15 Best Montana Brands From Big Sky Country

Today, I’m here to reveal the hidden treasures of the magnificent state of Montana. If you’re someone who appreciates quality and craftsmanship, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll be unveiling the best Montana brands that capture the essence of this picturesque state like no other and will leave you craving more.

Imagine exploring Montana’s landscapes, stumbling upon a rustic log cabin filled with handcrafted furniture from a top Montana brand, and marveling at their meticulous craftsmanship and authenticity.

Now, let’s talk about the fear of making a mistake. We’ve all been there, right? Investing your hard-earned money in a product, only to be disappointed by its lack of durability or inferior quality.

With these Montana brands, you can bid farewell to such concerns. These brands have mastered the art of creating exceptional products that withstand the test of time.

So whether you’re a curious traveler, an outdoor enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, this article is tailor-made for you.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Montana’s best brands and embrace the spirit of the Wild West like never before. Let’s begin this exhilarating adventure together!

15 Best Montana Brands

The word "brand" on a coffee cup

I’m about to introduce you to the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, the absolute best Montana brands you’ve ever laid eyes on.

These extraordinary brands epitomize Montana’s ingenuity, innovation, and sheer awesomeness. From outdoor gear to gourmet treats, don’t miss out on these hidden gems.

So get ready to dive headfirst into a world of unparalleled craftsmanship, tantalizing flavors, and all-around Montana magic. Trust me, this is a journey you’ll be grateful you embarked upon. Shall we begin?

1. Great Harvest Bread Company

Great Harvest Bread Company Logo
source: greatharvestmissoula.com

This scrumptious bakery is a Montana-based brand that specializes in selling baked goods and bread.

Great Harvest Bread Company has risen to fame and become a representative brand for Montana, capturing the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike.

The origins of Great Harvest Bread Company can be traced back to the 1970s when college students Pete and Laura Wakeman baked whole grain bread to pay their way through Cornell University.

They married in 1975 and founded the first Great Harvest bakery in Great Falls in 1976.

The aroma of freshly baked bread through the air, drawing in hungry customers from near and far. It was their wheat bread, made with love and skill, that truly put the Great Harvest Bread Company on the map.

The wheat bread’s irresistibly fluffy texture and rustic flavor became an instant hit, leading to the expansion of the business.

In 1978, the Wakemans introduced the Freedom Franchise, opening a second bakery in the charming town of Kalispell. The love affair between Montanans and Great Harvest Bread had begun.

In 2001, the Wakemans sold the company. Although the Wakemans no longer own the company, their legacy lives on through the dedicated team that continues to deliver exceptional baked goods.

Under the leadership of CEO Mike Ferretti and President Eric Keshin, Great Harvest remains a beloved Montana-based brand, delighting customers with its fresh and flavorful offerings.

Drop by Great Harvest Bread Company.

2. Revivall

Revivall Logo
source: revivallclothing.com

Revivall, a clothing brand hailing from the scenic landscapes of Montana, captures the essence of a simpler way of life through its handcrafted, slow-living lifestyle pieces.

Every garment that graces the Revivall collection is meticulously made in the heart of Montana and Oregon, skillfully crafted by a small team of talented seamstresses.

Revivall takes pride in placing a strong emphasis on sustainability, using only the finest sustainable materials to create their folk-inspired creations.

Founder and fashion designer Laura Fisher aspires to create more than a clothing brand. She seeks to foster a community that values harmonious coexistence, not only among people but also with our planet.

With a commitment to eco-friendly resources, Revivall offers adaptable and effortlessly wearable garments that can seamlessly transition from the bustle of everyday life to the tranquility of nature.

Embracing the ethos of slow fashion, Revival invites you to embark on a journey of simplicity, where beautifully crafted pieces tell stories of heritage and craftsmanship.

Visit Revivall.

3. Oboz Footwear

Oboz Footwear Logo
source: obozfootwear.com

Oboz Footwear is a leading brand in outdoor footwear that caters to individuals who appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting our feet during outdoor activities.

Founded in Bozeman, Montana over a decade ago, Oboz Footwear has become synonymous with quality and durability.

Oboz hiking boots are crafted with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that they can withstand the toughest terrains and weather conditions.

Whether you’re trekking through rugged mountains, exploring dense forests, or simply strolling through a local trail, Oboz has got your back, or rather, your feet.

What sets Oboz Footwear apart is its commitment to sustainability. This brand wholeheartedly aligns with the values of nature lovers by embracing eco-friendly production methods and materials.

Oboz has also pledged to plant a tree for every shoe sold. Since 2007, they have already planted over 3.5 million trees, making a positive impact on our planet with each and every purchase.

Behind the scenes, the driving force behind Oboz Footwear is John Connelly. As the founder, president, and CEO of the company, his passion for the outdoors shines through in every pair of boots they produce.

He understands the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and has dedicated himself to creating footwear that not only performs but also supports the environment we love to explore.

Check out Oboz Footwear.

4. Simms Fishing

Simms Fishing Logo
source: simmsfishing.com

Based in Bozeman, Simms Fishing is all about crafting top-notch fishing apparel and accessories that will have you reeling in the big one.

In 1980, fishing guide and outfitter John Simms had a groundbreaking idea: to craft superior waders and wading gear that surpassed all competitors. Thus, Simms Fishing Products was founded.

John’s dedication to excellence led him to introduce premium neoprene waders to the U.S. market in the mid-1980s, making Simms a household name among anglers for their quality and performance.

In the years that followed, Simms continued to thrive and evolve. The company was eventually acquired by Life-Link International, a sporting goods manufacturer based in Jackson, Wyoming.

But Simms remained true to its roots, bringing innovation and quality to every piece of fishing apparel they crafted.

When you choose Simms, you’re choosing gear that can handle even the most legendary fishing rivers. Their GORE-TEX waders are the epitome of durability and comfort, keeping you dry and ready for action.

Explore Simms Fishing.

5. Olivelle

Olivelle Logo
source: olivelle.com

Olivelle, a specialty store that started its journey in quaint Montana, has now become a well-known name in the world of gourmet food.

Their collection of infused olive oils, vinegar, and spice blends is a testament to their commitment to quality and flavor.

Co-founded by Brie Thompson and her mother Michelle, Olivelle is a true labor of love, bringing joy to food enthusiasts nationwide with their shared passion for cooking.

The flagship store in Bozeman is a must-visit for any culinary adventurer. The moment you step through the door, the aroma of spices and oils fills the air, whisking you away to a world of gastronomic delight.

So, if you find yourself in Bozeman, make a beeline for Olivelle. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

And even if you can’t make the trip, their products are readily available online, bringing the flavors of Montana right to your doorstep. 

Go to Olivelle.

6. West Paw

West Paw Logo
source: westpaw.com

West Paw is driven by love for our furry friends, constantly crafting products that enhance their joy, well-being, and playful spirits. West Paw is based right in Bozeman, a city known for its dog-friendly vibes.

One of the things that truly sets West Paw apart is its commitment to quality. Not only are their products made right here in the U.S., but they are also meticulously designed to stand the test of time.

From durable dog toys that can withstand even the most rambunctious play sessions, to cozy beds that ensure a restful night’s sleep, West Paw has it all.

West Paw provides a complete range of dog accessories, from sturdy collars and leashes for outdoor adventures to stylish and comfy apparel that’ll have your pup turning heads.

If you’re looking for innovative dog products that not only prioritize your pup’s happiness but also uphold the highest standards of quality, look no further than West Paw. Trust me, your furry friend will thank you.

Drop by West Paw.

7. Schnee’s

Schnees Logo
source: schnees.com

There’s one brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Schnee’s. From the rugged terrains of Montana to the wildernesses around the world, Schnee’s has earned a reputation that speaks for itself.

Each Schnee’s boot is meticulously handcrafted in the beautiful town of Bozeman, Montana, using only the finest hand-picked leathers.

It’s no wonder that Schnee’s Pac Boots have become known as the Original Mountain Pac Boots, loved and cherished by hunters worldwide.

The story of Schnee’s is as captivating as their boots. In the mid-1970s, Steve Schnee and his wife Jean embarked on a journey from Delaware in search of new business opportunities.

They found their new home in the breathtaking landscapes of Montana, eventually acquiring a company in Anaconda and relocating it to Bozeman.

What started as a modest boot-making and repair business quickly blossomed into something extraordinary. Schnee’s became renowned for their exceptional Montana-made hunting boots.

In 2005, the torch was passed when the Schnees sold the company to Jon Edwards, who also acquired the Powder Horn.

When it comes to hunting boots, there’s no doubt that Schnee’s Pac Boots are a hunter’s best friend. With a legacy that spans decades, Schnee’s has become synonymous with quality, comfort, and durability. 

Visit Schnee’s.

8. Youer

Youer Logo
source: shopyouer.com

Youer is a clothing brand from Missoula, Montana, offering apparel crafted in the USA from recycled fabrics. This one-of-a-kind brand offers apparel that is as unique as the landscapes that surround it. 

When it comes to variety, Youer has got you covered. They offer a wide range of products, including dresses, pants, leggings, shorts, and skirts for women.

At the heart of Youer is its visionary founder, Mallory Ottariano. With a mission to create boldly colorful, planet-friendly wearables, Ottariano brings a sense of purpose and passion to every stitch.

Youer is a clothing brand rooted in Montana, established by a community of women. The brand focuses on honoring individual uniqueness and supporting the causes that hold significance to its customers.

This clothing brand represents more than just style – it represents unity and empowerment. Together, they create apparel that not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good about your choices.

Check out Youer.

9. Montucky Cold Snacks

Montucky Logo
source: montuckycoldsnacks.com

When it comes to thirst-quenching brews, Montucky Cold Snacks is the name that comes to mind. This hipster-approved, easy-drinking lager is born and brewed in the heart of Montana.

Montucky Cold Snacks is a lager beer with an alcohol/volume of 4%. It’s the kind of beer that brings people together, sparks conversations, and creates memorable moments.

In 2012, friends Chad Zeitner and Jeremy Gregory sat at Bacchus Bar in Bozeman, sipping beers and brainstorming ideas.

They decided to start a beer company that not only brings joy to the masses but also gives back to the local community and celebrates the great outdoors.

Now, here’s the interesting part, although Montucky Cold Snacks hails from Montana, the actual brewing is done in Wisconsin by the talented folks at the City Brewing Company.

They know a thing or two about crafting quality brews, and their partnership with Montucky Cold Snacks ensures that everyone is filled with refreshing goodness.

Explore Montucky Cold Snacks.

10. Kenetrek

Kentrek Logo
source: kenetrek.com

This extraordinary brand of backcountry hunting boots was born from the mind of an engineer with a passion for adventure.

Jim Winjum, an alumnus of Montana State University, teamed up with the esteemed bootmaker Schnee’s to create a line of footwear that could withstand the harshest conditions Mother Nature could throw at it.

While Kenetrek calls Bozeman home, its reach extends far beyond Big Sky Country. These boots have gained a loyal following not just across the U.S., but also in the wildernesses of Canada.

It’s no wonder why, their rugged durability and innovative designs are truly second to none. Step into a pair of these boots, and you’ll feel the confidence and support they provide with every stride.

Go to Kenetrek.

11. KOA

KOA Logo
source: koa.com

KOA is a remarkable Montana brand that has revolutionized the camping experience. Founded in 1962 and headquartered in the picturesque city of Billings, KOA, short for Kampgrounds of America.

KOA is a franchise of independently owned campgrounds that span across the U.S. with campgrounds across Montana catering to solo adventurers and families alike.

From serene forest sites to lakeside spots with breathtaking views, you’ll find the perfect camping spot for your needs.

KOA campgrounds offer a variety of amenities and services, including excellent RV hookups and roomy tent sites, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

Clean restrooms and recreational facilities like pools, playgrounds, and on-site stores with camping essentials are provided for your convenience.

Drop by KOA.

12. Béquet

Bequet Logo
source: bequetconfections.com

Founded by the talented Robin Bequet in 2001, this gourmet caramel company has been making waves in the confectionery industry ever since.

Hand-crafted in small batches by a Montana artisan caramel maker, Béquet Caramel has become synonymous with excellence.

With 12 national awards, Béquet Confections has truly mastered the art of creating delectable caramels that leave taste buds tingling with delight. It’s no surprise that their creations have gained recognition.

In 2019, Béquet Confections joined the esteemed Life is Sweet family of brands, adding to their already impressive legacy of over 150 years in the confectionery industry.

Today, you can find Béquet Gourmet Caramel in over 2,600 specialty and gourmet shops, major grocery stores, and other high-end establishments across the United States.

Each caramel is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring that every piece is a true work of edible art. The result? A melt-in-your-mouth experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Béquet Confections has received several prestigious awards over the years, including:

  • 2022 SOFI™ Gold Award for Béquet® Gourmet Celtic Sea Salt® Caramel
  • 2019 SOFI™ Silver Award for Béquet® Gourmet Caramel Sauce
  • 2016 SOFI™ Finalist Award for Béquet® Gourmet Salted Mocha Caramel
  • 2011 Gourmet Product Award for Béquet® Gourmet Green Apple Caramel Winner
  • 2011 SOFI™ Award for Béquet® Gourmet Butterscotch Caramel Winner
  • 2007 SOFI™ Award for Béquet® Gourmet Chipotle Caramel Winner
  • 2006 SOFI™ Finalist Award for Béquet® Gourmet Classic Caramel
  • 2006 SOFI™ Finalist Award for Béquet® Gourmet Celtic Sea Salt® Caramel

Visit Béquet.

13. Karuna Clothing

Karuna Clothing Logo
source: karunaclothing.com

Karuna Clothing is a women’s clothing brand known for its small-batch, unique product lines crafted from natural fabrics.

The company’s process involves visiting women’s clothing shops and boutiques to gather insights from owners about customer preferences.

They then design their clothing lines to reflect the inspirations drawn from various places.

Karuna Clothing emphasizes simplicity, quality fabrics, and unique colors in their designs, with a focus on creating durable and well-crafted garments.

Did I mention that all their products are made right here in the USA? That’s right, each piece is sewn and dyed with love, and their workers are paid fair, living wages.

It’s reassuring to know that you’re not only wearing a beautiful garment but also supporting ethical practices.

As a Limited Liability Company registered in Montana, Karuna Clothing is dedicated to using organic and natural fabrics.

You won’t find any harmful chemicals or synthetic materials here. And the best part? You can find their products directly from vendors or on their Etsy sales page.

Check out Karuna Clothing.

14. Juniperous

Juniperous Logo
source: juniperous.com

Juniperous is a Montana-based clothing brand that captures the essence of nature through its small-scale, socially and environmentally responsible garments.

Located in the beautiful city of Bozeman, Juniperous embraces sustainability and craftsmanship to create unique pieces that leave a lasting impression.

Specializing in garments made from natural fibers, Juniperous sets itself apart by using ethically cultivated and wild-harvested botanicals for natural dyes.

The result? Clothing that not only looks and feels incredible but also comes with a touch of Mother Nature’s magic. What makes Juniperous even more remarkable is its commitment to sustainability.

When you wear Juniperous, you become part of a movement that celebrates responsible fashion and supports ethical practices.

Explore Juniperous.

15. Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch Logo
source: mysteryranch.com

Founded in Bozeman, Montana in 2000 by Dana Gleason and Renée Sippel-Baker, Mystery Ranch has quickly become a go-to brand for individuals facing demanding conditions.

With decades of industry experience behind them, Gleason and Sippel-Baker set out to create backpacks that not only excel in strength and durability but also prioritize comfort when loaded.

What sets Mystery Ranch apart is their specialization in various types of backpacks. Whether you’re in the military, a wildland firefighter, a backpack hunter, or an avid mountaineer, they have the pack for you.

Their extensive range of backpacks is designed to meet the unique needs of each outdoor pursuit, ensuring that you can focus on your adventure without worrying about the performance of your gear.

One of the things I love about Mystery Ranch is its commitment to quality. They have gained international recognition and are now available at outdoor stores around the world.

So no matter where your adventures take you, you can trust that Mystery Ranch will have your back. When it comes to functional backpacks, Mystery Ranch is the brand that outdoor enthusiasts rely on.

From their headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, they continue to innovate and deliver high-quality gear that can withstand any adventure. 

Go to Mystery Ranch.

Best Montana Brands Final Thoughts

"Brand" spelled in cut-outs

These Montana brands represent the spirit of the state and the values it holds dear.

From exceptional baked goods at the Great Harvest Bread Company to sustainable and stylish apparel by Revivall and Youer, each brand has a unique story and commitment to quality.

Whether it’s outdoor gear like Oboz Footwear and Simms Fishing or gourmet treats like Béquet and Montucky Cold Snacks, Montana’s brands offer something for everyone.

They showcase the craftsmanship, sustainability, and passion that define this beautiful state.

In the heart of Montana, you’ll find brands like Schnee’s and Kenetrek, known for their exceptional hunting boots that stand up to the rugged terrains of the state.

Schnee’s, with its meticulously handcrafted boots, has earned a legacy as the Original Mountain Pac Boots, cherished by hunters worldwide.

Kenetrek, founded by an engineer with a passion for adventure, offers innovative designs that provide unparalleled durability and support.

These brands embody the essence of Montana’s wilderness, offering hunters and outdoor enthusiasts the gear they can rely on. Montana’s brands not only excel in quality but also in community and sustainability.

Karuna Clothing, for instance, not only designs beautiful garments but also upholds ethical practices by using organic and natural fabrics and paying fair, living wages to its workers.

Juniperous takes sustainability to another level, using ethically cultivated and wild-harvested botanicals for natural dyes, creating clothing with a touch of Mother Nature’s magic.

These brands represent more than just products; they represent values, stories, and a shared love for the beauty of Montana and its great outdoors.

Best Montana Brands FAQs

1. Which Brand Originated in Montana and Gained the Most Popularity?

According to Steve Lovelace’s map “The Corporate States of America,” the Great Harvest Bread Company is highlighted as the brand originating in Montana that gained the most popularity.

It’s important to note that Lovelace’s selection process was subjective, focusing on brands with ongoing ties to each state. 

2. What Are the Biggest Companies in Montana?

Some of the largest companies in Montana, based on employee count exceeding 1000, include:

  • Albertsons
  • Benefis Healthcare
  • Billings Clinic Health System
  • Bozeman Deaconess Hospital
  • Cenex Harvest States
  • Costco

These companies span various sectors, contributing significantly to the state’s economy and employment landscape.

3. What Are Montana’s Main Products?

Montana’s main products span a diverse range, including coal, copper oxides and hydroxides, and copper ores and concentrates, which are its top three exports in 2021.

The state is also a significant exporter of live, non-purebred cattle and various agricultural products like lentils, barley, wheat, peas, and malt, contributing to its economic diversity.

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