and beautiful state known for its rugged landscapes and expansive highways, making it crucial for visitors and residents to be well-versed in road navigation.

From understanding the layout of interstate and state highways to navigating through rural areas and mountain passes, having a grasp of Montana road navigation is key to enjoying all that the Treasure State has to offer.

Montana Interstate Highways

A nearly empty road through the Montana plains

Montana is served by several Interstate Highways that facilitate travel within the state and to neighboring states. Interstate Highway I-15 runs from the Canadian border in the north, passing through major cities such as Great Falls, Helena, and Butte, before exiting the state at its southern border with Idaho.

I-90 travels westward from Montana’s southeastern border with Wyoming and connects cities like Billings, Butte, and Missoula before leaving the state at its western border with Idaho. I-94 starts near Billings and extends eastward into North Dakota.

The cities of Butte and Great Falls are served by auxiliary Interstate Highways. I-115 provides easy access to Butte from I-15, while I-315 offers convenient access to Great Falls from I-15.

These Interstate Highways play a crucial role in connecting major cities in Montana and providing residents and visitors with efficient travel routes to neighboring states.

Montana Scenic Routes

A highway winds through a beautiful lake in the mountains of Montana

The scenic route, Going-to-the-Sun Road, located in northwestern Montana, winds through Glacier National Park and offers a breathtaking 50-mile (around 80.47 km) drive.

Open for travel from June through mid-October, this route showcases stunning landscapes and provides access to notable landmarks such as Lake McDonald on the left and the Trail of the Cedars on the right.

In winter, the road, blanketed by up to 80 feet (24.38 m) of snow drifts, requires two months for clearance. Notable attractions include the breathtaking Birdwater Falls cascading down the mountainside, and Logan Pass, elevating drivers to 6,646 feet (2027.75 m), providing glimpses of shaggy mountain goats.

Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife while driving this scenic route, making it a must-see destination for anyone exploring the area.

Highway Maps

A detailed road map of Montana showcasing the state's vast highway network.

Explore the diverse and comprehensive collection of Highway Maps available through the Montana Department of Transportation’s website.

  • 2021 Official Montana Highway Travel Map (Front) – Link
  • 2021 Official Montana Highway Map (Back – Tourism Details) – Link
  • Montana Highway Functional Classification Map – Link
  • Montana Highway System Routes Map – Link
  • Historical Highway Maps – Link
  • Memorial Sites and Roadways in Montana With Special Designations – Link
  • Montana Rail System Map – Link
  • Railroad Crossings Map – Link

These maps offer detailed information about major highways, interstate routes, scenic byways, and local roads. Each map provides important details such as road names, highway numbers, rest areas, points of interest, and distances between cities.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Maps

Montana's bicycle and pedestrian map.

Get to discover and familiarize the Montana Department of Transportation’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Maps, offering a tailored and accessible guide to explore the state’s scenic routes and pedestrian-friendly pathways.

  • Bicycling the Big Sky Map – Link
  • Montana Public Transit Systems Map – Link

The maps showcase optimal biking and walking routes, featuring key details like trail difficulty, nearby amenities, and points of interest. Utilize these maps to discover a tailored route that aligns with your preferences, ensuring a safe and enjoyable exploration of the state’s outdoor attractions.

Road Condition, Camera, and Weather Maps

A road with trees and mountains in Montana.

Stay ahead of your travels with the Montana Department of Transportation’s Road Condition, Camera, and Weather Maps.

Experience real-time insights into road conditions, visual perspectives through cameras, and up-to-date weather information, ensuring a safe and informed journey through Montana.

  • Road Condition Maps – Link
  • Cameras and Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Map – Link

Before hitting the road, check the road condition maps to see if there are any closures, construction, or other potential hazards along your route. Utilize the camera maps to get a visual understanding of current road conditions, traffic flow, and weather in specific areas. 

Traffic Maps

Cars driving along a scenic highway surrounded by trees and majestic mountains in Montana.

Effortlessly plan your route and navigate Montana’s roadways with the Montana Department of Transportation’s Traffic Maps.

Gain valuable insights into real-time traffic conditions, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey through the state’s diverse urban and scenic areas.

Traffic MapDescriptionMap Link
Statewide Traffic Web MapIf you are looking for current Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), use this map. The various layers displayed offer valuable insights into County Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (DVMT), Traffic Counts, and Traffic Segments.Link
MS2 Traffic MapThis is MDT’s cloud-based, public-facing, traffic count database system. If you are looking for more detailed traffic data, such as hourly data, you can visit this site.Link
Continuous Traffic Counter MapThis map only displays the Continuous Count Station (CCS) sites. For their locational details, click on any of the features on the map.Link
MS2 DashboardThis map will show daily traffic trends at the state and national levels. The data in the dashboard is based on MDT’s 105 active Continuous Count Station (CCS) sites only.Link

Montana Road Map Final Thoughts

A Montana highway cutting through a grassy field.

Montana Road Navigation offers a comprehensive guide for navigating the diverse road network in the state. It includes exploration of Interstate Highways that connect major cities and scenic routes like Going-to-the-Sun Road. Detailed Highway Maps, such as the Official Montana Highway Travel Map and the Montana Rail System Map, provide valuable information for travelers.

The availability of Bicycle/Pedestrian Maps, such as Bicycling the Big Sky, also cater to those exploring Montana on foot or bike.

For real-time travel insights, Montana Road Navigation also provides access to Road Conditions, Cameras, and Weather Maps. These resources are crucial for planning and adjusting travel plans based on current conditions.

Traffic Maps ensure a seamless journey through Montana’s urban and scenic landscapes. With these tools and resources at hand, navigating Montana’s roads becomes a more manageable and enjoyable experience for all travelers.

Montana Road Map FAQs

1. What Highway Goes Through Montana?

Notable routes include I-15, extending from the Canadian border through major cities like Great Falls, Helena, and Butte, and I-90, traversing the state from its southeastern border with Wyoming to the western border with Idaho, passing through Billings, Butte, and Missoula. I-94 also provides an eastward route starting near Billings and extending into North Dakota.

2. Is There an App for Montana Road Conditions?

Yes, there is an app for Montana road conditions called MDT 511. It provides real-time access to traveler information supplied by the Montana Department of Transportation, including roadway conditions, cameras, travel alerts, and construction details.

The app is available on both Google Play and the App Store. It is designed to be modern, lean, and intuitive, and also includes a built-in Trip Planner

3. What Is the Longest Road in Montana?

The longest road in Montana is Interstate Highway I-90, which spans across the state from its southeastern border with Wyoming to the western border with Idaho.

This extensive highway route passes through major cities such as Billings, Butte, and Missoula, making it a key transportation artery in Montana.

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