Montana’s 27 Best School Districts

Are you ready to embark on a journey to discover the hidden gems of Montana’s educational landscape?

In this article, we’ll discuss the state’s top-performing school districts, offering an above-average public school experience that will leave a lasting impact.

From Flathead High School District with its rich heritage to the thriving Bozeman School District 7, each district has its unique offerings and common denominators of excellence.

Whether you’re looking for a well-rounded school district with high-performing schools or a close-knit school community that fosters individual growth, we’ve got you covered.

Together, let’s uncover the secrets to unlocking your child’s potential and provide them with an educational experience that will shape their future.

Get ready to be inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead!

Montana’s Best School Districts (In No Particular Order)

A large school building with cars parked in front of it located in Montana

From Billings Public Schools to Whitefish School District, Montana’s best-performing school districts offer outstanding educational opportunities for your child.

Let’s dive into each one and find the perfect fit for your child’s education.

1. Lavina Public Schools

Lavina Public Schools, located in the charming town of Lavina, Montana, just 45 miles North of Billings, offers a unique educational experience.

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and rooted in farming and ranching, Lavina attracts a diverse population from across the nation while preserving its rural charm.

Many individuals are drawn to the town’s small, safe community where they can raise their children in a nurturing environment.

Lavina Public Schools caters to students from preschool to 12th grade, creating an inclusive student body that values individual learning styles.

With the support of dedicated teachers and community members, the district focuses on cultivating a learning experience that goes beyond the national average.

This commitment to personalized education is evident in the exceptional graduates who emerge from Lavina Public Schools.

These graduates are prepared to leave their unique mark on the world and contribute positively to society.

To learn more about Lavina Public Schools and experience the warmth and educational excellence firsthand, visit their campus. 

2. Big Sandy Public Schools

Big Sandy Public Schools in Big Sandy, Montana proudly boasts 19 certified K-12 teachers with diverse expertise, ensuring top-notch education for students.

The school district has one full-time Superintendent and one full-time principal who divide their time between the two buildings, ensuring that the needs of all students are met.

The classified staff includes 6 paraprofessionals, 3 cooks, 3 part-time lunchroom assistants, 3 custodians, 2 secretaries, and 1 business manager.

Big Sandy Public Schools has embraced a unique 4-day week schedule, which has had a positive impact on both the school and the community.

Sports and extracurricular activities are also a focal point at the school district.

It takes pride in its strong athletic tradition, with state-winning teams in the following:

  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ Basketball
  • Girls’ Tennis
  • Girls’ Track
  • Boys’ Basketball
  • Boys’ Football
  • Boys’ Wrestling
  • Boys’ Track

Beyond sports, the school offers a variety of extracurricular opportunities in FFA, Music, and Science, providing students with a well-rounded education.

Technology plays a crucial role in Big Sandy Public Schools’ commitment to excellence.

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 have access to the latest tools for learning, including Chromebooks, iPads, Kindle Fires, computer labs, academic software, and graphing calculators.

High school classes have 8-20 students for personalized teaching. Kindergarten is full-time, Grades K-6 have self-contained classrooms, and Grades 7-12 are compartmentalized to offer smooth transitions.

Visit Big Sandy Public Schools to find out more.

3. Lincoln Public Schools

Lincoln Public Schools in Montana, a small district with 150 students, offers above-average education, emphasizing individualized attention with an 8:1 student-teacher ratio.

In terms of academic performance, state test scores reveal that 37% of the district’s students demonstrate proficiency in math, while an impressive 47% excel in reading.

These results are a testament to the school’s dedication to cultivating a rigorous academic environment.

The school district’s mission is to provide educational opportunities that empower students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.

Lincoln Public Schools is guided by a 5-point philosophy to help ensure the success of its students, namely:

  • Prioritize a student-centered approach.
  • Emphasize the belief that students must learn and should graduate prepared to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.
  • Create a positive environment where students can thrive.
  • Put emphasis on the fact that decisions are made based on educational merit, not personal comfort or political convenience.
  • Underscore the roles of parents and the community in ensuring effective schools.

Check out Lincoln Public Schools for updates.

4. Baker Public Schools

Baker Public Schools in Baker, Montana, serves 480 students from PK to K-12, offering a commendable 12:1 student-teacher ratio for personalized growth.

The school district’s commitment to excellence is reflected in state test scores, with 42% proficient in math and 39% in reading, highlighting their effective teaching methods and strategies.

Its mission is to create a safe, supportive, and stimulating learning environment through cooperation and community involvement, nurturing individual learner development.

From social and emotional growth to physical, vocational, and intellectual skills, the school district takes a holistic approach to preparing students to thrive as responsible and productive citizens.

One of the key pillars of its philosophy is fostering a desire for lifelong learning.

Recognizing the diverse learning styles of its students, the school district strives to equip them with essential self-sufficient life skills that are vital for success in an ever-evolving global community. 

Learn more about Baker Public Schools.

5. Billings Public Schools

A public school in Montana.

Montana’s largest city, Billings, is cradled by the stunning Yellowstone River and surrounded by the majestic Rimrock Bluffs.

Despite its size and growth, the city has preserved a warm and welcoming small-town ambiance that instantly makes visitors feel at home.

It also boasts a convenient location near Yellowstone National Park, mountain ranges, and ski towns, providing ample adventure opportunities.

As if things can’t get any better, Billings prides itself on its remarkable school district.

Billings Public Schools partners with the community to offer a diverse education, emphasizing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Art, Sports, and Health and Wellness.

Beyond that, it encourages student participation in their communities, offering a truly immersive and enriching educational experience.

The district’s mission centers on preparing students for the future by supporting their individual growth toward career, college, and citizenship readiness.

Billings Public Schools employs a comprehensive curriculum that includes:

  • Academic Core of Comprehensive K-12 Programs
  • Financial Literacy and Professional Skills
  • Civics, Humanity, and Community
  • Innovation and Creativity

The school district recognizes the importance of these experiences in developing the analytical and logical skills needed for 21st-century challenges.

To learn more about the outstanding Billings Public Schools, visit their website.

Also, find out more about the teacher shortage crisis affecting school districts across Montana, including this district.

6. Westby School District 3

Westby School District 3 in remote Westby, Montana, stands as an above-average public school district and a beacon of educational excellence.

It serves 53 students from PK to K-12 and maintains an impressive 5:1 student-teacher ratio, showing a commitment to personalized learning.

State test scores reveal that the district holds an impressive 45% of students who display proficiency in both math and reading. 

The school district also proudly embraces its slogan, “Where Ranger spirit becomes Thunder pride,” reflecting its sports team’s strong sense of pride.

Additionally, it provides free or reduced-price meals to students from families meeting the Federal Eligibility Income Chart criteria, supporting those in need.

Keep an eye out for updates at Westby School District 3.

7. Missoula County Public Schools

Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS), guided by its tagline “Forward Thinking, High Achieving,” is committed to continuous improvement and exploring new avenues for student engagement.

With 9 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 4 high schools, including 1 in Seeley Lake, it covers a wide range of educational needs.

MCPS also provides programs like Alternative High School, Early Learning Preschool at Jefferson Center, and adult education at The Lifelong Learning Center.

One of the standout features of the school district is its commitment to enrichment.

Their Gifted Education, Fine Arts, and Native American Student Services enhance students’ experiences, providing unique opportunities to explore talents and passions.

Missoula County Public Schools is a district that embraces progress, provides a multitude of programs, and prioritizes the success of its students, so check it out.

8. Geraldine Public Schools

Geraldine Public Schools in Geraldine, Montana, is committed to delivering educational excellence and equipping students for success in life.

As a highly-rated public school district, it is committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for its 68 students spanning grades K-12.

With a favorable student-teacher ratio of 7:1, Geraldine Public Schools ensures that each student receives personalized attention and support. 

State test scores showcase its commitment to excellence, with 35% of students demonstrating proficiency in math and 25% in reading.

To stay updated with the latest news and information, be sure to visit the official website of Geraldine Public Schools.

There, you’ll find valuable resources, announcements, and a glimpse into the thriving educational community that the district cultivates.

9. Highwood Public Schools

Highwood Public Schools in Highwood, Montana, leads in delivering tailored educational excellence to meet every student’s unique needs.

Its mission is to ensure that every student reaches their full potential and becomes a successful, productive citizen in an ever-evolving society.

With a highly-rated public school district like Highwood K-12, you can expect nothing less than exceptional academics.

This district, with 116 students from PK to K-12, prioritizes individual growth and development, boasting a 9:1 student-teacher ratio for personalized attention.

Academic performance is a hallmark of Highwood Public Schools. Impressively, its state test scores show 65% proficiency in math and 75% in reading among students.

If you’re looking for more information or want to witness the vibrant community of this school district, drop by Highwood Public Schools

10. Hobson Public Schools

A group of children down a hallway with backpacks.

When it comes to quality education and student success, Hobson Public Schools in Hobson, Montana definitely hits the mark.

Situated within its scenic locale, this school district operates within a single building, accommodating all grade levels from K-12.

With about 135 students and a devoted team of 21 certified staff members, it fosters a nurturing and supportive student environment.

Hobson Public Schools’ educational offerings are diverse and comprehensive.

From single-grade elementary to pre-k, kindergarten, and preschool, extending to grades 6th-8th in the middle level, students enjoy a tailored, well-rounded education.

Its high school offers a wide range of courses in various fields of study, which are detailed in the school handbook.

Hobson collaborates with Moore in the Tri-City Sports Co-op, offering thrilling sports such as volleyball, football, basketball, cross country, and track and field for sports enthusiasts.

Hobson High School also boasts outstanding FFA and BPA programs, as well as High School Boys and Girls’ Golf and Wrestling Programs.

Pay a visit to Hobson Public Schools to learn more.

11. Helena Public Schools

In Montana’s capital city, a school district proudly serves an educational community of 7,600 students.

Helena Public Schools includes, but is not limited to, the following schools:

  • Elementary Schools – Broadwater Elementary School, Bryant Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Four Georgians Elementary School, and Hawthorne Elementary School
  • Middle Schools – C.R. Anderson Middle School and Helena Middle School
  • High Schools – Capital High School, Helena High School, Project for Alternative Learning

Helena’s high school district, with 2,478 students in grades 9-12, exemplifies its above-average status and commitment to education.

Helena Public Schools’ commendable commitment includes a 14:1 student-teacher ratio for personalized attention and growth.

It also excels in state test scores, with 34% proficiency in math and an impressive 54% in reading among students.

To delve deeper into the captivating world of Helena Public Schools, we invite you to explore their official website.

12. Hamilton School District 3

In Hamilton, Montana lies a district that serves as a haven for learning and growth in this charming city.

Hamilton Public Schools consists of a number of educational institutions, catering to a diverse population of students, including:

  • Hamilton High School
  • Hamilton Middle School
  • Daly Elementary
  • Washington Primary

The district’s mission and goals serve as the blueprint for its Board of Trustees and a guide for its faculty and staff.

It aims to develop productive, self-confident American citizens who are motivated and prepared to excel in their chosen vocations.

What’s more, its vision revolves around fostering a culture of educational excellence through an unwavering commitment to the individual development of each child.

This ensures that the district’s students graduate with a strong foundation and proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics.

A solid foundation in these areas continually strengthens and enhances the bedrock of one’s educational journey.

Check out Hamilton Public Schools.

13. Plains High School District

Plains High School District in Plains, Montana is a highly-rated public school district that offers a diverse and enriching education for students from PK to K-12.

The school district is committed to creating a safe, supportive, and caring environment where every student can thrive.

Its various departments, such as Adult Education, Athletics, I.T., Library, and School Nurse, collaborate to support each student’s success.

The district’s mission is to promote self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning, all while maintaining a child-centered approach to education.

From its organization and curriculum to its co-curricular activities, it aims to foster growth and development in every aspect of its students’ lives.

With 450 students and a 14:1 student-teacher ratio, Plains High School District provides an intimate learning environment with personalized attention and support.

The school district’s commitment to academic excellence is evident in its state test scores, with 38% of students demonstrating proficiency in math and 44% in reading.

If you’re searching for a top-notch education for your child, considering Plains High School District is a wise choice.

14. Ennis Schools

Ennis Schools is an above-average district in Ennis, Montana that serves 411 students from PK to K-12, with a favorable 12:1 student-teacher ratio.

Its commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its state test scores, with 43% of students demonstrating proficiency in math and 56% in reading.

Its mission is to cultivate growth and development in every student.

The school district believes education isn’t just about knowledge but also about instilling interests, ideals, and habits to prepare students for thriving in society.

In line with this, it creates a stimulating environment and provides learning opportunities that facilitate satisfactory life adjustments.

The school district’s core purpose is to create a safe, positive, and stimulating environment that challenges each student to reach their full potential in life. 

Ennis Schools’ core values include:

  • Community – Emphasizes the community’s importance in providing support to the district and its youth.
  • Integrity – Stresses the importance of acting with integrity and accountability.
  • Respect – Values and promotes respect in all aspects of school and community life.
  • Pride – Celebrates hard work, support, and inspiration within the school and community.

Drop by Ennis Schools to learn more.

15. Big Sky School District

A group of people sitting at a table writing something

Big Sky School District, in Montana’s scenic Gallatin Canyon, is a district nestled by the captivating Gallatin River.

It’s dedicated to nurturing inclusivity, challenging individuals for personal excellence, and promoting respect for others, the environment, and the world.

With over 95% of graduates pursuing higher education, its students are equipped for successful futures.

Lone Peak High School, an International Baccalaureate (IB) world school in the Big Sky School District, nurtures students to become knowledgeable, caring individuals who contribute to a harmonious world.

Its vibrant learning community consists of 444 engaged students who excel in a range of areas, including academics, athletics, theater, and community service.

The district prioritizes outdoor education, offering a standards-based curriculum that encourages personal and academic growth within the breathtaking backdrop of the Great Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Its dedicated and highly educated staff provides rigorous learning opportunities and fosters personal development.

The school board continually invests in staff quality and skills, leading education in the region and the state of Montana with innovative technological resources.

Big Sky School District is a welcoming and inclusive learning community, committed to nurturing the potential of every student.

Drop by today!

16. Philipsburg Schools

Philipsburg Schools, located in Philipsburg, Montana, is another exceptional district committed to equipping students with a promising future through dedicated education.

With 179 students spanning grades PK to K-12 and a 13:1 teacher-student ratio, individualized learning is prioritized in the district.

The school’s staff also actively contributes to local and broader communities, ensuring students receive the education, respect, and care they deserve.

Regarding academic performance, the district excels, with state test scores showing 32% proficiency in math and 47% in reading, demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

Whether you’re a current or prospective parent or simply curious about the school, don’t hesitate to reach out to Philipsburg Schools for more information. 

17. Corvallis School District 1

Corvallis School District 1, located in Corvallis, Montana, is dedicated to achieving excellence in educating the whole child.

Its core purpose is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that prepares students for success in life and instills in them a sense of productive citizenship.

At the heart of the Corvallis School District 1 are the following core values:

  • Integrity
  • Sense of Community
  • Culture of Collaboration
  • Student-Centered Approach
  • Environmental Positivity
  • Open-Mindedness

These values shape every decision we make and ensure that our students receive the best possible education and support.

Leading Corvallis School District 1 is Mr. Pete Joseph, the district superintendent.

Mr. Joseph brings extensive experience and expertise to education with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

His career spans Montana, Washington, and California, including roles as a Principal and Restorative Coordinator.

His passion for community development and student support is evident through his involvement in At-Risk Youth programs and as an Assistant Principal at Corvallis Middle School.

Learn more about Corvallis School District 1.

18. Frenchtown School District

Frenchtown Public Schools in Frenchtown, Montana is renowned for its top-tier staff and state-of-the-art facilities in the state.

As an esteemed school district, it values education as a cornerstone for the country’s success and prioritizes collaboration for holistic student development.

The district’s core mission is to empower and educate students in a nurturing and safe environment while encouraging the exploration and discovery of their individual strengths. 

Frenchtown School District prides itself on the following values:

  • Community – Community is central to the district’s values.
  • Excellence in Education – The district aims to provide exceptional educational experiences.
  • Safe and Nurturing Environment – The institution celebrates diversity and responsiveness to the needs of its students, staff, and community.
  • Personal Responsibility – The district underscores the significance of good citizenship, self-responsibility, integrity, and respect for others. 

Through these efforts, the school district aims to promote excellence, nurture a love for learning, and challenge students to surpass their own expectations.

By strengthening community values, it aims to bring about positive outcomes for our students and the wider community.

For more information, we invite you to visit Frenchtown School District.

19. Flathead High School District

Flathead High School District in Kalispell, Montana, boasts 1,550 students and 150 dedicated staff members.

It distinguishes itself with an extensive enrollment zone that spans from the Swan Mountains to Marion in the west and includes Lakeside in the south and the southern side of Kalispell.

The school community is uniquely diverse, with students from various backgrounds and experiences.

Half of the students transition from Kalispell Middle School, while the others come from 10 different partner schools, uniting as 9th graders and growing together throughout their 4 years of high school.

Flathead High School takes pride in its rich history and tradition known as “Southside Pride.”

Dating back to 1898, generations of students have passed through its halls, leaving their mark on the school and creating a strong sense of belonging. 

This secondary school offers an International Baccalaureate (IB) program, concurrent enrollment classes, STEM education, and career and vocational offerings

Within Flathead High School District, Flathead High School’s commitment to hands-on learning and skill development is showcased through programs like:

  • House Construction
  • Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Agricultural (Ag) Education

Beyond these programs, the district is proud to offer a wide range of extracurricular opportunities in activities and athletics.

Additionally, initiatives like Speech & Debate and Wrestling have gained national recognition, reaffirming the district’s commitment to excellence both inside and outside the classroom.

To learn more about the exceptional opportunities at Flathead High School District, we invite you to visit their official website. 

20. Sunburst Schools

A group of students raising their hands in a classroom in Montana

Led by the visionary Superintendent and K-12 Principal, Tyler Bucklin, Sunburst Schools in Sunburst, Montana embodies a mission centered on fostering lifelong independent learners.

Its 7:1 student-teacher ratio and impressive state test scores reflecting a student proficiency of 37% in math and 47% in reading highlight its effective approach to education.

This exceptional district creates a safe and positive learning environment where students acquire not only academic skills but also the social skills necessary for success.

Sunburst Schools prides itself on the Wildcats R.O.A.R. motto, which emphasizes the following core values:

  • R – Respectful and Responsible Behavior
  • O – Being Organized and on Time
  • A – Maintaining a Great Attitude
  • R – Readiness to Learn

To truly experience the essence of Sunburst Schools, we encourage you to pay a visit.

21. Lima School District 12

Lima School District 12 in Lima, Montana, is an exceptional public school district dedicated to educational excellence.

The school district serves 59 students from PK through K-12 and maintains above-average test scores. Notably, 25% of students are proficient in math, while 45% excel in reading.

With a student-teacher ratio of 6:1, individualized attention is a key feature in fostering student success.

Lima School District 12 goes beyond academics, aiming to nurture compassionate future leaders through outstanding education and meaningful extracurriculars.

By actively listening to and caring for all students, the district nurtures their unique strengths and encourages them to pursue their passions.

Discover the exceptional educational opportunities awaiting your child in Lima School District 12

22. Terry Public Schools

Terry Public Schools, situated in Terry, Montana, is an above-average district with 218 students spanning K-12.

Its 11:1 student-teacher ratio fosters an excellent learning environment, reflected in state test scores—37% proficient in math and 32% in reading.

The school district’s mission is clear: to empower students in a supportive and safe environment.

Working with families and the community, the district ensures students receive academic, social, physical, and tech skills to become responsible citizens.

Terry Public Schools’ vision statement empowers students for lifelong success, guiding these Board Priorities to enhance each student’s education:

  • Students – Focuses on achieving a 100% graduation rate for students.
  • Personnel – Recognizes the crucial role that supportive and dedicated teachers and staff play in student development.
  • Community Relations – The district understands the importance of communication and community engagement.
  • Campus Pride – Highlights the district’s commitment to maintaining safe and welcoming school facilities.

To learn more about the incredible programs and opportunities offered by Terry Public Schools, we encourage you to visit their website. 

23. Libby Public Schools

Libby Public Schools, a nurturing and collaborative learning community, exudes passion and dedication in every aspect.

The district’s commitment to ensuring that every student achieves both intellectual and personal excellence is evident in its numerous achievements.

Certified through the rigorous AdvancED process, Libby Public Schools maintains the highest education standards.

One prime example of its success is the Northwest Energy Academic Excellence Award earned by the high school.

Additionally, its elementary school has been honored with the Gold Award at the MBI Institute, further validating the district’s commitment to extraordinary educational experiences.

Another highlight of this institution is its free public preschool program available to all 4-year-olds in the community.

Libby Elementary, grades K-6, fosters a love for learning, encouraging each child to reach their full potential while Libby Middle High School, grades 7-12, prepares students for college and careers.

Libby Public Schools takes immense pride in providing a comprehensive, well-rounded educational system that prepares students for the ever-evolving world they will face. 

24. Great Falls Public Schools

Great Falls Public Schools (GFPS) embodies the vision of “All students engaged in learning today… for life tomorrow,” underscoring their commitment to lifelong education.

As the 2nd-largest school district in Montana, GFPS serves a total of 10,160 students, providing comprehensive TK-12 programming and a wide range of extra and co-curricular offerings to ensure a well-rounded education.

One of the notable features of Great Falls Public Schools is its close collaboration with Malmstrom Air Force Base, situated within the district boundaries.

This partnership offers extensive support to military students and families during their transitions, fostering a smooth educational experience.

The district prioritizes student engagement and attendance, offering customized learning opportunities to meet each student’s unique needs.

Its overarching goal is to prepare students for college, career, and citizenship, ensuring they are well-equipped for their future endeavors.

Great Falls Public Schools include an Early Learning Family Center, neighborhood elementary and middle schools, traditional high schools, and an alternative high school.

Additionally, the College and Career Readiness Center at Great Falls College-MSU provides lifelong learning opportunities for adults.

GFPS prides itself on its highly trained and qualified educators, many of whom have received state and national recognition.

The district actively engages with the community, particularly in its award-winning Music Department, highlighting its dedication to excellence in fine arts and enrichment programs.

In addition to competitive athletics and Career and Technical Education, GFPS is dedicated to continuous improvement through a strategic plan centered on “Our Kids, Our Community, and Our Future.”

The district also fosters strong partnerships with community organizations and businesses to achieve educational goals collaboratively.

Visit Great Falls Public Schools to learn more.

25. Winnett Public Schools

Winnett Public Schools is the cherished institution at the heart of our community, serving students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

With a dedicated staff of 80 students, the district provides outstanding education and a supportive environment where students can thrive.

Its elementary school uses combination classrooms for personalized instruction and specialist teachers in resources, music, and physical education provide a well-rounded education.

In every classroom at Winnett Public Schools, you will find advanced technology that is actively used by both students and teachers. 

A main highlight is the district’s state-of-the-art metals shop, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology like CNC mills, lathes, and plasma cutters.

Its active parent group, PIE, plays an integral role in supporting students and the school.

Each year, they organize an annual art show featuring student and local artist creations, with proceeds contributing to school activities. 

Winnett Public Schools has a robust sports co-op with Grass Range, offering various sports like Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheer, and Track.

The district also provides extracurricular activities like a Pep Band, Honor Band, National Honor Society, Student Council, Leo’s, and SkillsUSA.

What’s more, it prioritizes a farm-to-table lunch program, serving local beef and fresh produce, seamlessly integrated into the class schedule.

The district also has a school-wide Title I Program that focuses on all students, with weekly meetings dedicated to student achievement and concerns.

Learn more about Winnett Public Schools.

26. Bozeman School District 7

A large brick building with a statue in front of it located in Montana

This school district in Bozeman, Montana aims to provide outstanding education in today’s ever-changing global community.

Bozeman School District 7 holds certain core values close to its heart, and these are:

  • High Student Achievement – The district ensures that every student reaches their full potential. 
  • Employing and Retaining Well-Qualified and Talented Staff – These are professionals who share a commitment to educational excellence.
  • Ideal Environment – The district is committed to creating an environment that is respectable, honest, hard-working, and adaptable.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – Shows a focus on the responsible management and allocation of resources.
  • Research-Based Decision-Making – Stresses the importance of making decisions based on the best practices.

For a community and school district dedicated to empowering children to succeed and make a difference, choose Bozeman School District 7.

27. Whitefish School District

Whitefish School District in Montana prioritizes each student’s success with an exceptional staff, dedicated administrators, and a committed board of trustees.

What sets Whitefish School District apart is its strong commitment to the growth and development of every student.

The district believes that education is a collaborative effort, involving not only the school community but also the parents and the wider community. 

Whitefish High School’s recent recognition, ranking 3rd in Montana in the “2022 Best High Schools” by U.S. News, highlights Whitefish School District’s dedication and effort.

What makes this district truly inspiring is its emphasis on teamwork and collaboration.

It prioritizes the growth of each student, utilizing data for continuous improvement, and ensuring safe, inclusive, and welcoming schools. 

Drop by Whitefish School District to find out more and to be inspired by its commitment to excellence.

Best Montana School Districts Final Thoughts

A group of people sitting around a table at one of Montana's school districts.

Montana’s top school districts reflect the state’s unwavering dedication to providing strong educational systems that shape students’ achievements and growth. 

Key factors behind these districts’ success include exceptional educators, committed leadership, academic excellence, core values, diverse extracurriculars, and a student-centered approach.

Families in or near exceptional districts like Helena Public Schools and Bozeman School District 7 provide their children with lasting advantages by considering enrollment in these school districts.

They have access to top-notch resources and a nurturing learning environment that prepares their children for a bright future.

In relation to finding the best educational institution, there are also great options for outstanding Montana colleges that also offer exceptional educational opportunities. Make sure to check them out as well.

Best Montana School Districts FAQs

1. Which City in Montana Has the Best Schools?

Bozeman is the city in Montana with the best schools.

Not only is it home to the renowned Montana State University, but it also boasts the following schools:

  • Morning Star Elementary School for elementary kids
  • Sacajawea Middle School for middle schoolers
  • Bozeman High School for high school kids

2. What’s the Best City in Montana to Live In?

When it comes to the best city in Montana to live in, there’s no denying that Bozeman takes the crown.

With its breathtaking scenery, thriving job market, and tight-knit community, it’s truly a place that has it all.

Bozeman is also known for its excellent schools like Montana State University, Bozeman High School, and Morning Star Elementary, making it great for families.

3. Is Montana a Good State to Raise Kids?

Montana can be a good state to raise kids, but it ultimately depends on the specific city or town you choose to settle in.

Cities such as Bozeman, Whitefish, and Deer Lodge are renowned for their family-friendly environments.

They’re excellent for raising kids, especially compared to places like Polson or Cut Bank, which may be less safe.

4. What Are the Best Schools for Kids in Montana?

According to U.S. News & World Report, some of the best schools for kids in Montana include:

  • Morning Star Elementary School in Bozeman
  • Fairfield Elementary School in Fairfield
  • Fort Benton Elementary School in Fort Benton

5. What Is Montana’s Rank in Education?

Montana holds the 25th position in education among the 50 states, according to U.S. News & World Report.

While the state may not be at the top of the list, it still boasts several top-ranked schools and school districts that provide excellent educational outcomes. 

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