Montana’s Public Holiday Schedule for 2023-2025

Are you looking forward to planning your vacation in Montana? In today’s article, I want to share with you all the details about Montana’s holiday schedule for the years 2023-2025. 

Holidays provide a break from daily routines and a chance to spend quality time with loved ones. But with so many legal holidays and observed holidays to keep track of, it can get a bit overwhelming.

Whether you’re a full-time state employee, part-time state employee, or even a short-term state employee, it’s crucial to know which days you get to enjoy a well-deserved day off.

It’s not just about the office holidays. Montana has a unique mix of regional holidays as well, adding an extra touch of local flavor to your vacation plans.

If you’re a resident of Montana, a traveler planning a trip to this breathtaking state, or simply someone curious about holiday benefits and rates to employees, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s make the most of these upcoming years with Montana’s holiday schedule!

Montana State Holidays

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Welcome to Montana, where the magic of public holidays comes alive. But hold on tight, because things can get a little tricky when it comes to scheduling.

What we have included in this list is a mix of US federal holidays and Montana-specific holidays based on legal holidays and business days as outlined in the Montana Code Annotated 2021.

Holidays on Sundays shift to Monday, while those on Saturdays move to Friday, in accordance with MT Statute 1-1-216. So let’s dive into the public holiday schedules so you get to check of those Montana vacation ideas.

2023 Montana Holiday Schedule

Here’s Montana’s 2023 holiday calendar for planning your celebrations:

DateHolidayDay of the Week
January 1New Year’s DaySunday
(Observed Monday, January 2)New Year’s Day (Observed)Monday
January 16Martin Luther King Jr. DayMonday
February 20President’s DayMonday
May 29Memorial DayMonday
July 4Independence DayTuesday
September 4Labor DayMonday
October 9Columbus DayMonday
November 10Veterans DayFriday
November 23Thanksgiving DayThursday
December 25Christmas DayMonday

2024 Montana Holiday Schedule

Discover Montana’s 2024 holiday calendar for your upcoming festivities:

DateHolidayDay of the Week
January 1New Year’s DayMonday
January 15Martin Luther King Jr. DayMonday
February 19President’s DayMonday
May 27Memorial DayMonday
July 4Independence DayThursday
September 2Labor DayMonday
October 14Columbus DayMonday
November 11Veterans DayMonday
November 28Thanksgiving DayThursday
December 25Christmas DayWednesday

2025 Montana Holiday Schedule

Here’s what Montana’s 2025 holiday calendar looks like for your upcoming plans:

DateHolidayDay of the Week
January 1New Year’s DayWednesday
January 20Martin Luther King Jr. DayMonday
February 17President’s DayMonday
May 26Memorial DayMonday
July 4Independence DayFriday
September 1Labor DayMonday
October 13Columbus DayMonday
November 11Veterans DayTuesday
November 28Thanksgiving DayThursday
December 25Christmas DayThursday

Montana’s Public Employers on Holidays

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Full-time state employees can get paid time off on legal holidays (except Sundays) if they are in a pay status on either the last working day before the holiday or the first working day after it.

Montana full-time state employees can take holiday paid time off in one of the following ways:

  1. On the day preceding the holiday.
  2. On another day following the holiday within the same pay period.
  3. On a day as mutually agreed upon by the employee and their supervisor.

Part-time state employees receive holiday pay on a proportional basis, in accordance with rules established by the responsible administrative agency.

However, short-term state employees are not entitled to receive holiday pay. This is outlined in MT Code 2-18-603.

Montana’s Private Employers on Holidays

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When it comes to Montana’s private employers and holidays, it’s important to note that they have the freedom to determine their own policies.

In Montana, private employers are not obligated to close their businesses during holidays. This means that whether a business chooses to open or close on a holiday is entirely up to them.

Moreover, private employers in Montana are not required to grant their employees paid or unpaid time off for these holidays.

Similarly, there is no mandate for employers to provide premium wage rates to employees who work on holidays. The decision to offer time off or premium wages is left to the discretion of the employer.

It’s worth mentioning that once private employers establish their own policies or practices regarding holiday time off or premium wage rates, they may be required to adhere to them.

So, if an employer decides to offer paid time off or higher wages on holidays, they would need to follow through with these commitments.

Montana Public Holidays Final Thoughts

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Montana’s holidays encompass both federal and state-specific ones, each carrying cultural and historical significance, fostering traditions, heritage, and shared values.

While public employers have specific guidelines for holiday time off and pay, private employers in Montana have the freedom to establish their own policies.

Private employers are not required to close on holidays, grant paid or unpaid time off, or provide premium wages to holiday workers. Yet, once they set these policies, they must follow them.

It’s important to remember that while private employers aren’t required to grant paid time off, they have the discretion to do so, reflecting the flexibility and freedom employers have in Montana.

By creating policies that honor holidays, employers not only show appreciation to their workforce but also contribute to a positive and rewarding work environment.

Montana’s holidays carry cultural significance and provide chances to celebrate shared values. These occasions are essential in society, enabling employees to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Private employers’ holiday policy autonomy can boost employee satisfaction and loyalty when coupled with generosity and flexibility, fostering a harmonious workplace.

Learn more about when to visit in Montana and things you want to keep an eye on:

Montana Public Holidays FAQs

1. Is Holiday Pay Required in Montana?

No, holiday pay is not required in Montana. Overtime or premium pay for working on holidays or weekends is only mandated if those hours worked exceed 40 in a workweek.

Employers can offer holiday pay as a benefit, but overtime is solely based on hours worked beyond 40 in a workweek, regardless of holiday, vacation, or sick pay.

2. Does Montana Recognize Martin Luther King Day?

Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is recognized and observed in Montana on the 3rd Monday in January each year.

3. Do Montana State Employees Get Election Day Off?

Yes, Montana state employees get election day off, as general election day is recognized as a legal state holiday. However, state primary election days are not state holidays.

Primary elections choose party candidates, while general elections decide officeholders. Primary elections are for party members, and general elections are open to all voters.

4. Is Juneteenth a Montana Holiday?

Presently, Montana still does not officially acknowledge Juneteenth as a state holiday, and notably, Representative Matt Rosendale opposed the federal acknowledgment in 2021.

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